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USPS United States Postal Service USPS United States Postal Service : USPS - United States Postal Service module for Zen Cart (Using latest rules: Domestic RateV4 and IntlRateV2) Gives real-time rate quotes for allowing customers to choose a USPS service when select ... [more] 21 Oct 2020 23,850
Big Royal Mail Big Royal Mail : This module comprises of separate shipping modules and tariffs for the shipping methods available from the post office: Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Large Letter Royal Ma ... [more] 23 Feb 2021 21,720
Canada Post Shipping Module Canada Post Shipping Module : Canada Post Shipping module with dimension support Works with the SellOnline service from Canada Post. (NOTE: There are rumours that CP is retiring the SellOnline service...) 20 Jun 2020 18,107
UPS United Parcel Service UPS United Parcel Service : UPS United Parcel Service addon shipping module 2 Jul 2020 8,887
Optional Shipping Insurance Module Optional Shipping Insurance Module : This is not necessarily a "shipping" module, as it gets installed under order total, but I'm putting it here, since it has to do with shipping. This will work with as far back as 1.2.7, perhaps eve ... [more] 29 Feb 2020 8,529
Zones Table Rate (for Multiple Zones) Zones Table Rate (for Multiple Zones) : If you have multiple shipping zones and you are not using this module, you cannot set table rate for more than one zone because the current built in table rate module is limited to only one zone. I ... [more] 17 Feb 2020 7,292
ozpost ozpost : *** NOTE: A MONTHLY FEE IS REQUIRED TO USE THIS MODULE *** I created this module because I found the original AustPost module had several shortcomings that I thought needed to be addressed, or coul ... [more] 23 Jun 2020 7,292
UPS XML UPS XML : Installation instructions contained inside the ZIP file, and mentioned here: This module provides the eCo ... [more] 29 Jul 2020 5,792
Free Shipping Rules Free Shipping Rules : This shipping module (based on Free Options) allows merchants to offer free shipping when more than one requirement is set. These requirements include order total, total weight, and total items. Fo ... [more] 29 Nov 2008 4,899
Shipping Rates in Cart Shipping Rates in Cart : There are times when the shipping estimator is just plain overkill. For example, you only ship to one country and you use the flat-rate shipping module. Instead of confusing customers and letting them ... [more] 11 Nov 2013 4,730
National and International Per Item Shipping National and International Per Item Shipping : By default, Zen Cart only allows you to set one price for "Per Item" shipping. Shipping is more expensive for international orders so these modules were created with that in mind. These modules al ... [more] 13 Nov 2006 4,654
Flat Rate Clone Flat Rate Clone : This is a simple clone of the "Flat Rate" shipping module which is part of the stock Zen Cart. The purpose of this shipping module is to allow you to set 2 different zones to "Flat Rate" shipping s ... [more] 25 Jan 2008 4,635
Priority Order Handling Priority Order Handling : Enables customer to specify "rush handling" and you to charge an appropriate service fee for this premium service. Based on Insurance Shipping module. 13 Oct 2018 4,257
Australia Post Shipping Module Australia Post Shipping Module : This module uses the Australia Post API to get valid quotes directly from the Australia Post server. To use this module, you must obtain a 36 digit API Key from the Auspost Development Centre: htt ... [more] 8 Jun 2018 4,114
Table Rate Clone Table Rate Clone : This is to make it easier for those who have had troubles cloning the "Table Rate" shipping module. This file contains 3 clones (allowing you to have 4 Table Rate shipping methods/modules). If yo ... [more] 23 Jun 2016 3,747
FEDEX XML FEDEX XML : This is a FEDEX Shipping Module that uses the FEDEX XML Ship Manager service. It will Get Rates for all Express and Ground Services (including Fedex Express Freight over 150lbs) 20 Oct 2008 3,630
delivery date picker delivery date picker : This is delivery date picker for Zen-Cart based on JavaScript. Allows pick up delivery date from nice pop-up calendar as attribute. I have modified product attributes template file (tpl_modules_att ... [more] 23 Apr 2011 3,357
MarcoB contributed USPS Shipping Module MarcoB contributed USPS Shipping Module : ***** NOTE: THIS MODULE NO LONGER WORKS SINCE JULY 28, 2013 WHEN USPS CHANGED THEIR SERVICES!!!!!!!!!!! USPS RateV4 and IntlRateV2 Shipping Module - Based on the original usps module with a few add ... [more] 3 Feb 2013 3,283
Duplicate Table Rate Duplicate Table Rate : Adds a 2nd table rate shipping module to your site. 17 Mar 2008 3,175
ZipShip ZipShip : USAGE By default, the module comes with support for 3 zip code zones. This can be easily changed by editing the line below in the zones constructor that defines $this->num_zones. Next, ... [more] 15 Dec 2019 2,958
FedEx Web Services Shipping FedEx Web Services Shipping : This module allows Zen Cart store owners to quickly and easily offer FedEx real-time rate quotes to their customers using the FedEx Web Services API. The module provides quotes for all FedEx Express, ... [more] 15 Jun 2016 2,922
UPS Delivery Area Surcharge - Not needed for v1.3. UPS Delivery Area Surcharge - Not needed for v1.3. : Adds a UPS Delivery Area Surcharge for 23,425 zip codes in the USA. Not relevant for v1.3.6 and higher, as this is built-in since v1.3.6. 23 Jun 2006 2,901
TPG module (Netherlands) TPG module (Netherlands) : This module calculates what the shippingscosts are depending on country and weight of the package. ---- De module berekend aan de hand van het land waar iemand woont en het gewicht van het pakke ... [more] 1 Jun 2006 2,666
Static List - Shipping Module Static List - Shipping Module : This shipping module lists a configurable number of static options from which a customer may select. The options consist of a description paired with a price. This might be useful, for example, if you ... [more] 25 Feb 2008 2,627
PO Box Ban PO Box Ban : This mod effectively bans PO Box addresses from being used on your store. It works by comparing the customer's address at sign-up with a range of words/letters often used with these addresses. Er ... [more] 13 Aug 2019 2,609
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