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Quick Quantity Update Quick Quantity Update : Quick Quantity Update allows shopowners who manage stock using Zen Cart to more quickly update the Products Quantity field. 5 May 2021 1,068
EasyPopulate V4 (LATEST) EasyPopulate V4 (LATEST) : EasyPopulate 4.0 (EP4) Can also download from Github as minor modifications are made: Click the Github button on the right, then click on the green Code button and click Download Zip. To instal ... [more] 4 May 2021 4,222
Database I/O Manager (DbIo) Database I/O Manager (DbIo) : The Database I/O Manager (DbIo) provides an interface for your Zen Cart admin to import and export information from your database, using .CSV files as the interface. Its processing - Uses the b ... [more] 28 Mar 2021 2,176
Convert db2utf8 Convert db2utf8 : This PHP script can be used to convert your MySQL database tables from latin1-to-UTF8 Instructions: 0) BACKUP YOUR DATABASE!!! a) unzip and upload the convert_db2utf8.php file to your store's fol ... [more] 10 Mar 2021 1,746
Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x : Edit Orders is an admin module that allows store owners to edit a customer's order. The following edit options are available: - Change the customer, billing or shipping information on an order - Ad ... [more] 4 Mar 2021 12,358
Delete Spam Customers Delete Spam Customers : Delete Spam Customers allows you to bulk delete customer accounts created by bad guys. It cleans out all database records for the bad account. 1 Mar 2021 268
FraudLabs Pro Credit Card Fraud Prevention FraudLabs Pro Credit Card Fraud Prevention : FraudLabs Pro™ Credit Card Fraud Prevention screens credit card transactions for online frauds. It increases e-commerce merchant profits by reduces chargeback, improves operation efficiency and provid ... [more] 23 Feb 2021 1,039
Sales Report Sales Report : Generate sales reports by date range and more. Easy plugin to Admin The Sales Report is designed to offer professional-level accounting data for businesses who use Zen Cart heavily, with multiple di ... [more] 29 Jan 2021 30,764
User Tracking User Tracking : This module tracks your visitors hits on your sitepages and displays pages visited and searches done by users, lists the result in admin, sorted by user-sessions. Compatible with Zen Cart v1.2.6 thru ... [more] 14 Jan 2021 16,370
Disabled Products Report Disabled Products Report : Disabled Products is an admin report that shows all disabled products. 9 Jan 2021 47
Search Log Search Log : Records each time a customer does a search on your site the search term (keywords entered),date/time of the search and the number of results returned. 20 Dec 2020 6,922
edit orders detail record copy edit orders detail record copy : * Have you changed the structure of your orders detail table with a plugin or a mod? * Frustrated that when you use edit orders and change the quantity, all of that extra information isn't copied for ... [more] 17 Nov 2020 57
Test Checkout Email Test Checkout Email : Test Checkout Email allows you to resend an order confirmation using the data from the original order, processed again using the same order:send_order_email() function that sent the original email. So ... [more] 2 Oct 2020 50
Email Archive Manager Email Archive Manager : Zen Cart has a great email archiving feature. When enabled, every email sent through your cart is stored in a database table. This is the admin utility to look up emails in this table. Until n ... [more] 20 Sep 2020 16,641
Help in 1.5.6 Help in 1.5.6 : Provides links to the Zen Cart help from your admin in Zen Cart 1.5.6 (this feature is built-in to Zen Cart 1.5.7). 10 Aug 2020 19
Inventory Updator Inventory Updator : A new page to update multiple items inventory quantities based on item category. NO Zen-Cart core files modified. Also allows to easily change items status from from active to inactive (and vice ... [more] 10 Aug 2020 172
Orders in Status Dashboard Widget Orders in Status Dashboard Widget : The Dashboard Status Widget plugin allows you to show orders in a specific status on your dashboard. 2 Aug 2020 89
Preview Email Preview Email : Preview Email allows you to view the HTML emails your cart produces, so you can tweak the layout. 1 Aug 2020 320
Email Address Exporter Email Address Exporter : Export email addresses from Zen Cart customer base to HTML, CSV, TXT file format for use in external applications, such as easy importing into Constant Contact or Mailchimp etc. 29 Jul 2020 23,792
Block Email Manager Block Email Manager : Block Email manager is a basic, no frills, manager to place unwanted spammers on a list. Once on the list, they can no longer sign in if they had an account, or create account, or use any of the fo ... [more] 28 Jul 2020 182
codeTrio Sales Summary Graph codeTrio Sales Summary Graph : This plugin puts a sales graph on the landing page of the admin to see sites overall sales ups and downs at a glance. - Very easy to install. - Can select only the orders that has been processe ... [more] 24 Jul 2020 640
Backup MYSQL Plugin Backup MYSQL Plugin : Backup your MySQL database from within Zen and easy. NOTE: uses exec() function calls to run mysqldump and mysql binaries. Sometimes exec() is restricted from use in shared-hosting env ... [more] 19 Jul 2020 35,027
Mod List Mod List : Mod List is a plugin that shows you how your cart has been changed from a default installation, looking at * New admin pages which your mods have created. * New database tables which your mods hav ... [more] 16 Jul 2020 784
Find http References Find http References : As more site-owners are changing to present their storefront using full SSL (https://) protocol, this tool allows the site-owner to quickly find locations (both in .php files and database elements) th ... [more] 9 Jul 2020 124
View Schema View Schema : View Schema allows you to look at the database schema for your cart from within your admin panel (rather than having to open phpMyAdmin or some other tool. 5 Jul 2020 98
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