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Arabic Language Pack Arabic Language Pack : This is the arabic language Pack V 1.0 for Store-Front only. NOTE: No Arabic Buttons included. NOTE: Admin side not transalted. You must use it with a right-to-left template. demo: http://yabor ... [more] 3 Dec 2007 2,800
Arabic Language Pack (UTF-8) Arabic Language Pack (UTF-8) : This is the arabic language Pack V 1.0 Beta for Store-Front only. Files Encoding: UTF-8 Your store database MUST be UTF-8 It must be used with arabic (right-to-left template) available in templates ... [more] 25 Dec 2008 2,923
Bulgarian Language Pack Bulgarian Language Pack : Bulgarian language pack 14 Mar 2017 10,108
Catalan Catalan : Catalan translation of zencart 2 Feb 2009 1,120
Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack : -- by -- Zen Cart Chinese community 8 Jan 2015 19,843
Cross-Sell (Spanish) Cross-Sell (Spanish) : Traducción al castellano del módulo Cross-Sell. Este módulo permite mostrar hasta 6 productos relacionados en tus páginas (ejemplo ) Si muestras Walkman, puedes recomendar, baterias, auriculares, etc ... [more] 4 Dec 2007 1,836
Czech Language Pack Czech Language Pack : Czech language pack. 98% translated from English. For using with 1.3.0.x. Without database. Buttons included. Český překlad 98% obchodu vyjma databáze. Včetně tlačítek. Více ... [more] 10 Jul 2012 10,256
Danish Language for v1.3.8 (rev2) Danish Language for v1.3.8 (rev2) : Danish langauge pack (admin & catalog). This file was published on the former unofficial danish Zen Cart support site, which has now been closed by the administrator due to lack of public interrest. ... [more] 26 Feb 2009 2,809
Dutch Language Pach ZC 1.3.9 and 1.5.x Dutch Language Pach ZC 1.3.9 and 1.5.x : De nieuwe defines voor ZC zijn nu ook vertaald in het Nederlands. ---- The new defines used in ZC are translated now. 10 Jan 2019 11,861
Dutch Languagepack Dutch Languagepack : Dutch language pack 18 Oct 2008 21,160
Farsi language pack Farsi language pack : you can see demo this language in website and if you use other information and add your comment you see this link 28 Jan 2008 1,641
Finnish Language pack Finnish Language pack : The long forgotten Finnish language pack is back! 1 Jul 2018 9,984
Finnish Language pack Finnish Language pack : I check is working Finnish pack 24 Jul 2019 66
Fix Greek UTF-8 Problem Fix Greek UTF-8 Problem : Fix the problem with Greek UTF-8 characters ! Unzip in your /includes/languages/greek directory. 7 Jul 2011 906
Galego Galego : Idioma Galego para o Front End NOTE: This is only a partial translation. 1 Sep 2007 690
German Language Pack German Language Pack : admin and customerinterface == multilingual ez-pages == multilingual install == multilingual -------------------------------------------------- includes:: # ajax-driven attrib-selector # admin/ ... [more] 22 May 2016 33,498
Google Language Selection Google Language Selection : This module can be used as a replacement for "Languages" sidebox. It offers your customers to choose from atleast 25 languages. Especially if your customers are in many countries and if you have setup ... [more] 17 Nov 2011 1,811
Greek Language Pack Greek Language Pack : Greek language pack for Zen cart. All you have to do is uncompress in the includes/languages/ directory. It will create the greek.php and the greek directory. You then have to add the language throu ... [more] 24 Dec 2007 3,450
Greek Language Pack Greek Language Pack : Greek Language Pack for 1.3.8 (storefront only) 24 Apr 2009 3,407
hebrew language hebrew language : Shalom everyone, Here is an updated version of Hebrew support for Zen Cart 1.5 and Zen Cart 1.39 The default character set of this version has been set to “windows-1255”. To change the character se ... [more] 2 May 2013 248
Hebrew Language for 1.3 Hebrew Language for 1.3 : Hebrew language for 1.3 (partially done) 22 Dec 2008 4,820
Hebrew Support UTF-8 Hebrew Support UTF-8 : The purpose of this mod is to provide a defacto Hebrew Language Pack to work with Zen Cart Version 1.5.x. This version is also compatible with 1.3.9 This pack only contains the utf-8 version, and its ... [more] 26 Oct 2013 333
Hebrew UTF-8 for store admin Hebrew UTF-8 for store admin : This is the initial release for the ADMIN section supporting bidirectional languages capabilities for stores requiring both, RTL/LTR Included in this release are versions of Cascading Style Shee ... [more] 28 Dec 2014 153
Hebrew UTF-8 Interface Pack Hebrew UTF-8 Interface Pack : took the hebrew made by oleg/alex/alexander and updated/corrected it. the original hebrew is located at: opened a ... [more] 5 Nov 2009 1,634
Hungarian language pack Hungarian language pack : Hungarian Translation 4 Jul 2009 11,570
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