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Inventory Updator Inventory Updator : A new page to update multiple items inventory quantities based on item category. NO Zen-Cart core files modified. Also allows to easily change items status from from active to inactive (and vice ... [more] 10 Aug 2020 189
Orders in Status Dashboard Widget Orders in Status Dashboard Widget : The Dashboard Status Widget plugin allows you to show orders in a specific status on your dashboard. 2 Aug 2020 105
Email Address Exporter Email Address Exporter : Export email addresses from Zen Cart customer base to HTML, CSV, TXT file format for use in external applications, such as easy importing into Constant Contact or Mailchimp etc. 29 Jul 2020 23,884
Block Email Manager Block Email Manager : Block Email manager is a basic, no frills, manager to place unwanted spammers on a list. Once on the list, they can no longer sign in if they had an account, or create account, or use any of the fo ... [more] 28 Jul 2020 189
codeTrio Sales Summary Graph codeTrio Sales Summary Graph : This plugin puts a sales graph on the landing page of the admin to see sites overall sales ups and downs at a glance. - Very easy to install. - Can select only the orders that has been processe ... [more] 24 Jul 2020 643
Backup MYSQL Plugin Backup MYSQL Plugin : Backup your MySQL database from within Zen and easy. NOTE: uses exec() function calls to run mysqldump and mysql binaries. Sometimes exec() is restricted from use in shared-hosting env ... [more] 19 Jul 2020 35,147
Mod List Mod List : Mod List is a plugin that shows you how your cart has been changed from a default installation, looking at * New admin pages which your mods have created. * New database tables which your mods hav ... [more] 16 Jul 2020 819
Find http References Find http References : As more site-owners are changing to present their storefront using full SSL (https://) protocol, this tool allows the site-owner to quickly find locations (both in .php files and database elements) th ... [more] 9 Jul 2020 133
View Schema View Schema : View Schema allows you to look at the database schema for your cart from within your admin panel (rather than having to open phpMyAdmin or some other tool. 5 Jul 2020 105
Find Duplicate Models Find Duplicate Models : This mod allows you to quickly identify which items in your catalog are using the same model number - an important feature if you are using a plugin like QBI, which requires unique model numbers for e ... [more] 5 Jul 2020 1,040
Changed Files Changed Files : Shows files which have changed in your Zen Cart installation in order of change date. 5 Jul 2020 434
Big Files Big Files : Big Files finds files by size in your Zen Cart installation, so you can track down which files are using up the most disk space. 5 Jul 2020 36
CKEditor Plugin for Zen Cart CKEditor Plugin for Zen Cart : CKEditor is an HTML Editor for your admin. CKEditor is one of the more contemporary browser-based editors, and possesses a sleek look while providing a wide array of functionality including validat ... [more] 17 May 2020 38,739
Copy Shipping Label Copy Shipping Label : Copy Shipping Label copies an order's destination shipping address to your computer's clipboard so that you can paste it into a labelmaker. 1 May 2020 81
Order Total Edit Order Total Edit : Sometimes, you just need to tweak the line items on an order. Whether it's to meet a price commitment you made offline, or because some detail on the order changed, it happens. You can adjust order li ... [more] 4 Apr 2020 237
Missing Images Missing Images : Missing Images finds products whose primary image filename is specified but does not exist on your server. 1 Mar 2020 91
Display Log Files Display Log Files : NOTE: THIS PLUGIN IS NOW OBSOLETE. Since Zen Cart v1.5.7 it is now built-in to your Admin. Go to Admin->Modules->Plugins to enable it. (And if you had this plugin installed before upgrading to v157, ... [more] 23 Jan 2020 1,409
EZ-Pages Meta Tag Fields EZ-Pages Meta Tag Fields : This mod adds 3 additional fields in the EZ-Pages editor to accomodate meta title, keywords and description. It will allow you to update those values without having to manually edit meta_tags.php. If ... [more] 20 Sep 2019 7,299
All Invoices All Invoices : For busy stores you quite often print all the outstanding invoices, pick the orders and then go in to update the status of the orders. This mod allows you to print all invoices for a given status in a ... [more] 12 Sep 2019 3,988
Additional Images Uploader for Zen Cart Additional Images Uploader for Zen Cart : This module allows you to upload additional images from your Zen Cart admin with no core overwrites and no need to change your template files in any way. Ajax interface and product search feature. 12 Sep 2019 601
Clone a Template Clone a Template : This admin tool allows you to easily "clone" an existing template in your store (like the Responsive Classic that's built into Zen Cart 1.5.5 and later), copying all the "source" template's template-o ... [more] 15 Aug 2019 1,055
Export Shipping+Order Information Export Shipping+Order Information : This module enables you to export shipping information in Excel (csv) format for orders placed. What you do with that file is up to you. Some ideas: Drop shipping fulfillment, Analysis of data in E ... [more] 30 Jul 2019 12,928
IP Blocker for Zen Cart v1.5.0+ IP Blocker for Zen Cart v1.5.0+ : This plugin allows your store's admin to identify IP address ranges that are blocked from access to your store. The code for this plugin is based on the like-named plugin for Zen Cart versions 1.3.8/ ... [more] 29 Jul 2019 1,456
Encrypted Master Password Encrypted Master Password : Encrypted Master Password allows the store's administrator to login to any account with their administrator password. NOTE: The functionality provided by this plugin is built in to Zen Cart since v ... [more] 24 Jul 2019 16,001
Admin login as customer Admin login as customer : This module is for logging in and placing an order as a customer. It is extremely handy if you process phone orders as well as internet orders. It allows you to login to your admin interface look up a ... [more] 10 Jul 2019 20,905
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