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Spanish Pack Front End and admin (Colombia) Spanish Pack Front End and admin (Colombia) : Based on the original pack this is translated using informal Spanish of Colombia! 1 Feb 2008 35,457
German Language Pack German Language Pack : admin and customerinterface == multilingual ez-pages == multilingual install == multilingual -------------------------------------------------- includes:: # ajax-driven attrib-selector # admin/ ... [more] 22 May 2016 33,498
Spanish  Language Pack (Spain) (v1.3.8) Spanish Language Pack (Spain) (v1.3.8) : Está actualización parte de la anterior y primera traducción al español de la versión 1.3.8 de Zen Cart. Las modificaciones realizadas han sido básicamente: - Corrección de pequeños errores tipográf ... [more] 12 May 2009 25,963
Spanish Language Pack Spanish Language Pack : A complete Spanish translation including admin files, all buttons and all payment modules. Please help to maintain and improve this translation by sending comments and corrections via the download si ... [more] 10 Feb 2020 23,871
Dutch Languagepack Dutch Languagepack : Dutch language pack 18 Oct 2008 21,160
Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack : -- by -- Zen Cart Chinese community 8 Jan 2015 19,843
Italian Language Pack (complete) Italian Language Pack (complete) : This language pack (for v1.3.0.2) is intended for all people who want to install italian language as an additional language for their Zen-Cart Site. Are included all language files for front-end, but ... [more] 3 Apr 2012 16,596
Romanian language pack - Catalog side Romanian language pack - Catalog side : It's almost complete. It just needs little adjusments. Download the file and unzip the content in includeslanguages directory! IMPORTANT NOTES: * the addon's creators felt the need to insert ... [more] 15 Apr 2012 12,097
Dutch Language Pach ZC 1.3.9 and 1.5.x Dutch Language Pach ZC 1.3.9 and 1.5.x : De nieuwe defines voor ZC zijn nu ook vertaald in het Nederlands. ---- The new defines used in ZC are translated now. 10 Jan 2019 11,861
Português-Portugal Português-Portugal : Translation of the Zen Cart Version v1.3.7 into European Portuguese. The Language Pack will be updated, as soon the individual files are ready. 20 Jun 2007 11,734
Hungarian language pack Hungarian language pack : Hungarian Translation 4 Jul 2009 11,570
Norwegian Language Pack Norwegian Language Pack : Norwegian language pack (admin, catalog and buttons). This pack is maintained at, where you can find the latest packs and hopefully soon also an updat ... [more] 27 Dec 2017 11,286
Swedish language with buttons Swedish language with buttons : Swedish language with buttons. Uploaded 061226. This should be more neutral for all sites. 2 Jan 2009 10,519
Czech Language Pack Czech Language Pack : Czech language pack. 98% translated from English. For using with 1.3.0.x. Without database. Buttons included. Český překlad 98% obchodu vyjma databáze. Včetně tlačítek. Více ... [more] 10 Jul 2012 10,256
Bulgarian Language Pack Bulgarian Language Pack : Bulgarian language pack 14 Mar 2017 10,108
Finnish Language pack Finnish Language pack : The long forgotten Finnish language pack is back! 1 Jul 2018 9,984
Indonesian Language Pack Indonesian Language Pack : This is Indonesian language pack for Zen Cart version 1.3.8a. It includes language pack for front-end, back-end and the installer. Please see README.txt for installation instructions. PLEASE NOTE: ... [more] 6 Dec 2008 7,789
UTF-8 Support for Zencart UTF-8 Support for Zencart : Install these files to make your cart UTF-8 compatible. The instructions to make them were from the user "icouto", and i found them in the forums while searching for a solution myself. I just creat ... [more] 4 Jan 2008 7,137
Turkish Language Turkish Language : Version 3 is no good - do not enable!! 2 Oct 2007 6,870
Russian Language Pack (complete) Russian Language Pack (complete) : Included all language files for front-end, buttons, language files for back-end, email temlate, countries, zones and other. 14 May 2016 5,645
Polish Beta Polish Beta : Zbytnio nie ma co tu opisywać :) To jest ostnatnia wersja :) wiecej nie bede uczestniczył w tym projekcie. ps. Thanks for zen-cart TEAM. 1 Sep 2009 5,285
Polish Language Pack [full] Polish Language Pack [full] : Polish language pack. Full translated from English. For using with 1.3.7 with database. Buttons included. Buttons based icons for KDE by Carlitus (under LGPL license). ------------------------------ ... [more] 2 Jul 2007 5,185
Hebrew Language for 1.3 Hebrew Language for 1.3 : Hebrew language for 1.3 (partially done) 22 Dec 2008 4,820
Parte Comercial Traduziada Parte Comercial Traduziada : Parte comercial traduzida para portugues-Brazil 5 Mar 2007 4,449
Portuguese language pack Portuguese language pack : Portugese language pack 1.3.7 adapted to fit 1.3.8 version of zen-cart. Admin files in english, if you are portuguese native, please translate into portuguese and contribute. Front-end portuguese with ... [more] 4 Jul 2009 3,980
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