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Fix Company Fix Company : Fix Company resolves an issue in some versions of Chrome which autofills the Company Name field with the year of birth stored in the cache of a user's browser. If your Zen Cart address book is fill ... [more] 2 Jul 2019 40
Admin Order Weight Admin Order Weight : A simple plugin that will add a line to the admin->orders.php page with the weight of the order in lbs and ozs. There are no database modifications and only 2 files to upload plus a little snippet of ... [more] 25 Jun 2019 37
Sortable Orders Status (for zc156+) Sortable Orders Status (for zc156+) : This plugin updates the earlier (v1.0.0) version to be compatible with Zen Cart 1.5.6 and later. PLEASE NOTE: Review the installation instructions! There are hand-edits required to allow the plugi ... [more] 1 May 2019 33
Products Profit/Margin Calculator + Report Products Profit/Margin Calculator + Report : This contribution is a combination of the following: Profit Margin Calculator v1.12 by Farrukh Products Profit and Cost Report v1 by Farrukh Basically, all I did was combine the two contributio ... [more] 1 May 2019 8,946
Digital Product Upgrade Digital Product Upgrade : Zen Cart Digital Product Upgrade is a mod that allows you to permit people to re-purchase downloadable products at a fixed price. It's very useful for creatives who are refreshing their digital conten ... [more] 17 Apr 2019 172
Bidorbuy Store Integrator Bidorbuy Store Integrator : Expose your products to the bidorbuy audience - one of the largest audiences of online shoppers in South Africa. The bidorbuy Store Integrator allows you to get products from your online store listed ... [more] 29 Mar 2019 249
Total Orders by Customer Total Orders by Customer : This is not really a module or addon per say, instead just a bit of code to show the number of orders by a customer, including the one you are viewing from the admin orders view. 22 Mar 2019 434
Backup MySQL Auto Backup MySQL Auto : Script to create a database backup automatically via a cron job. 5 Mar 2019 115
CSV Stock Update CSV Stock Update : CSV Stock Update allows you to update the products_quantity field for your products using a CSV. 10 Jan 2019 275
Quick Status Update Quick Status Update : This module allows you to quickly update the status of an order order simply by selecting it in the orders screen (Admin-Customers-Orders). It creates a new dropdown list under the existing buttons; c ... [more] 17 Dec 2018 2,420
Product Cost Display Product Cost Display : This Mod allows you to show your product cost (the cost to you from your vendor) on the product page in the admin area. This mod only displays in the admin area and does not display on the catalog. Th ... [more] 13 Dec 2018 1,505
Missing Images Checker Missing Images Checker : This script will run through your ZenCart database, provided by you in the connection information of the script, and then retrieve all images from products table of ZenCart. Then, the script will run ... [more] 7 Dec 2018 761
Quick Updates Quick Updates : Allows rapid updating of product prices and stock levels. 24 Nov 2018 18,651
Twitch Fast Quantity Updates Twitch Fast Quantity Updates : With the flip of a switch you can now update product quantity on the category/product listing page in admin! - Quickly edit stock quantities using the stock Zen Cart javascript/layout - Toggle Swi ... [more] 29 Oct 2018 41
Zen Cart 360 Sales Reporting Zen Cart 360 Sales Reporting : Zen Cart Sales 360 Sales Reporting allows you to include payments made outside of the Zen cart environment in your Sales Reporting, and consolidate payments from one company made under different email ... [more] 21 Oct 2018 51
Zen Cart to Salesforce Zen Cart to Salesforce : An integration which demonstrates how to add customers (and, optionally, products and prices) to Salesforce from Zen Cart. 21 Oct 2018 24
Customer Uploaded Files - List and Download Customer Uploaded Files - List and Download : Lists all files that customers have uploaded in association with orders. Show the order number, customer's name, and the file name they assigned. Provides a single-click secure download for such files ... [more] 16 Oct 2018 2,895
Apsona Shop Admin Files Only Apsona Shop Admin Files Only : This is a compilation of the Apsona Shop Admin files for 1.5.3 and 1.5.4. You have to register to be able to use these files. This has the SSl corrections and the updated functions file and instruct ... [more] 12 Sep 2018 302
Editor - TinyMCE Plugin Editor - TinyMCE Plugin : TinyMCE Editor Plugin for Zen Cart TinyMCE is one of the more popular web-based HTML editing tools available. Installing this plugin lets you use rich-text HTML markup when entering product descri ... [more] 5 Sep 2018 21,399
CSV Model Update CSV Model Update : CSV Model Update allows you to update the products_model field for the products in your store from a CSV file. This can be important when interfacing with some external systems (such as QBI/Webgility) ... [more] 1 Sep 2018 49
Show Customer Time Show Customer Time : Show Customer Time displays the current time at your customer's primary address. This way you can be sure not to call them when it's too late or too early. 1 Jun 2018 77
QuickBooks Sync Web Service QuickBooks Sync Web Service : This Creates a Quickbooks Web Service with the ability to add new customers, orders (as Sales Receipts) and Products to Quickbooks via the Quickbooks Web Connector. 30 Apr 2018 4,730
Twitch Additional Product Images Admin for Mobile/ Twitch Additional Product Images Admin for Mobile/ : This brand new module will allow you to upload up to 8 additional product images using your mobile/tablet or desktop directly from the product page. Just log into your admin, create a new product or s ... [more] 12 Feb 2018 108
Collect Info Through Tabs In New Style (CITTINS) Collect Info Through Tabs In New Style (CITTINS) : The current collect info page can be quite long, especially when having multiple languages, , and is not very user friendly. Therefore I started searching for a better solution. After looking at ma ... [more] 5 Feb 2018 114
Quickbooks Import QBI Quickbooks Import QBI : QBI lets you import your Zen Cart orders, products, and customers directly into Quickbooks. Features like product mapping, automatic recognition of shipping methods, and support for sales tax, discoun ... [more] 18 Jan 2018 18,728
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