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360 view 360 view : This is an add-on to allow you to present a 360 view of your product. A test image is included. 2 May 2019 213
About Us Page About Us Page : The files in this package allow you to quickly and easily add an About Us page to your site. This package is also an easy example for adding additional pages to your site if you prefer named pages ... [more] 15 Dec 2014 30,860
Access Blocker (a pseudo-recaptcha) Access Blocker (a pseudo-recaptcha) : This drop-in plugin provides your store with admin-level controls to block (or limit) actions provided by the contact_us, create_account and login pages. If access is blocked via admin-level configura ... [more] 6 Aug 2021 259
ACoin Homepage Slider ACoin Homepage Slider : ACoin Homepage Slider is a home page slide show that is easy to install and customize with multiple transition effects. Demo Found at www.brandonturpin.com 8 Mar 2012 1,237
Ad Manager Ad Manager : Ad Manager installs a drop down menu in your checkout page that permits the customer to select where they saw the ad that drove them to purchase products from your store. The drop down menu is populat ... [more] 18 Dec 2006 5,970
add buy now button in main page products add buy now button in main page products : This contribution adds a buy now button in main index home page on products displayed there.(New Products, Featured Products, Specials Products). 13 Oct 2009 4,546
Add Phone Number to Contact Us Add Phone Number to Contact Us : This mod will: a) Add the Phone Number field to the contact us page b) Fill in the phone number field if the user is logged in and has a phone number in their account c) print the phone number in ... [more] 13 May 2015 9,236
Add Shipping Telephone Add Shipping Telephone : This modification adds the Ship To Telephone number to the Shipping Address of the Customers Order. You can add an address during checkout or from your account page. This mod was tested on a New ... [more] 26 Jul 2017 1,934
Additional Customers Fields Additional Customers Fields : *** WARNING *** USE AT OWN RISK *** MANY WHO HAVE INSTALLED THIS MOD HAVE HAD COUNTLESS TROUBLES AND ODD STORE BEHAVIOR *** INSTALL ONLY ON A TEST SITE *** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED *** // Introductio ... [more] 23 Jun 2009 16,889
Additional customers fields in in company box Additional customers fields in in company box : I created this for the use of my customers for billing purposes. I hope it would help you too. Please read the installation instructions to the end before doing anything! Loriana Zamfir, www.sup ... [more] 13 Apr 2010 908
Additional Multiple Featured Products for Front Pa Additional Multiple Featured Products for Front Pa : This mod adds more featured products center boxes to the front page. The additional featured products can be added via admin. This mod adds an effective way to show your featured products in sets. exa ... [more] 22 Mar 2011 1,050
Additional Product Images Additional Product Images : This module allows you to upload additional images easily without the hassle of changing file names and uploading separately. It does not change any core files. 25 Jan 2018 11,321
Admin-based Copyright Setting Control Admin-based Copyright Setting Control : This module automatically updates the copyright in the footer and it lets you edit the copyright information in the admin panel. NOTE: OBSOLETE SINCE v1.3.7 11 Dec 2006 4,145
Advanced Search Plus Advanced Search Plus : This contribution expand search function to Categories and Subcategories (it searchs in Name and Description) and EzPages (it searchs in Title and Html_Text). It will display results below found produ ... [more] 25 Jun 2021 4,880
advanced search results fix + optimization advanced search results fix + optimization : ** ONLY FOR v1.3.7 ** I noticed advanced search page didn't got back correct results if I left some fields empty. I fixed and optimized the code. Just replace the existing file with this one Ha ... [more] 17 Nov 2007 1,819
AJAX Add to Cart AJAX Add to Cart : Improve your User Experience (UX) with this fantastic module and step into the modern age. This Zen Cart module will allow the customer to add a product to cart using AJAX (that means no page reload) ... [more] 15 Jun 2014 1,816
AJAX FAQ MODULE AJAX FAQ MODULE : FAQ the AJAX module helps you manage a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to your product. You can change the answers and display them outside of the product page. This can save ti ... [more] 9 Oct 2013 537
alpha2product filter alpha2product filter : This contribution change Alpha filter to Product filter. You can add filter search word (phrase) and filter name if in category too much products. This contribution add new link "Add category filter ... [more] 19 Sep 2010 814
Alternative Header 1.1a Alternative Header 1.1a : Alternative Header V1.1a by MikeG based on Alternative Header 1.1 by Sketchy This mod will place the links for login, shopping cart and other links into the image header rather than on a bar of its ... [more] 5 Jun 2010 5,784
Ask A Question Ask A Question : The new "Ask A Question" contribution is a retooling of the 1.2 contribution for 1.3. Rather than having its own database entries the way 1.2 did, it simply reuses the "Contact Us" information and beh ... [more] 18 Jan 2017 21,235
Attribute Cross-Validation Attribute Cross-Validation : The attribute cross-validation module allows shop owners to create dependencies/exclusions between one or more options/option value combinations (something you will see referenced throughout the code ... [more] 3 May 2013 1,028
Attribute Pop-up (Large Images) Attribute Pop-up (Large Images) : This module adds a pop-up to attributes' thumbnails. The pop-up has borders; text for the attribute (Option name: Option Value); and a 'Close Window' text link. The images for the pop-ups are kept in ... [more] 28 Sep 2008 7,617
Attributes Modelnumbers Attributes Modelnumbers : With this modul you can save modelnumbers prices and weigts for every attribute combination you have set for your product. currently only working on MySQL >=5 its NOT multilingual(german texts) -> ... [more] 2 Feb 2007 2,752
Auction Lister Pro for Zen Cart Auction Lister Pro for Zen Cart : Auction Lister Pro allows you to list your Zen Inventory directly to eBay without having to create the products manually on eBay.com. This release includes a graphical web based installer. At the ... [more] 12 Aug 2007 6,837
Auto Copyright Date - HOWTO Auto Copyright Date - HOWTO : This quick modification to your copyright notice will keep it up-to-date with each passing year. No need to remember and edit the file to the new year. 19 Dec 2006 2,970
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