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Instant Search (like Googles) Instant Search (like Googles) : Just like googles instant search feature Iíve made one for zencart. Instant search is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type.† 30 Jul 2023 2,332
Manufacturers Sort Order Manufacturers Sort Order : This simple mod adds a sort order field to the Admin - Catalog - Manufacturers page and displays the manufacturers in the Manufacturers sidebox according to the order specified. 18 Apr 2023 237
Twitch Left/Right Nav Category Sidebox Select Twitch Left/Right Nav Category Sidebox Select : This module adds a return link to the categories heading text as well an admin switch to choose stock left nav behaviour or updated drill down to selected sub category display only. How it works - ... [more] 11 Nov 2021 33
jQuery Scrolling Sideboxes jQuery Scrolling Sideboxes : This plugin provides three (3) additional sideboxes to your store's configuration: sideboxes/featured_scrolling.php sideboxes/specials_scrolling.php sideboxes/whats_new_scrolling.php ... [more] 13 Jan 2021 769
Links Manager Links Manager : This module creates an easy way for you to add a recriprocal links program to your Zen Store or replace the free non-profit affiliates mod, this mod can only exchange links no currencies. DOES NOT ... [more] 7 May 2020 17,281
Zen Cart Product Tags (and Tag Cloud) Zen Cart Product Tags (and Tag Cloud) : This plugin, like its WordPress equivalent, enables your store to display a "Tag Cloud" sidebox through which your customers can search for your products using their defined "tags". Supported **on ... [more] 1 Jan 2020 157
Five Additional Sidebox Banner Boxes Five Additional Sidebox Banner Boxes : This add-on will create 5 additional SIDEBOX banner boxes in your admin area under Tools>Banner Manager and Configuration>Layout Settings 10 Aug 2018 724
Products Filters Products Filters : Customers find it difficult to navigate through on-line stores with a large selection of items using hierarchical categories. To solve that problem, large stores, such as Amazon and WalMart, rely on p ... [more] 26 Jan 2018 596
Ask a Question (With Sidebox) Ask a Question (With Sidebox) : This mode is an expansion of Scott Wilson (swguy) mod. I have added a side box that will allow customers to click and ask questions about a particular product. The side box will only show up when you ... [more] 27 May 2017 4,995
LivePerson LiveChat + Messaging Integration LivePerson LiveChat + Messaging Integration : LiveEngage by LivePerson is the modern way to talk to visitors whether theyíre on your site via desktop or on their mobile devices. Your customers prefer digital communication like chat, messaging, an ... [more] 26 Oct 2016 197
Banner Manager Controlled Sideboxes Banner Manager Controlled Sideboxes : This allows you to set up as many sideboxes as you want with a given banner group name, and as many banners as you want for each sidebox, displaying them one at a time. They can then be switched on/of ... [more] 17 Feb 2016 205
ZenAwesomeCloud ZenAwesomeCloud : ZenAwesomeCloud modifies ZenTagCloud with jQuery awesomecloud What is an jQuary.awesomecloud? Why it's a tag cloud or weighted list in visual design can be used as a visual depiction of content t ... [more] 24 Jan 2016 134
Dynamic Filter Dynamic Filter : Dynamic Filter will allow your customers to filter the products listed on any product listing page (including All Products, New Products, Featured Products, Specials and Search Results) in your store. ... [more] 4 Aug 2015 6,060
Facebook Page Plugin Sidebox Facebook Page Plugin Sidebox : As of the June 23rd 2015, Facebook will no longer support the 'Facebook Like Box', which has often been used to embed Facebook activity within websites. This contribution provides a sidebox that ma ... [more] 1 Apr 2015 422
Recently Viewed Items Recently Viewed Items : A simple but effective sidebox module that displays recently viewed items. Control of this side box is via the Admin panel as normal. Under Configuration->Maximum Values, you can now set the limit ... [more] 18 Feb 2015 8,039
Add Pages to More Information Sidebox Add Pages to More Information Sidebox : This mod allows the addition of 3 additional pages (5, 6, and 7) in the More Information sidebox. New pages can be turned off and/or edited thru the admin panel. 17 Feb 2015 5,421
Static RSS News Sidebox Static RSS News Sidebox : Creates a sidebox which can display item titles and links from a valid RSS Feed. Works great with the News and Articles Manager. A major benefit of this sidebox compared to using an RSS scrollers side ... [more] 4 Oct 2014 2,697
Random product image side-box slider Random product image side-box slider : Sideslider - This Zen Cart plug-in adds a smooth image slider with random product pictures from your site, to your sidebar. It can be clicked on by customers to showcase products, and add interactivi ... [more] 12 May 2014 435
Scrolling News Sidebox Scrolling News Sidebox : This sidebox is a merger of two sideboxes: the Blank Sidebox by Kuroi, and Bestsellers Scrolling Images by Chaiavi. It gives you the possibility to have a scrolling news sidebox by simply creating an ... [more] 19 Apr 2014 496
Products in a sidebox Products in a sidebox : Generates an alphabetical list of products as links to the product pages - useful for sites with only a handful of products. Would normally use in place of the Categories sidebox. 16 Feb 2014 1,626
Live2Support Live Chat Plugin Live2Support Live Chat Plugin : Live2Support is an advanced features live chat plugin for zen cart to add online chat solution to your Zen cart store. Support your customers and website visitors in real time with Live2Support live c ... [more] 28 Sep 2013 666
Flexible NSF (New, Specials & Featured) Sideboxes Flexible NSF (New, Specials & Featured) Sideboxes : The Flexible NSF (New, Specials & Featured) Side boxes adds a page to your ADMIN configuration where you can choose to or not display: Product Image Product Name Product Description Product Pri ... [more] 27 Aug 2013 206
Ecommerce Seals and Payment Icons Ecommerce Seals and Payment Icons : This plugin adds 2 new sideboxes: ecommerce_seals box payment_icons box Add ecommerce seals and payment icons to your sidebar and you will build trust. This is an easy way to increase your conve ... [more] 12 Aug 2013 625
Recently Viewed Products Sidebox Recently Viewed Products Sidebox : This plugin adds a new sidebox that displays recently viewed products. It uses cookies to store the recently viewed products. The products are displayed from the most recent to the least recent. Th ... [more] 12 Aug 2013 819
artist sidebox and music filter links artist sidebox and music filter links : Modifcation of Record Company sidebox to create an Artist Sidebox. Also includes optional extras to turn Genre, Artist and Record Company names into dynamic music typefilter links on the music prod ... [more] 12 Jun 2013 1,405
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