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Apple Zen Template Apple Zen Template : See in action: http://www.applezen.sagefish.com/ This Template has been updated to work with Zen Cart 1.5 and has been tested in 1.3.9. May work in earlier versions but has not been tested. Thi ... [more] 26 Jul 2012 78,064
A Different Zen Template A Different Zen Template : A new sage template based upon the template_default fileset as the base. Designed for ZenCart versions 1.3.X. Simple to install, and close to ready to use. This is a simple clean template that shou ... [more] 30 Oct 2010 65,157
Cherry Zen Template Cherry Zen Template : Designed and tested on Zen Cart 1.5 and 1.3.9. It may also work on older versions but it has not been tested. You can view this template in action at: http://www.cherryzen.sagefish.com/ Templat ... [more] 8 Sep 2012 50,873
Future Zen Future Zen : This is a small template that won't be to everybody's taste and won't win any design competitions, but that's not the point. The template has been designed to meet three objectives: 1. To provide n ... [more] 27 Oct 2006 39,195
Comstock Comstock : This template modifies tpl_main_page.php, tpl_header.php and tpl_footer.php to achieve its look. It is designed to "DROP" the right colomn on category/product listing pages. 19 Apr 2010 36,239
A Different Zen Template -- Additional screen shot A Different Zen Template -- Additional screen shot : For the requests that have been asking for a preview of the contribution 16 Jun 2006 34,837
Blue Sky Blue Sky : Blue is one of my favorite colors so I thought I would spice zencart up a bit with a nice blue theme. I chanced some of the text sizes in the css file and the sidebox border colors and also created a ... [more] 31 Oct 2006 34,065
Darkness Template Darkness Template : This template is based off Classic 1.3.5. Basically this template offers a different look for those who enjoy the Classic template but do not like the brighter colors, or want a different feel to it. ... [more] 12 Nov 2006 32,051
Bare Bones CSS Template Bare Bones CSS Template : Bare Bones is completely white with gray outlines, it's focused on readability and tidiness. This template is a reworking of the classic template that comes default with all Zen Cart versions in th ... [more] 10 Sep 2006 30,168
Blue Highlites Template Blue Highlites Template : This template was started from the ATHEME template by iChoze Internet Solutions http://ichoze.com Just prior to posting I went back to see how significant the changes were. I was surprized. I didn' ... [more] 7 Feb 2010 29,021
Gloss Black Template Gloss Black Template : A basic template with a gloss black header and matching buttons. 16 Aug 2006 27,716
ZenCart Zen ZenCart Zen : This is a simple clean template that should require very little to adapt to your site. It is styled in simple black and white. It is designed for a full width display or fluid 100% width. 19 Apr 2010 27,329
ZJ - ZenCart jQuery Template Pack ZJ - ZenCart jQuery Template Pack : ZJ - ZenCart jQuery Template Pack 5 ZenCart jQuery templates in one package. 1) ZJ Silver 2) ZJ Silver Wide 3) ZJ Orange 4) ZJ Black 5) ZJ Black 2 All templates come with sortable sideboxes - ... [more] 12 Jun 2008 27,025
Red Passion Red Passion : A clean and simple template, I have tried to make it a little "web2ish". 23 Mar 2007 26,112
Cold Steel Template Cold Steel Template : Designed for Zen Cart version 1.3.8. Features: Fixed width 2 column display Colors: Styled in Black, White and Gray. Customized button set included. Per-page CSS stylesheets to style individual p ... [more] 25 Jan 2012 25,937
Silverfish Template Silverfish Template : This is a bluish/silver template created for zen-cart 1.3.7, meant to be professional looking, business contemporary. CSS has undergone significant parsing and restructuring. 3 Jun 2007 25,011
Nifty Zen Nifty Zen : This is another simple Zen Cart template (just like I like 'em) with not a lot of clutter. This time, I've utilized the Nifty Corners technique. View in action at http://www.niftyzen.sagefish.com ... [more] 15 Mar 2009 24,198
Arch_Shoppe Arch_Shoppe : A great starter template for you to change OR Enjoy the Zen atmosphere with mellow greens and a dash of yellow. ------------------------------------------------------ Arch_Shoppe v.02 Template fo ... [more] 12 Sep 2006 24,093
A Black Pure Template A Black Pure Template : Black Pure template pack. Screenshot and Demo: http://www.12leaves.com/store/pureblack-free-zen-cart-template.html - User friendly usability - Up to 2 admin managed home page banners - Images b ... [more] 25 Dec 2012 23,432
Simple Zen Template Simple Zen Template : This is a very simple Zen Cart template (just like I like 'em) with not a lot of clutter, and I'm using only the RIGHT sideboxes. You may use both sides if you like. However there are no background im ... [more] 7 Apr 2007 23,155
Candied Apple Candied Apple : This is a Classic XHTML template remake. Modeled with gloss red graphics and red text, this template is lightweight and tediously coded/tested.. so enjoy. If you want a screenshot right now, check the ... [more] 4 Sep 2006 22,897
End Of Summer End Of Summer : A blend of soft greys, reflect the title "End Of Summer". An updated version of my original store template, including my updated reversed navigation header and Gilby's updated Better Categories mod, i ... [more] 15 Nov 2006 22,479
Sophy Blue Sophy Blue : Combination of a sophysticated dark blue with ivory. Just need to change your logo image, and you are ready to go. All images and buttons included, as extra blank buttons. You may see a screen shot ... [more] 11 Apr 2011 21,843
Flowers Flowers : Simple orange template with 3 header style. Change it (see readme.txt) 2 Jul 2007 20,553
Blue Strip Reloaded V1.0 Blue Strip Reloaded V1.0 : I thought about making a template from scratch, then I wondered what the heck it would be. One day, I was searching Zen Carts over the net to get some ideas... I found sooo many with a legendary templ ... [more] 3 Sep 2006 19,542
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