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Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Reminder Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Reminder : This module sends out an email to any user that has abandoned (left items in) their shopping cart. 13 Mar 2017 2,630
AddToAny for Zen Cart (Universal Sharing Platform) AddToAny for Zen Cart (Universal Sharing Platform) : AddToAny for Zen Cart. AddToAny is the ORIGINAL sharing platform service. It is superior to AddThis sharing platform service for a few reasons: * No need to create a separate account JUST to tr ... [more] 6 Jul 2015 186
Adsense Control Center Adsense Control Center : Adsense Control Center v1.0 for Zen Cart By Hanuman Support and Forum at This contribution is a simple, fle ... [more] 7 Jun 2008 6,068
Ajax Back In Stock Ajax Back In Stock : This is a re-written version of Conor/Ceon's Back In Stock Module: It offers the store owner the ability to offer customers a notification when ... [more] 31 Mar 2016 928
AJAX Image Swapper AJAX Image Swapper : AJAX styled product info to swap your images instantly, within different sets of attributes. See it in action here: ... [more] 20 Jan 2009 10,717
Amazon Exporter Amazon Exporter : This mod exports a CSV file in Amazon format. v0.90 21/08/2007 1. Creates CSV file for Amazon UK; v0.91 29/08/2007 1. Supports RecommendedBrowseNode 1 & 2 (separate ASA Amazon categories by co ... [more] 27 Mar 2008 3,679
Amazon Inventory Loader Amazon Inventory Loader : The Amazon Inventory Loader creates a product feed of your products for upload to Amazon uses the UPC/ISBN included for each product to create your products listing. No descriptions or pro ... [more] 23 May 2014 3,726
AskCost Automated Store Feed System API v1.0 for Z AskCost Automated Store Feed System API v1.0 for Z : This contribution is an Store Feed contributions plus for easy install. It was created as an feed.This module will allow you to list your products on AskCost, one of the top ... [more] 11 May 2009 1,372
AutoFacebook AutoFacebook : AutoFacebook automatically updates your store's facebook page whenever a new product is added via your admin backend. AutoFacebook is easily integrated with AutoTweet. It now uses Facebook's Graph AP ... [more] 18 Oct 2018 11,044
AutoFacebook OG AutoFacebook OG : This little bit of code allows you to utilize the new Facebook Open Social Graph metatags into your store's header info. 26 Jun 2015 2,266
Automatic Banner Adverts -- export your products t Automatic Banner Adverts -- export your products t : Use this exporter to submit your products to our online advertising resource space. Here is the perfect way to add banner adverts with your products and your prices to all the emails that you send. ... [more] 12 May 2008 3,666
Autoresponder Sidebox and More Autoresponder Sidebox and More : This sidebox allows you to display a form to let users sign up to the Aweber, E-mail Aces, or other autoresponder services. You can configure it using cookies so the sidebox reacts differently if a u ... [more] 20 Jun 2007 1,948
Autoresponder+ for v1.3.x Autoresponder+ for v1.3.x : This mod allows you to send a preset email to your customers after their order has finished. You choose: How many days after Email subject and message Features: Supports text and html emails ... [more] 18 Sep 2009 5,423
AutoTweet AutoTweet : AutoTweet automatically updates your Twitter followers whenever you add a new product to your store. It will tweet your product's name as well as a shortened URL to the specific product's page without ... [more] 28 May 2019 5,356
Best Sellers Page Best Sellers Page : This mod will create a best-sellers page that can be accessed at ?main_page=best_sellers Unlike the "best sellers reloaded" mod, this one does not have its own template, it uses the product_listing t ... [more] 21 Mar 2008 5,911
Better Together Better Together : Better Together allows a variety of product or category specific BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free or Discounted) offers for your cart. Allows cross selling at a discount; a product can be linked with an ... [more] 21 Dec 2018 24,340
Better Together Centerbox Better Together Centerbox : The Better Together Centerbox allows you to create a box on the main page showing your Better Together discounts, much like the Specials and Featured Items centerboxes. 9 Apr 2011 843
Better Together Promotional Page Better Together Promotional Page : Displays all your Better Together offers on a single page with images. 26 Feb 2012 2,808
Buy One Get One Free Buy One Get One Free : A simple Buy one get on free module. Simply Go to your admin--_categories/products/--_ find a product you want to put on this special and click to edit it. scroll to the very bottom of the page and ... [more] 3 Jan 2011 2,256
Canonical Links for Zen Cart 1.3.8a Canonical Links for Zen Cart 1.3.8a : This module will add the _link rel="canonical" href="" /_ to your pages, effectively eliminating sorted pages duplication of content. For Zen Cart 1.3.8 with default (un-rewritten) u ... [more] 16 Mar 2010 1,024
Cart Upsell/CrossSell on Shopping-Cart Page Cart Upsell/CrossSell on Shopping-Cart Page : Adds the "Also Purchased" and Cross Sell (seperate contribution by Merlin & DrByte if installed) boxes to the shopping cart page. 21 Nov 2006 11,793
Categories RSS feed Categories RSS feed : A modification based on the RSS Feeds mod by Andrew Berezin. This mod is used to place RSS Feed links in the category description. The zip file includes the RSS feed link code, an rss_feed.jpg image ... [more] 11 Dec 2009 1,186
Commerce Sciences Commerce Sciences : Commerce Sciences lets you create and display personalized content and real-time offers to your users with no code. The plugin integrates the Commerce Sciences platform with your Zen Cart store. 31 Dec 2014 62
Constant Contact Sidebox Signup Form Constant Contact Sidebox Signup Form : This module is a simple way to add a Constant Contact sign up form to your Zen-Cart template and begin building and managing your Email list. Simple installation combined with a time limited full feat ... [more] 12 Jan 2011 1,351
Contest System Contest System : This contribution creates a Column Box 'Enter To Win' for placement in your left or right column of your site inviting visitors to enter the contest by clicking 'Enter Our Contest'. Once a visitor c ... [more] 9 Aug 2012 5,620
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