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Blank Sidebox Blank Sidebox : Blank Sidebox allows for customization of multiple, non-rotatin static buttons, images in one sidebox. 26 May 2007 27,765
CSS Flyout Menu CSS Flyout Menu : Convert your categories sidebox into a flyout menu, all CSS-based. 13 Nov 2010 24,602
Categories Dressing Categories Dressing : This is a mix-and-match group of alterations you can make to the appearance of the standard Zen Cart "Categories" sidebox. Each alteration can be repeated with different characteristics, or omitted i ... [more] 31 May 2009 19,562
Login Box Login Box : This is Linda's Login Sidebox from way back. I have merely updated the tpl_login_box.php to be XHTML compliant, but as that was virtually a complete re-write of that file, I thought it warranted a new ... [more] 23 Feb 2011 18,261
Paypal Verified Logo Paypal Verified Logo : Displays your Paypal Verified status in a sidebox. This version intended for Zen Cart v1.3.x 5 Mar 2008 17,591
Links Manager Links Manager : This module creates an easy way for you to add a recriprocal links program to your Zen Store or replace the free non-profit affiliates mod, this mod can only exchange links no currencies. DOES NOT ... [more] 7 May 2020 16,727
Credit Card Sidebox Credit Card Sidebox : A sidebox to display the logos of credit cards taken on the site. This is a update to previous version with a new image for the Discover card. 10 Apr 2008 12,405
Category Drop Down Select Menu Category Drop Down Select Menu : **NOTE** This mod has been tested in Zen Cart 1.3.7 only. It *MAY* work fine for other 1.3* versions of zen cart, but I wouldn't know that it would work on any version of zen cart prior to 1.3*. Use o ... [more] 21 Nov 2010 12,266
Google Adsense Sidebox Google Adsense Sidebox : Advertise on your site using Google Adsense, also makes google crawl your site. This sidebox alters no core files and is easy to drop in or remove. Add your google supplied code to one file and the ... [more] 27 Jun 2006 11,483
Product Filter by Attribute and price range Product Filter by Attribute and price range : Product Filter by Attribute, Price range, Categories, Sort order MODERATOR NOTE: This plugin contains an error - the file in extra_definitions should not have a HEADING_TITLE define statement in it ... [more] 24 Apr 2009 9,987
Categories Menu, YahooTreeMenu With AJAX Categories Menu, YahooTreeMenu With AJAX : YahooTreeMenuWithAJAX for Zen-Cart v 1.3.x v0.3a.1 Tested under Zen-Cart v What is the use of this module? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Th ... [more] 4 Dec 2006 9,858
Bestsellers thumbnail images Bestsellers thumbnail images : This contribution allows the display of thumbnail images alongside your bestsellers listings, see the screen shot including in the archive for an example of how they can look. 20 Oct 2010 9,572
Editable Sidebox Editable Sidebox : The purpose of this sidebox is to allow the easy addition of custom sideboxes that can be edited through the Admin _ Tools _ Define Editor and which conform to the structure of the Zen Cart 1.3 series ... [more] 10 Aug 2007 9,447
Recently Viewed Items Recently Viewed Items : A simple but effective sidebox module that displays recently viewed items. Control of this side box is via the Admin panel as normal. Under Configuration->Maximum Values, you can now set the limit ... [more] 18 Feb 2015 7,868
Click-Show-Hide Category Menu Click-Show-Hide Category Menu : Replace the categories sidebox with a dynamic JavaScript click-show-hide menu. Site visitors can expand all your product subcategories instantly without having to reload the page. Category structure i ... [more] 16 Apr 2008 7,833
Google Translate for Zen-Cart Google Translate for Zen-Cart : This will modify the languages sidebox to display a link to translate your site to many languages. The translate opens in a new window and will translate your shop to the requested lang. 5 May 2008 7,615
Expanded Category List Expanded Category List : This contribution creates an Expanded Category List. (Can replace the category sidebox.) It will show Categories, Sub-categories and products in a sidebox. 21 Jul 2008 7,522
Crafty Syntax Live Help Sidebox Crafty Syntax Live Help Sidebox : A sidebox which allows use of Crafty Syntax Live Help with Zencart. Option to pass the Zencart customer name to CSLH chat session. Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) is an open source live support solu ... [more] 26 Apr 2008 7,411
Cart Summary Sidebox Cart Summary Sidebox : Simply displays number of items, weight, and value of cart contents in a sidebox or the site header. See the readme.txt for details. 28 Oct 2006 7,230
Contact Information Sidebox Contact Information Sidebox : This contribution creates a sidebox where you can place your contact information. 24 Aug 2008 6,893
Help Center Live Sidebox Help Center Live Sidebox : Help Center Live is a service that allows you to offer Real Time Support to customers on your website. It enables you to Chat, Monitor and Survey your viewers. Help Center Live will be an essential ... [more] 3 Sep 2006 6,523
Logo Sidebox Logo Sidebox : This contribution creates a sidebox where you can place a logo image. 18 May 2011 6,466
Advanced Search Sidebox Advanced Search Sidebox : Rather than having to click through to the Advanced Search page this contribution implements the Advanced Search form as a sidebox. This means the Advanced Search is always available without having to ... [more] 7 Jan 2009 6,344
Facebook sidebox Facebook sidebox : Add additional sidebox with Facebook fan box to your cart. 22 Feb 2010 6,218
Login Header Login Header : Login Box in the header tpl. in this version and thinking in the space for a Flash header or a wide image I use the space for the account menu and I quit the search field form the header. As your own ... [more] 3 Aug 2012 6,146
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