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Andorra Zones Andorra Zones : Zone list for Andorra 24 Aug 2008 452
Bangladeshi Zones Bangladeshi Zones : The default sql file does not contain Bangladeshi Zones( Country Divisions) :-(. Hope it helps someone.. :-) 14 Jan 2008 576
Bolivia - Zones Bolivia - Zones : Here are all states within Bolivia. Aca estan todos los departamentos de Bolivia. Execute these sql commands. Ejecute estos comandos sql 10 Aug 2008 385
Brazil Zones Brazil Zones : Zone list from Brazil 13 May 2011 548
Canadian Taxes Canadian Taxes : This is the proper way to setup Canadian Taxes. V.1.0 Please choose the province in which you do business and run ONLY that SQL file. They have been separated and altered to be accurate as of July ... [more] 14 Sep 2012 594
Chile Zones Chile Zones : Zone list for Chile 24 Aug 2008 572
Czech Zones Czech Zones : Czech Zones 17 May 2007 1,645
Europe - zones Europe - zones : Countries + zones for all European countries and some non-European. Table countries has been changed: Yugoslavia replaced by Serbia, added Montenegro. Field zone_name in table zones has been len ... [more] 18 Oct 2010 2,681
Indonesian Zone Indonesian Zone : # Provinces of Indonesian # # There are 33 provinces in Indonesian # Reference : # Contributed by : Susan ( # In ... [more] 20 May 2019 1,476
Ireland Zones SQL including Dublin Postcodes Ireland Zones SQL including Dublin Postcodes : This has a SQL file for all Counties in Ireland including Dublin Postcodes. Dublin 1, Dublin 2 etc. I updated the file written by Dropbop to include Dublin Zones. 21 Nov 2009 501
Korean Zone file Korean Zone file : This is a korea zones file. 18 Jan 2010 472
Limit the Countries you Serve (ship to) Limit the Countries you Serve (ship to) : Limit the Countries your Zen Cart serves by using a database of IP address and country names. 30 Jun 2009 1,359
Lower 48 States + DC Lower 48 States + DC : I am submitting this because every time I create a new site, I have to search for this file. Have not found it in this category, so here it is. 6 May 2012 1,052
New Zealand - Zones New Zealand - Zones : This contribution will add the 16 New Zealand regions/provinces to the Zencart database 16 May 2012 300
Portugal - Zones Portugal - Zones : Zonas de Portugal 4 Feb 2014 1,311
Provinces of the Philippines as of Sept. 2007 Provinces of the Philippines as of Sept. 2007 : # Provinces of the Philippines # ISO 3166-2 used for zone codes. # # Reference : # Contributed by : Matrixmedia Philippines (www.mymatrixmedia. ... [more] 8 Dec 2007 581
Romanian Zones Romanian Zones : This is a sql statement that you can use to ad Romanian zones on to the database. You can use in Admin-Tools-Install SQL Patches and paste the content into it and you are ready to go. ***** 2 Sep 2016 58
Russia Zones Russia Zones : This is the list of Russian Federation mailing zones, all 83 federal subjects. Included in the list are entries for oblasts (provinces), republics, krajs (territories), autonomous okrugs (autonomous d ... [more] 12 Mar 2009 992
Swedish Zone Swedish Zone : All swedish regions in a sql file to add via SQL Patch 1 Jun 2014 138
Taiwan Zones Taiwan Zones : This adds the zones/cities in the sql database, for Taiwan R.O.C. 27 Oct 2007 745
Thailand Zones Thailand Zones : This contribution will add the 77 Thai provinces to the Zencart database. To install just log in to your stores admin folder. Click TOOLS -> INSTALL SQL PATCHES Copy the entire contents of the "T ... [more] 3 Oct 2012 281
Uk Counties sql script for RoyalMail Uk Counties sql script for RoyalMail : Submitted Sept 2006 This is a simple sql script to change the default zen-cart states list into UK counties. This is a common issue for new UK zen cart installations and there are other scripts ... [more] 18 May 2008 7,036
uk counties.sql uk counties.sql : this is just a .sql file that adds uk counties without messing up other zones.I just cut and pasted it from the install .sql and coffee granules counties list. 30 May 2017 1,554
VAT-mod for European companies VAT-mod for European companies : This mod checks customer's VAT (Value Added Tax) number regarding his country and displays VAT on invoice and packingslip as well as removes tax when shipping to companies in countries within the EU. ... [more] 12 Mar 2009 14,789
Zone Française Zone Française : 99 zones françaises (corse, tom, et départements) 99 zones french (with corse, tom and department) enjoy be carrefull, the file delete all zone in the country 73 (france) before integrate, to p ... [more] 13 Sep 2008 902
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