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Designer Sale Sidebox Designer Sale Sidebox : I am not the creator of this add on, I have just made some edits to be able to use it to add Designer Sales list to my sidebox. 27 Mar 2013 188
Twitter Sidebox Twitter Sidebox : Adds a sidebox that displays your tweets. 16 Oct 2012 2,365
Shipping Estimator Sidebox Shipping Estimator Sidebox : This is a Sidebox Utility to show the shipping estimation to the customer on each page. customer now will not have to go to the shopping cart page every time to get the shipping estimate. this is prim ... [more] 15 Sep 2012 3,768
Login Header Login Header : Login Box in the header tpl. in this version and thinking in the space for a Flash header or a wide image I use the space for the account menu and I quit the search field form the header. As your own ... [more] 3 Aug 2012 6,146
SSL Sidebox SSL Sidebox : 1. site visitor arrives on home page "the box" is showing with content. (for you that would be message me) 2. site visitor logs in and is returned to home page. "the box" checks foe SSL and reloads p ... [more] 20 Jun 2012 313
Payment Policy Page Payment Policy Page : Ever need to show a payment policy link on your Zen Cart? This module will do that. The files in this package allow you to quickly and easily add an Payment Policy page to your site. 30 Apr 2012 413
Vertical Multilevel Slideout Category Menu Vertical Multilevel Slideout Category Menu : This addon will add a new sidebox. The sidebox will contain all the category and sub category names. The sub categories are shown as slide out on mouse over on their parent categories. 30 Mar 2012 3,755
My Live Chat for Zen Cart My Live Chat for Zen Cart : My LiveChat plugin for Zen Cart allows you add live chat solution to your online store within few minutes. My LiveChat is a fast, high performance and most user-friendly live chat solution. It allows ... [more] 2 Dec 2011 1,173
Carousel Sidebox for New, Featured & Specials Prod Carousel Sidebox for New, Featured & Specials Prod : Display your New, Featured and Special products in their sideboxes using a carousel which automatically progresses but can also be manually controlled by the viewer. This means you can promote multipl ... [more] 25 Jun 2011 2,487
LiveChat Sidebox LiveChat Sidebox : With LiveChat for Zen Cart plugin you can add live chat solution to your online store within few minutes. 24 Jun 2011 3,993
Bestsellers Scrolling Images Bestsellers Scrolling Images : The bestseller scrolling images is the name of the new plugin I have created for Zen-Cart. The purpose of this contribution is to allow the display of marqueed thumbnail images alongside your bests ... [more] 29 May 2011 2,508
Logo Sidebox Logo Sidebox : This contribution creates a sidebox where you can place a logo image. 18 May 2011 6,466
Shopping Cart Free-Shipping-Qualifier Sidebox Shopping Cart Free-Shipping-Qualifier Sidebox : Shopping Cart Sidebox Displays: "Add $XX.XX to your cart to qualify for Free Shipping" OR "Your order qualifies for Free Shipping!" OR "Free Shipping for orders of $XX.XX or more." Use with Free Ship ... [more] 4 Mar 2011 4,069
Login Box Login Box : This is Linda's Login Sidebox from way back. I have merely updated the tpl_login_box.php to be XHTML compliant, but as that was virtually a complete re-write of that file, I thought it warranted a new ... [more] 23 Feb 2011 18,261
Ezpages Improved Menus Ezpages Improved Menus : This mod affects one or both of the ez-page menus in the header bar or sidebox (#navEZPagesTop or #ezpages). * You can make the active link (pointing to the current page) highlighted with any desir ... [more] 28 Dec 2010 961
Category Drop Down Select Menu Category Drop Down Select Menu : **NOTE** This mod has been tested in Zen Cart 1.3.7 only. It *MAY* work fine for other 1.3* versions of zen cart, but I wouldn't know that it would work on any version of zen cart prior to 1.3*. Use o ... [more] 21 Nov 2010 12,266
CSS Flyout Menu CSS Flyout Menu : Convert your categories sidebox into a flyout menu, all CSS-based. 13 Nov 2010 24,602
Bestsellers thumbnail images Bestsellers thumbnail images : This contribution allows the display of thumbnail images alongside your bestsellers listings, see the screen shot including in the archive for an example of how they can look. 20 Oct 2010 9,572
Facebook-Twitter Module Facebook-Twitter Module : Have a sidebox module for your zen-cart site that has image links to Facebook and to twitter. LIVE DEMO: 6 very easy steps to install. (View read-me file that's included) 12 Oct 2010 4,290
GlobalSign SSL Seal GlobalSign SSL Seal : This Add on is a modification of the Authorize Merchant Site Seal Designed by Knuckle-101 11 Oct 2010 428
EZ-Pages TOC Sidebox EZ-Pages TOC Sidebox : This sidebox is designed to replace the TOC in the middle of EZ Pages that use chapters. 15 Sep 2010 1,101
Display Categories In Separate Boxes Display Categories In Separate Boxes : This Sidebox will allow you to display a category in separate sidebox. This mod is based on Kuroi blank sidebox. I just added the code needed to display the category. I have changed the code on my sit ... [more] 1 Sep 2010 2,539
2Checkout Payment Sidebox 2Checkout Payment Sidebox : This sidebox will display the secure payment on your website. It has a nice graphic of visa, mastercard and paypal, too. We made this transparent so it will fit into any Zen Cart templat ... [more] 4 Jul 2010 1,071
Sidebox for list Manufacturers logos Sidebox for list Manufacturers logos : This is a new sidebox Zencart 1.3.x based list Manufacturers logos inside a sidebox = Installation = Place the two files in the directories indicated by the folder-structure. Modify yours ... [more] 2 Jun 2010 2,463
Multi Template Selection - Registered Users Multi Template Selection - Registered Users : This is an update on the original mod by 'cse031sust02'. The new additions are that only Registered Users of your Store may change their template. Once a new template is chosen, it is stored in the Cu ... [more] 29 May 2010 471
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