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Image Handler 2 for v1.2.7 Image Handler 2 for v1.2.7 : This upgrade uses GD libraries or ImageMagick (if installed on your server) to generate and resize small, medium and large images on the fly on page request. You can simply upload just one image or yo ... [more] 2 Jun 2006 3,765
Order Steps Edition 2 Order Steps Edition 2 : Graphical status of your order steps towards confirming your order. Updated to be compatible with 1.3 version of Zen Cart. Inserts a template table at the top of the checkout pages to show graphica ... [more] 29 Jun 2006 4,221
Ty Package Tracker for 1.2.x Ty Package Tracker for 1.2.x : This module add the ability for your customers and admin to track packages from different carriers. By default the carriers are FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL. You can easily add or change the carrier to anoth ... [more] 30 Jun 2006 1,315
Order Questions Order Questions : Allows your customers to ask you order specific questions. When your customer palces an order, and views the order in their account, they can submit a question. This question is emailed to the custome ... [more] 3 Jul 2006 4,473
Store Location (with Google Maps) Store Location (with Google Maps) : This module allows you to show the customers where your store is. It displays a map using Google Maps. Demo: http://www.urlansoft.com/zencart1302/index.php?main_page=map" 9 Jul 2006 4,575
Description_Diagram_ImagePopup Description_Diagram_ImagePopup : Allows the store owner to add click image popups into the description to show diagram images of a certian product or multiple products. Compatible with all versions Instructions Included 18 Jul 2006 3,356
Link Partner Page Link Partner Page : This is the "About Us" mod that was altered for "Link Partners". Link exchanging is popular, so I figured I would convert "About Us" to "Link Partners" and share my time(the Zen Cart way). See the ori ... [more] 27 Jul 2006 3,583
Categories Tabs Rollover Style Categories Tabs Rollover Style : This contribution allows you to have background rollover images on your category tabs. Currently it only does the top level tabs and does not provide for tabs or pull down menus on the subcategories, ... [more] 25 Aug 2006 7,339
BetterCategoriesEzInfo BetterCategoriesEzInfo : * Provides betterCategories type features to Categories, Documents, EZpages, Information, MoreInformation, and Bestsellers sideboxes. * Provides full and separate if required css control of all sid ... [more] 20 Sep 2006 8,921
Spider/Email Bait Contribution Spider/Email Bait Contribution : This contribution will ban and prevent spiders from searching for email addresses. Its a good idea to have the robot.text file inside your webroot for a week or so first So that the spiders that are ... [more] 20 Sep 2006 2,227
Overrides Chart Overrides Chart : This is a chart of the Zen Cart "includes" folder structure (ver 1.3.5) showing where a custom (your_template_name)folder may be placed in the file structure for the overrides system. Hopefully, it wi ... [more] 29 Oct 2006 16,626
Drop Shipping/Supplier Interface Drop Shipping/Supplier Interface : The module is suppose to allow suppliers to login to an administration page to manage products that they supply. They are limited to products they supply and have no access to other products from othe ... [more] 2 Nov 2006 4,915
stockFilter stockFilter : Purpose is to allow a user to limit the products shown to only what is currently in stock if they so choose, by way of a sidebox. By default, they see all items they normally would see (depends on how ... [more] 23 Nov 2006 2,104
PopUp on Attribute Images PopUp on Attribute Images : This generates a separate image popup for attribute images and runs alongside ImageHandler2 (which naturally brings other benefits) without any problems. It uses a free, third-party script to gener ... [more] 27 Nov 2006 2,639
Split Panel Login Split Panel Login : Works with v1.3.0 - & This contribution modifies tpl_login_default.php creating a two panel page; a login panel for returning customers and an introductory panel for new customers wit ... [more] 30 Nov 2006 5,730
CSS-per-page for EZ-Pages and Chapters CSS-per-page for EZ-Pages and Chapters : Currently, ZenCart only allows you to style EZ-Pages as a whole with page.css. This mod allows you to add custom stylesheets for EZ-pages seperately by ezpage id number or chapter number. (i.e. ezp ... [more] 30 Nov 2006 2,077
Admin-based Copyright Setting Control Admin-based Copyright Setting Control : This module automatically updates the copyright in the footer and it lets you edit the copyright information in the admin panel. NOTE: OBSOLETE SINCE v1.3.7 11 Dec 2006 4,145
Ad Manager Ad Manager : Ad Manager installs a drop down menu in your checkout page that permits the customer to select where they saw the ad that drove them to purchase products from your store. The drop down menu is populat ... [more] 18 Dec 2006 5,970
Auto Copyright Date - HOWTO Auto Copyright Date - HOWTO : This quick modification to your copyright notice will keep it up-to-date with each passing year. No need to remember and edit the file to the new year. 19 Dec 2006 2,970
Tax Exemption Status Tax Exemption Status : *Module Name: Tax Exemption Status v. 1.0 *CREATOR: Kathleen Farber [email protected]_ *PURPOSE: to apply tax exemption to individual customers. *FUNCTION: displays and subtracts the tax exe ... [more] 12 Jan 2007 2,521
Sidebox Link to About us with admin control Sidebox Link to About us with admin control : Here is the files to add an About us in the Information box and control it from the Define Page Status in Configuration in the Admin Panel. I upload to answer the following thread: http://www.zen-car ... [more] 29 Jan 2007 1,045
Attributes Modelnumbers Attributes Modelnumbers : With this modul you can save modelnumbers prices and weigts for every attribute combination you have set for your product. currently only working on MySQL >=5 its NOT multilingual(german texts) -> ... [more] 2 Feb 2007 2,752
Easy Rollovers Easy Rollovers : There seemed to be a need for implementing rollover images for the various buttons in Zen Cart. Sometimes buttons consist of straight images with link href tags and sometimes images are form submit bu ... [more] 5 Feb 2007 3,187
One-Time Membership Charge One-Time Membership Charge : This contribution pushes a 1x membership fee into the shopping cart at Account Registration. It includes the mods necessary to do the following: -- Remove ability to update or delete the product ... [more] 24 Feb 2007 2,537
Telephone Not Required on Signup Telephone Not Required on Signup : This module enables you, from within the Admin, to show or hide the Telephone Number from the "sign-up" (Account Creation) form. It also enables you to make the telephone NOT a required field from ... [more] 25 Feb 2007 3,262
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