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Ultimate SEO URLs Ultimate SEO URLs : Example URL Transformations: From: http://yoursite.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=24 To: http://yoursite.com/disciples-sacred-lands-linked-p-24.html From: http://yoursite.co ... [more] 23 Apr 2021 96,114
Zen Lightbox Zen Lightbox : This contribution adds lightbox support to Zen Cart. All large product images will be displayed within a lightbox. This eliminates the need for popup windows and makes your website much more user frie ... [more] 14 Aug 2019 68,709
Column Layout Grid for Product Listing Column Layout Grid for Product Listing : Product Listing reworked to show in a grid format (columnar) instead of just rows. NOTE: This feature is built-in to v1.5.7a. No need for the plugin. 21 Feb 2019 62,003
Image Handler 2 for v1.3.x Image Handler 2 for v1.3.x : ALERT: If you are using Zen Cart v1.5.x, you should use the newer version of Image Handler instead of this older one!!!!! This contribution uses GD libraries or ImageMagick (if installed on your se ... [more] 15 Jul 2013 60,234
Stock by Attributes Stock by Attributes : This add-on allows a store owner to set a stock value for each variant of a product. For example, if you have three sizes, large, medium and small, this module will allow you to keep track of all the ... [more] 13 Feb 2014 40,112
Fast and Easy Checkout for Zen Cart Fast and Easy Checkout for Zen Cart : Combines the payment and shipping checkout pages into one page for a shortened checkout process. MODERATOR NOTE: Consider using OPC-One-Page-Checkout instead, as it is largely a drop-in plugin with ... [more] 8 Jan 2019 40,010
Simple Google Analytics Simple Google Analytics : Add Google Analytics site tracking easily to your site. Learn where your visitors come from and where they go in your site with this powerful free service provided by Google. Extremely flexible. E ... [more] 1 Dec 2013 38,919
Ceon URI Mapping (SEO) v4 Ceon URI Mapping (SEO) v4 : NOTE: A NEWER VERSION IS AVAILABLE: https://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=2250 The Ceon URI Mapping module lets you enter your own specific URIs for each product/category/EZ-Page/Zen Ca ... [more] 23 Dec 2018 33,827
About Us Page About Us Page : The files in this package allow you to quickly and easily add an About Us page to your site. This package is also an easy example for adding additional pages to your site if you prefer named pages ... [more] 15 Dec 2014 30,859
Newsletter Subscribe Newsletter Subscribe : Newsletter Subscribe is a contribution for handling newsletter-only subscriptions. It incorporates Subscribe! v1.1 and newsletter_unsubscribe contribs, plus adds more functionality. Catalog feat ... [more] 3 Sep 2020 29,402
Testimonial Manager Testimonial Manager : This contribution displays customer Testimonials. A sidebox shows portions of a random testimonial. When clicked on, the full testimonial is displayed. Testimonial Manager has been updated to remov ... [more] 20 Jan 2021 28,609
Simple SEO URL Simple SEO URL : ALERT: THIS MOD IS OBSOLETE AND NO LONGER SUPPORTED. AND IS ALSO NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PHP 5.3 If human-friendly URLs are important to you, consider the CEON URI Mapping mod or the Ultimate SEO URL m ... [more] 24 Jan 2009 23,899
CSS Horizontal Drop Down Menu CSS Horizontal Drop Down Menu : This add-on will allow you to have a horizontal css based flyout menu for your zen cart header. It also displays your categories dynamically, along with other useful links for your customers. informat ... [more] 18 Jan 2008 23,507
Ask A Question Ask A Question : The new "Ask A Question" contribution is a retooling of the 1.2 contribution for 1.3. Rather than having its own database entries the way 1.2 did, it simply reuses the "Contact Us" information and beh ... [more] 18 Jan 2017 21,234
Image Handler 4 for v1.5.x Image Handler 4 for v1.5.x : PURPOSE & AIM Image Handler 4 is really meant to ease the management of product images (particularly the management of additional product images), and to help improve page performance by optimizing t ... [more] 13 Sep 2013 20,003
How Did You Hear About Us How Did You Hear About Us : Ask your customers where they found out about your company/website. 3 Jan 2016 19,112
Ty Package Tracker for 1.3.x and 1.5.x Ty Package Tracker for 1.3.x and 1.5.x : This module add the ability for your customers and admin to track packages from different carriers. By default the carriers are FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL. You can easily add or change the carrier to anoth ... [more] 24 Aug 2021 18,364
Additional Customers Fields Additional Customers Fields : *** WARNING *** USE AT OWN RISK *** MANY WHO HAVE INSTALLED THIS MOD HAVE HAD COUNTLESS TROUBLES AND ODD STORE BEHAVIOR *** INSTALL ONLY ON A TEST SITE *** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED *** // Introductio ... [more] 23 Jun 2009 16,889
Overrides Chart Overrides Chart : This is a chart of the Zen Cart "includes" folder structure (ver 1.3.5) showing where a custom (your_template_name)folder may be placed in the file structure for the overrides system. Hopefully, it wi ... [more] 29 Oct 2006 16,626
printable pricelist printable pricelist : Actually it's a lot more than a pricelist (since a lot of other product info can also be printed, like stock, weight etc. etc., if you like), but it's still called pricelist for historical reasons :-) ... [more] 24 Jan 2016 16,434
FAQ Module FAQ Module : This excellent Faq Manager module has the ability for users to submit questions, which can be answered and then activated by admin upon receipt of a system email. The Faq Manager is capable of infi ... [more] 28 Feb 2017 15,508
Fual Slimbox (Lightbox) Fual Slimbox (Lightbox) : Slimbox is a next generation Lightbox able to display images and iframes with totally customisible Mootools effects and CSS style. "Lightbox" was the original engine for the now famous effect that ... [more] 11 Mar 2012 14,594
Multi-Language EZ-Pages Multi-Language EZ-Pages : This module provides multi-language support for the EZ-Pages module that was introduced in ZC v1.3. The standard version does not support more than one language (even though there is a language_id fie ... [more] 19 Mar 2018 14,345
Return Authorization Return Authorization : This module adds a Return Authorization Request page to your store where your customer can read your returns policy and fill in a form to obtain a return authorization request. The contents of the for ... [more] 7 Apr 2013 14,318
WordPress On ZenCart WordPress On ZenCart : It is the module which can display WordPress on Zen-Cart. WordPress is weblog software of an open source. http://wordpress.org/ You can do blog on Zen-Cart by introducing this module. Because it ... [more] 16 Mar 2010 14,202
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