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Japanese language pack ZC v158 Japanese language pack ZC v158 : This language pack includes not only Japanese language files but although core files and database modifications adding possibility to use furigana, products dimension and barcode. This allows to use ... [more] 8 Apr 2024 359
Spanish Language Pack Spanish Language Pack : A complete Spanish translation. Due to the large fileset, and continual minor improvements, this plugin download is only a snapshot and is NOT updated regularly here: please use the relevant version ... [more] 7 Aug 2023 25,007
Dutch Language for 1.5.8+ Dutch Language for 1.5.8+ : 30 Jul 2023 102
Finnish Language pack Finnish Language pack : The long forgotten Finnish language pack is back! 19 Jan 2022 10,378
German Language Pack German Language Pack : admin and customerinterface == multilingual ez-pages == multilingual install == multilingual -------------------------------------------------- includes:: # ajax-driven attrib-selector # admin/ ... [more] 21 May 2021 34,549
Dutch language pack V1.57c Dutch language pack V1.57c : Some of the characters used in English cause problems with 1 to 1 translation into Dutch, therefore the version 002 7 May 2021 120
Hebrew UTF-8  Language Pack Hebrew UTF-8 Language Pack : Hebrew language UTF-8 release: storefront and admin. This version has been tested with v1.5.7b on Admin and Storefront. 8 Jan 2021 80
Indonesian Language Pack Indonesian Language Pack : Language Pack Bahasa Indonesia Lengkap Untuk Admin dan Storefront Pada Admin Panel, Pada Menu Configuration, tidak dapat di terjemahkan dengan Language Pack ini, Namun bisa dilakukan dengan To ... [more] 4 Jul 2020 229
Finnish Language pack Finnish Language pack : I check is working Finnish pack 24 Jul 2019 143
Japanese Language Pack Japanese Language Pack : A Japanese translation pack based upon v1.5.1 that has been successfully tested with v1.5.5. To enable after uploading contents, login to admin and select Localization > Languages ... [more] 21 Feb 2018 620
Norwegian Language Pack Norwegian Language Pack : Norwegian language pack (admin, catalog and buttons). This pack is maintained at, where you can find the latest packs and hopefully soon also an updat ... [more] 27 Dec 2017 11,670
Bulgarian Language Pack Bulgarian Language Pack : Bulgarian language pack 14 Mar 2017 10,307
Russian Language Pack (complete) Russian Language Pack (complete) : Included all language files for front-end, buttons, language files for back-end, email temlate, countries, zones and other. 14 May 2016 5,914
Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack : -- by -- Zen Cart Chinese community 8 Jan 2015 20,425
Hebrew UTF-8 for store admin Hebrew UTF-8 for store admin : This is the initial release for the ADMIN section supporting bidirectional languages capabilities for stores requiring both, RTL/LTR Included in this release are versions of Cascading Style Shee ... [more] 28 Dec 2014 198
Hebrew Support UTF-8 Hebrew Support UTF-8 : The purpose of this mod is to provide a defacto Hebrew Language Pack to work with Zen Cart Version 1.5.x. This version is also compatible with 1.3.9 This pack only contains the utf-8 version, and its ... [more] 26 Oct 2013 380
Portuguese UTF-8 Portuguese UTF-8 : Portuguese UTF-8 18 Oct 2013 1,498
Swedish Language Swedish Language : New Swedish translation based on Zen Cart v1.3.9h with the administration included. Nya svenska språkpaketet baserad på Zen Cart v1.3.9h med administrationen inkluderad. Support: 17 May 2013 3,066
hebrew language hebrew language : Shalom everyone, Here is an updated version of Hebrew support for Zen Cart 1.5 and Zen Cart 1.39 The default character set of this version has been set to “windows-1255”. To change the character se ... [more] 2 May 2013 275
Czech Language Pack Czech Language Pack : Czech language pack. 98% translated from English. For using with 1.3.0.x. Without database. Buttons included. Český překlad 98% obchodu vyjma databáze. Včetně tlačítek. Více ... [more] 10 Jul 2012 10,566
polish language pack polish language pack : This is the polish language pack. 23 Jun 2012 3,566
Romanian language pack - Catalog side Romanian language pack - Catalog side : It's almost complete. It just needs little adjusments. Download the file and unzip the content in includeslanguages directory! IMPORTANT NOTES: * the addon's creators felt the need to insert ... [more] 15 Apr 2012 12,242
Italian Language Pack (complete) Italian Language Pack (complete) : This language pack (for v1.3.0.2) is intended for all people who want to install italian language as an additional language for their Zen-Cart Site. Are included all language files for front-end, but ... [more] 3 Apr 2012 17,148
Google Language Selection Google Language Selection : This module can be used as a replacement for "Languages" sidebox. It offers your customers to choose from atleast 25 languages. Especially if your customers are in many countries and if you have setup ... [more] 17 Nov 2011 1,898
Fix Greek UTF-8 Problem Fix Greek UTF-8 Problem : Fix the problem with Greek UTF-8 characters ! Unzip in your /includes/languages/greek directory. 7 Jul 2011 951
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