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Basic Black White Basic Black White : white background with black lettering. the lettering has a drop shadow with light outer glow. 30 Mar 2009 2,255
Gentle Animation Gentle Animation : Important buttons are animated to ensure customers find their way. 24 Oct 2008 3,649
PayPal Transparent logo with CC PayPal Transparent logo with CC : I combined 2 images here in PhotoShop CS3. Have the Verification Seal and right below that there are credit cards and echeck that PayPal accepts. This image is Transparent, so it can go on any c ... [more] 23 Oct 2008 5,143
Cool Blue Buttons Cool Blue Buttons : To use on your website, simply copy the images into the directory includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/buttons/english/ and whenever you use YOUR_TEMPLATE, Zen Cart will automatically detect and us ... [more] 28 Aug 2008 5,027
Botones en español para el Front-end Botones en español para el Front-end : Botones para el front-end, en español, copia la carpeta spanish en "/tu_tienda/includes/templates/tu_template/buttons/" y listo. www.xeuz.com.mx 21 May 2008 2,624
Botoes em portugues Botoes em portugues : Botoes com um formato leve em tons de dourado, e em portugues de Portugal :) 26 Feb 2008 1,442
Mistik Template Buttons Mistik Template Buttons : A set of buttons I produced for a version of the Zen Cart Mistik Template but can be used with any color scheme or Zen Cart Template as the Photoshop button creation files are also included. 21 Feb 2008 1,865
Romanian buttons Romanian buttons : These are the romanian buttons...just put them in the buttons folder (next to the english buttons) 7 Feb 2008 2,807
Flash Slideshow Gallery Flash Slideshow Gallery : This contribution was created to add a flash slideshow gallery to your category pages instead of having a table listing the products but you can also add it to your other pages (the pages that you edi ... [more] 28 Jan 2008 11,264
css-buttons css-buttons : css-buttons mod for Zen Cart v1.2.6 (should work fine on 1.2.7 too). Replace your image buttons by css buttons. Instructions for both catalog and admin installation are included. Some of the adv ... [more] 9 Jan 2008 15,702
English Flags USA, CA, GB, AU Icon.gif English Flags USA, CA, GB, AU Icon.gif : I put together an icon.gif for your site that contains USA, Canada, UK and Australian Flags. It complements the standard currency list installed in every Zen Cart. Instant icon.gif. Just add to ... [more] 3 Jan 2008 3,158
Credit Card Images for Payment Page Credit Card Images for Payment Page : Use with v1.3.0+ It is very easy to change the default "My Card" images on your payment page 1. upload the images to 'includes/templates/template_default/images/icons/' 2. log in to your c ... [more] 1 Jan 2008 15,107
Arabic original Buttons Arabic original Buttons : There are 48 different Arabic buttons. They are all in the original shape but flipped around in order to have the text written on from right to left, so there are no issues with background colors as t ... [more] 16 Dec 2007 2,454
Red swingers Red swingers : Here i have done some moving words. Nothing to off putting and works well with light or dark backgrounds. If you would like diffrent colours then please e-mail me. All details are in the download 12 Dec 2007 1,912
Checkout Progress Basic Checkout Progress Basic : This module basically just add an editable checkout progress bar above your checkout pages. See it in action on www.WebExtremeCustomiser.com or www.Freextyler.com.au. I used this module for most, n ... [more] 26 Nov 2007 2,616
Vista Black Gloss Buttons Vista Black Gloss Buttons : DESCRIPTION A nice set of clean modern black Vista gloss buttons with white text. Made for all version of ZC and also includes a blank PSD Button. 30 Oct 2007 6,178
Mellow Yellow Buttons Mellow Yellow Buttons : These buttons are a very pale yellow but look really nice on a dark background. Please let me know if you have any problems as this is my first upload. 21 Oct 2007 1,660
Sleek Buttons in Romanian Sleek Buttons in Romanian : Sleek Mac-like buttons for Zen Cart. Preview available at http://ics.red-web.ro/zen/sleek-preview.gif Zipped in BZ2 format. Will need a BZ2-compatible unzip program to use this package. 12 Sep 2007 1,205
Botones en español Botones en español : Colección de botones en español. Actualmente están usándose en http://www.ladespensadelaloe.com y son de color gris claro. Están comprimidos en un archivo ZIP 29 Aug 2007 3,133
Polskie przyciski - Polish Buttons Polskie przyciski - Polish Buttons : Polish Zen-Cart buttons. Polskie przyciski do aplikacji Zen-Cart. (does not include PSD) 30 Jul 2007 1,057
Spanish / English Cool-Buttons Spanish / English Cool-Buttons : Aquí tienes todos los botones de Zencart (Castellano e inglés) en un color bonito y uniforme: marron - blanco. Fácil de instalar, como todos los módulos de Zencart. ------------------ Here you ha ... [more] 17 Jul 2007 2,436
Brazilian Portuguese for Zen Brazilian Portuguese for Zen : Crystallized buttons 3D translated for Brazilian Portuguese 13 Jul 2007 1,800
Polish buttons source PSDs Polish buttons source PSDs : Polish simple gray color buttons (source PSD files) Buttons based icons for KDE by Carlitus (under LGPL license) polish_buttons_catalog.psd (catalog buttons) polish_buttons_admin.psd (admin area ... [more] 4 Jul 2007 1,639
OSC-Style Button - german OSC-Style Button - german : oscommerce style button german version with psd template 17 Jun 2007 1,507
U.S. Flag Icon U.S. Flag Icon : You can use this U.S. flag icon to replace the stock English flag. Extract the icon.gif from the .zip file. Rename the original icon.gif file in /includes/languages/english/images/ to something els ... [more] 26 Apr 2007 2,798
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