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Admin Notes Admin Notes : Allows you to have private notes on the admin. Thanx to Dr Byte and remember to backup FIRST this doestouch core files in the admin. If you have other mods installed you will hav ... [more] 10 Aug 2007 3,283
No Logo No Logo : For those of you that do not want to use a Logo but still have your site identified in the header. The logo gif is defined as transparent and is a 1px by 1px image. Edit the header.php file and ... [more] 14 Jun 2007 2,116
Mass reset customer passwords Mass reset customer passwords : This contribution contains a zipped Excel file with SQL version of the PHP code ZenCart uses to create the hashed password. You can update one customer record or migrate a DB into ZenCart and creat ... [more] 28 Mar 2007 2,027
Gift Vouchers in Product Amount Instead of Dollar Gift Vouchers in Product Amount Instead of Dollar : This modification changes the Zencart gift voucher amount from amount of dollars to amount of products. So you can give a Gift Voucher which is valid for an amount of products regardless of the price. 12 Mar 2007 2,434
Scripts-Remove Example Store Files (DOS and SHELL) Scripts-Remove Example Store Files (DOS and SHELL) : If you are like me and installed Zen Cart 1.3.6 without the example store then were annoyed to find the image files and options in the “Extras” menu still present an obviously specific to the example ... [more] 15 Dec 2006 2,138
Packing Slip for Burris Computer Forms Packing Slip for Burris Computer Forms : This is a packing slip that will fit on Burris Computer Forms Peel Out! Shipping Label Sheets™ layouts LS-A and LS-A4 found at The printout will allow you to have a return addr ... [more] 30 Oct 2006 1,552
Attributes Separate Stock Attributes Separate Stock : This allows attributes to have stock quantity independant of the quantity of the products to which it is attached. This is different than the attribute-by-stock module -- that module allows one to ... [more] 12 Oct 2006 5,508
Green Tea Admin Green Tea Admin : An administration redesign. Made with famfamfam silk icons, photoshop, dreamweaver and some love. A black and green theme. Three screenshots are provided. I hope you enjoy. 11 Oct 2006 8,642
Image management for dummies Image management for dummies : This is a simple tutorial with the correct file structure built into the tutorial, and readme.txt files to show image management in its simplest form. I have put this together for people having issues ... [more] 17 Jul 2006 7,037
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