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SitemapXML  (formerly "Google Sitemap") SitemapXML (formerly "Google Sitemap") : This Script generates an Sitemap as described here: v2.1 Features: ========= - supports multilingual categories and products - supports Search-Engine Safe URLs - could ... [more] 7 Jul 2019 70,739
Google Froogle Feeder (Zen Cart 1.3.9 and below) Google Froogle Feeder (Zen Cart 1.3.9 and below) : (Formerly known as Google Base Feeder or Google Froogle Feeder, Google Merchant Center Feeder) This version is for Zen Cart 1.3.9 and below. This is an archive only! New users please go to http ... [more] 31 Mar 2012 45,435
RSS Feed RSS Feed : Generate RSS Feed for: Categories; Subcategories in category; All Products; Products in category; Product by ID; Product by MODEL; New products; New products in category; New products random; ... [more] 2 Mar 2012 24,696
Better Together Better Together : Better Together allows a variety of product or category specific BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free or Discounted) offers for your cart. Allows cross selling at a discount; a product can be linked with an ... [more] 21 Dec 2018 24,340
Google Analytics by Andrew Google Analytics by Andrew : NOTE: THIS PLUGIN IS OBSOLETE, and uses outdated GA code. See the other Google Analytics plugins for a more modern version. This module allow you to integrade the advanced e-commerce Analysis provi ... [more] 2 Sep 2008 21,998
Cross Sell Cross Sell : This module will allow you to add up to 6 optional products on your current products pages. ( example ) You sell walkmans...."may we also recomend batteries, case cd's etc." MODERATOR NOTE: This m ... [more] 6 Jan 2008 20,466
Cross Sell - Just Another Cross Sell Mod Cross Sell - Just Another Cross Sell Mod : Based on Advanced Cross-sell originally coded by Absolute Link to the original: Features: 1. Allow unlimited number of product fields instea ... [more] 24 Apr 2009 14,672
Cart Upsell/CrossSell on Shopping-Cart Page Cart Upsell/CrossSell on Shopping-Cart Page : Adds the "Also Purchased" and Cross Sell (seperate contribution by Merlin & DrByte if installed) boxes to the shopping cart page. 21 Nov 2006 11,793
AutoFacebook AutoFacebook : AutoFacebook automatically updates your store's facebook page whenever a new product is added via your admin backend. AutoFacebook is easily integrated with AutoTweet. It now uses Facebook's Graph AP ... [more] 18 Oct 2018 11,044
Social Bookmarking - easy install Social Bookmarking - easy install : This mod allows you to add submission buttons for four popular social bookmarking/social shopping websites to your pages. The link anchor text is made up of the product name and your shop name, and th ... [more] 6 Jan 2007 10,935
AJAX Image Swapper AJAX Image Swapper : AJAX styled product info to swap your images instantly, within different sets of attributes. See it in action here: ... [more] 20 Jan 2009 10,717
MailChimp Integration MailChimp Integration : Allows your Zen Cart to offer a MailChimp ( newsletter to both customers and non-customers. (Note: This contribution was formerly called "MailChimp Newsletter Sidebox") 15 Nov 2018 9,972
Minimum Order Minimum Order : This contribution will add a configuration option that will allow you to specify a minimum order total that must be met before allowing checkout. 9 Jul 2012 9,644
eBay Exporter eBay Exporter : This mod exports a CSV file for use with Seller Manager Pro and Turbo Lister 2.0. 12 May 2008 8,584
Cross Sell Advanced Cross Sell Advanced : A new and improved version of the original Cross Sell module! What is Cross Selling?? ================= Cross selling is a suggestive selling method where the shopowner offers customers the oppo ... [more] 2 Sep 2016 8,523
Google Mapinator Google Mapinator : Google Mapinator adds a powered by Google Map in the contact_us page using geo coordinates and an api key that is available for free from Google. You simply insert the correct coordinate data, store d ... [more] 3 Sep 2012 8,225
Adsense Control Center Adsense Control Center : Adsense Control Center v1.0 for Zen Cart By Hanuman Support and Forum at This contribution is a simple, fle ... [more] 7 Jun 2008 6,068
Best Sellers Page Best Sellers Page : This mod will create a best-sellers page that can be accessed at ?main_page=best_sellers Unlike the "best sellers reloaded" mod, this one does not have its own template, it uses the product_listing t ... [more] 21 Mar 2008 5,911
Multi Cross Sell Multi Cross Sell : Based on Cross Sell - Just Another Cross Sell Mod by yellow1912 Link to the original: New Features: 1. Removal of module_manager to operate ... [more] 24 Feb 2012 5,862 Automated Datafeed Generator Automated Datafeed Generator : ** NOTE: This module requires that you join the merchant program on one of ShopMania sites. ** This module will allow you to list your products on ShopMania, one of the top price comparison search ... [more] 27 Oct 2011 5,636
Contest System Contest System : This contribution creates a Column Box 'Enter To Win' for placement in your left or right column of your site inviting visitors to enter the contest by clicking 'Enter Our Contest'. Once a visitor c ... [more] 9 Aug 2012 5,620
Save For Later Save For Later : Save for Later allows logged in customers to put items aside for later purchase without completely removing them from sight. 15 Aug 2020 5,616
Windows Live Product Search Feeder Windows Live Product Search Feeder : Creates a Windows Live Product Search compatible XML 1.0 file and automatically uploads it to Windows Live Product Search by FTP for inclusion in the Windows Live Product Search marketplace. 19 Oct 2008 5,582
Autoresponder+ for v1.3.x Autoresponder+ for v1.3.x : This mod allows you to send a preset email to your customers after their order has finished. You choose: How many days after Email subject and message Features: Supports text and html emails ... [more] 18 Sep 2009 5,423
AutoTweet AutoTweet : AutoTweet automatically updates your Twitter followers whenever you add a new product to your store. It will tweet your product's name as well as a shortened URL to the specific product's page without ... [more] 28 May 2019 5,356
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