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Google Adsense Sidebox Google Adsense Sidebox : Advertise on your site using Google Adsense, also makes google crawl your site. This sidebox alters no core files and is easy to drop in or remove. Add your google supplied code to one file and the ... [more] 27 Jun 2006 11,483
What's New Scrollbox 1.3 xhtml Update What's New Scrollbox 1.3 xhtml Update : Here is an updated version of TEGs What's New Scroller. I've updated it to be xhtml validated, as well as suppport the correct Product Types to be 1.3 compatible. Support thread: http://www.zen-car ... [more] 20 Jul 2006 2,657
Dynamic Sideboxes Dynamic Sideboxes : This is a guide to insert any of your ZC sideboxes into a static html page WITHIN the same domain. This won't override any core code or any of your files. All the files are going to be created new. Th ... [more] 7 Aug 2006 3,887
Scrolling Whats New Sidebox Scrolling Whats New Sidebox : This will make your New Products (tpl_whats_new.php) into a marquee that will scroll up or down. This will load a set amount of specials defined in the maximum values config page in the admin into an ... [more] 23 Aug 2006 4,662
Scrolling Specials Sidebox Scrolling Specials Sidebox : //******************************************************************\\\\ //******************************************************************\\\\ // Specials scroller for Zen-Cart v1.1 \\\\ // ... [more] 29 Aug 2006 5,051
Site Map fix to correspond with Information Box (f Site Map fix to correspond with Information Box (f : This allows you to cause the swicths from the admin to control not only the Information Side Box but also the Site Map, so that when for example "Privacy Policy" is deselected from the admin _ configu ... [more] 1 Sep 2006 1,222
Help Center Live Sidebox Help Center Live Sidebox : Help Center Live is a service that allows you to offer Real Time Support to customers on your website. It enables you to Chat, Monitor and Survey your viewers. Help Center Live will be an essential ... [more] 3 Sep 2006 6,523
Cart Summary Sidebox Cart Summary Sidebox : Simply displays number of items, weight, and value of cart contents in a sidebox or the site header. See the readme.txt for details. 28 Oct 2006 7,230
Categories Menu, YahooTreeMenu With AJAX Categories Menu, YahooTreeMenu With AJAX : YahooTreeMenuWithAJAX for Zen-Cart v 1.3.x v0.3a.1 Tested under Zen-Cart v What is the use of this module? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Th ... [more] 4 Dec 2006 9,858
SHINE Live Help Sidebox SHINE Live Help Sidebox : Sidebox for SHINE Live Help. Live Support for your website that integrates easily with SugarCRM. 3 Jan 2007 1,654
AWeber Signup Sidebox AWeber Signup Sidebox : Side box that allows you to insert custom AWeber sign-up forms into your site for use in sending newsletters, sequential auto responders, etc... AWeber is a very popular email auto responder system ... [more] 18 Feb 2007 1,873
Shopping Cart with Image Sidebox Shopping Cart with Image Sidebox : Modification of the standard zen-cart shopping cart sidebox to include a thumbnail of the selected items. Uses the shopping cart settings in the admin for image sizes. Originally by 15 Mar 2007 4,252
Mystery Sidebox Mystery Sidebox : mystery_box sidebox - used to display special content in sideboxes for logged in users ONLY! Shows other content until user logs in. VERY easy to install (2 short files) VERY easy to modify the cont ... [more] 29 Apr 2007 1,937
Dynamic Categories tree menu Dynamic Categories tree menu : Dynamic Categories tree menu based on Tigra Menu Tree 23 May 2007 5,802
Whats New 2 products Whats New 2 products : This is just rebuild sidebox whats new, to show two new product instead of one. If you have just one new product, it will show just that one. If is chose same product to show, will show just one. ... [more] 23 May 2007 1,304
Blank Sidebox Blank Sidebox : Blank Sidebox allows for customization of multiple, non-rotatin static buttons, images in one sidebox. 26 May 2007 27,765
Local Message Local Message : Allows shopowners to issue per-zip-code messages. Useful for brick and mortar stores with a physical presence and limited delivery area. 3 Jun 2007 1,357
Sidebox: Amazing Discoveries Sidebox: Amazing Discoveries : This is the best and most customizable menu I've ever come across! You will love it. It is very easy to customize and change. Features: - Accessible to assistive technology - Search engine fr ... [more] 12 Jun 2007 1,934
Google Adsense Search Sidebox Google Adsense Search Sidebox : Offer your users web search while earning revenue from ads relevant to their search terms. 7 Jul 2007 2,505
scrolling bestsellers sidebox scrolling bestsellers sidebox : This contribution allows the display of thumbnail images alongside your bestsellers listings and csrolling from bottom to up. 24 Jul 2007 3,646
LiteBox Sidebox LiteBox Sidebox : This is a side box for a gallery of pictures using lightbox2.03 and blank_side box_2.0 I needed something other then a flash gallery to show my pictures. 27 Jul 2007 2,438
Main Navigation Sidebox Main Navigation Sidebox : This add-on allows you to relocate your main navigation links (home, log in, etc) to a sidebox. It should work fine with all 1.3.x versions of Zen Cart. It has a support thread at http://www.zen ... [more] 29 Jul 2007 1,900
Editable Sidebox Editable Sidebox : The purpose of this sidebox is to allow the easy addition of custom sideboxes that can be edited through the Admin _ Tools _ Define Editor and which conform to the structure of the Zen Cart 1.3 series ... [more] 10 Aug 2007 9,446
Skype Live Support Side Box Skype Live Support Side Box : I had some difficulties locating a working version of a live chat program for Zencart that was available for use without any further cost. As I have been using Skype for some time and as the skype com ... [more] 24 Aug 2007 3,564
Category Listing Box Category Listing Box : This old mod has the subcategories appear underneath the category no matter what page you are on. Cleaned up and 1.3.7 ready. Also included is a extra file in case you don't want this sidebox appearin ... [more] 30 Aug 2007 4,849
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