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Social Networking Sidebar Social Networking Sidebar : This simple add-on places a sidebar in your Zen Cart installation that floats as you scroll down the page. This sidebar contains links to FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube, but can be changed to meet y ... [more] 20 Nov 2012 2,577
Fixed Navigation Fixed Navigation : A very cool module to display a fixed navigation on your site. You can see an example on www.webextremecustomiser.com I put this very same module on the left part of the screen. Can be configured to b ... [more] 20 Apr 2008 2,487
Social Media Icons Social Media Icons : This will add social media icons to your product pages so that they can be shared on the different networks by your customers. 21 May 2011 2,487
Print Invoice Popup Print Invoice Popup : Give customers a link to a popup window where they can print an invoice for themselves after completion of checkout. 4 Aug 2016 2,485
Compare Multiple Products Compare Multiple Products : This contribution adds a comparison system to the product listing page. It is done through a session so that products can be compared across multiple categories. The admin has options to disable or ... [more] 9 Jan 2020 2,472
Additional Images Hover with Main Image Additional Images Hover with Main Image : Hovering over the additional images replaces the main image. 11 Nov 2012 2,471
Pure CSS Mega Menu Pure CSS Mega Menu : You can check out live demos of the menu on our free templates here: http://www.picaflor-azul.com/free-demos/index.php?main_page=index&template_switch_id=abbington_mega Module Features: * Com ... [more] 15 Nov 2012 2,407
Single Listing Template Single Listing Template : Single Listing Template mod v1.6 This mod changes how these four product listings work: All Products New Products Featured Products Specials so that they can all use the same common template: th ... [more] 21 Apr 2010 2,398
Manufacturers All page Manufacturers All page : Manufacturers all is a simple additional page that displays all of the manufacturers defined in your Zen Cart. It comes complete with Admin config for some of the most useful options. The display is ... [more] 13 Feb 2008 2,367
Flexible Attributes Flexible Attributes : This mod allows control over the display of individual attributes on the product info page. Each attribute can be styled globally to affect it in all products which use it, or with a per-product style ... [more] 12 Nov 2011 2,282
UK Postcode Lookup UK Postcode Lookup : Easily Add postcode lookup to your Zen Cart, this module uses www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk, full instructions provided. Discuss this add on at http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=86455 23 Jan 2008 2,089
Ezpages Footer Columns Ezpages Footer Columns : This mod allows you to organize the ez-pages footer links into columns. * You can choose in admin how many columns to have (up to 9). * You can define a heading for each column (it may be an image ... [more] 12 Dec 2012 2,042
Corner Site Seal Corner Site Seal : This module will create a static corner site seal as can be seen on http://www.pc-point.co.uk. 29 Apr 2010 1,799
Product Info Display (Justified) Product Info Display (Justified) : This mod creates fixed column widths for your main product image and description. The product description is justified in the right column. The add to cart button has been moved to just below the pric ... [more] 3 Jul 2009 1,784
Main Image Replacer Main Image Replacer : Main Image Replacer is a simple override that will check your product description for an override command and will use the specified data/image to replace the main image. If there is no override, it w ... [more] 10 Jul 2008 1,693
Product Listing Sorter Product Listing Sorter : This plugin adds a new sorting drop-down to work with (not replace) the existing filters for the product listings, product info page prev/next navigation and the advanced search results page. 12 Sep 2018 1,685
Shoppingcart/Freeship in Header Shoppingcart/Freeship in Header : This mod will give you a box in your header which shows the number of items in the cart, the total amount if any items in cart, the amount required to qualify for free shipping, and a checkout button ... [more] 20 Nov 2012 1,683
Category & EZ Pages same menu Category & EZ Pages same menu : I needed to combine the category menu with the ez pages menu and I finally got it to work so I wanted to share it with others as this would have saved me some time. First you need to comment everythin ... [more] 3 Oct 2008 1,582
Simple Removal of Add to Cart Quantity Box Simple Removal of Add to Cart Quantity Box : This is a very simple mod that covers up the add to cart quantities without removing any vital Zen Cart functions. Basically it removes the text, line breaks and hides the quantity box. Extremely simp ... [more] 3 Jul 2008 1,331
Products Disclaimer Products Disclaimer : A simple contribution that adds a product disclaimer in the footer above the copyright information. This contribution does modify tpl_footer.php. If you have already edited includes/templates/YOUR ... [more] 6 Jan 2009 1,315
External Product Images External Product Images : This module ported from an OSC script allow Zen Cart to use an external image reference for product images. 15 Mar 2010 1,288
Featured Product Module Tiled with Description Featured Product Module Tiled with Description : This mod was created for designers who want more control over the style and display of the featured module products box. 5 Jul 2010 1,281
Tabbed Home Page Modules Tabbed Home Page Modules : This contribution is a variation to the modules on the homepage of the shopping cart. This was created as a solution to the home page being somewhat crowded when all the modules where enabled together ... [more] 22 Nov 2012 1,252
Flexible Footer Columns Menu for 1.5.x Flexible Footer Columns Menu for 1.5.x : *** Note : This contrib is deprecated and has been replaced by https://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1957 If you are familiar with the Ezpages Footer Columns plugin and it's great funct ... [more] 2 Jul 2014 1,252
Flexible Product Listing Flexible Product Listing : This is a modification to the standard Zen Cart product listing page (incorporating the ability to use the Column Grid layout) which allows great flexibility in arranging the product elements in the l ... [more] 28 Dec 2012 1,135
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