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Windows Live Messenger for Zen cart Windows Live Messenger for Zen cart : The purpose of this module is to enable you to provide customer support/ sales advice/ chat using Windows messenger with customers that are browsing your shop without the need for them to have a windo ... [more] 3 May 2010 2,511
jScroller Sidebox Package jScroller Sidebox Package : DESCRIPTION: Designed for Zen Cart version 1.3.8. This contribution uses jScroller2 by Markus Bordihn ( jScroller2 is W3C compatible (no more validation errors) because it does ... [more] 19 Apr 2010 4,731
Scrolling Upcoming Scrolling Upcoming : Static or scrolling upcoming items with an image. No box is shown if there are no upcoming items in db. 21 Mar 2010 577
Facebook sidebox Facebook sidebox : Add additional sidebox with Facebook fan box to your cart. 22 Feb 2010 6,218
Comodo Instant SSL Site Seal Comodo Instant SSL Site Seal : Sidebox to provide Comodo Instant SSL Site seal with your template. Used best in conjunction with the InstantSSL CornerSeal. Hope you enjoy! 19 Feb 2010 2,593
Twitter Updates Sidebox Twitter Updates Sidebox : Have your Twitter updates displayed in a sidebox. This uses Twitter's display widget and can be formatted to match your site. 11 Feb 2010 1,165
Absolute Links Sidebox Absolute Links Sidebox : This sidebox' alters no core files and is easy to drop in or remove. Add your html/javascript code to one file using direct/absolute links if you choose. No need for 'relative' links. Does not displa ... [more] 13 Jan 2010 4,510
Enhanced Absolute Links Sidebox Enhanced Absolute Links Sidebox : I have enhanced the Absolute Links sidebox by adding a vertical scrollbar to the sidebox. I have set the sidebox height to 450px and the scrollbar to 440px (by way of having a _div_ within a _d ... [more] 13 Jan 2010 277
Manufacturers List Sidebox Manufacturers List Sidebox : The manufacturers list sidebox is design to be used in place of your manufacturers select sidebox. Unlike the existing scrolling list sidebox, this add-on offers a simple list of links that can be eas ... [more] 29 Jul 2009 5,473
Category/Manufacturer Switchable Sidebox Category/Manufacturer Switchable Sidebox : This displays a sidebox which displays both Category and Manufacturer lists under separate tabs. Written using jQuery. 8 Jul 2009 1,165
Categories Dressing Categories Dressing : This is a mix-and-match group of alterations you can make to the appearance of the standard Zen Cart "Categories" sidebox. Each alteration can be repeated with different characteristics, or omitted i ... [more] 31 May 2009 19,562
Product Filter by Attribute and price range Product Filter by Attribute and price range : Product Filter by Attribute, Price range, Categories, Sort order MODERATOR NOTE: This plugin contains an error - the file in extra_definitions should not have a HEADING_TITLE define statement in it ... [more] 24 Apr 2009 9,987
Recycle Sidebox Recycle Sidebox : Recycle Side Box allows you to proclaim that your company recycles. We reuse paper, cardboard boxes, shipping materials, newspaper and anything we can. Sidebox Header Languages to get you started: ... [more] 12 Mar 2009 969
Amazon Widget Sidebox Amazon Widget Sidebox : Advertise on your site using Amazon Widget. This sidebox is a modification from Google Adsense Sidebox by gilby ( ... [more] 5 Mar 2009 867
CampaignMonitor Sidebox CampaignMonitor Sidebox : CampaignMonitor Sidebox for Zen Cart v1.0 lets your customers add their e-mail address to a mailing list in your CampaignMonitor account. Please note: for the 1.0 version, customers can only sign u ... [more] 12 Feb 2009 796
ClustrMaps Sidebox ClustrMaps Sidebox : The ClustrMaps Sidebox adds a sidebox displaying a ClustrMaps thumbnail which gives an overview of the locations of all visitors to your site. For more details on ClustrMaps checkout ... [more] 7 Jan 2009 720
Advanced Search Sidebox Advanced Search Sidebox : Rather than having to click through to the Advanced Search page this contribution implements the Advanced Search form as a sidebox. This means the Advanced Search is always available without having to ... [more] 7 Jan 2009 6,344
FEEDJIT FEEDJIT : FEEDJIT Live shows what is happening on your blog or website right now by pushing events to your web browser the moment they happen. 31 Dec 2008 549
Comodo Trust Logo Contribution Comodo Trust Logo Contribution : V1.0, 12/14/04 27 Dec 2008 4,064
xsell sidebox xsell sidebox : Display cross sell items in a sidebox. Merlin's original cross sell mod required to make this work. Thanks to Ryk for the original code. Tested and in use on 1.3.7 14 Nov 2008 980
Shopping Cart Sidebox with Checkout Button Shopping Cart Sidebox with Checkout Button : This is just a single file to override the default tpl_shopping_cart.php file. It adds a checkout button to the Shopping Cart sidebox. The button links directly to the checkout page (not the Shoppi ... [more] 8 Nov 2008 1,116
Specials Box Scroller Specials Box Scroller : This is a slight modification of the What's New Scroller by DJ_NAKKY, so I cannot take ANY credit. It does exactly the same as the What's New Scroller, but for the Specials Sidebox. 18 Oct 2008 1,368
template switch template switch : DEMO: PURPOSE allow the user to select a template of choise for demonstration the selected templatet is stored in a cookie; if the user went back to the shop, she will s ... [more] 21 Sep 2008 1,173
Most viewed Most viewed : This mod allow to show most viewed item related to categories showing. 15 Sep 2008 1,487
Contact Information Sidebox Contact Information Sidebox : This contribution creates a sidebox where you can place your contact information. 24 Aug 2008 6,893
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