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Add Customers from Admin Add Customers from Admin : Allows admin to manually add a customer to the database and optionally send them a welcome e-mail which includes their password. Bulk Upload your mailing list / customers to your Zen Cart by creating ... [more] 2 Aug 2012 26,692
Add Customers from Admin (v1.5.0+) Add Customers from Admin (v1.5.0+) : This plugin is based on v1.08 of the Add Customers from Admin add-on developed for the 1.3.x versions of Zen CartŪ, but this version (v2.0.0 and later) has been modified for Zen Cart v1.5.0 and later ... [more] 30 Apr 2021 4,405
Add Manufacturer Admin Column Add Manufacturer Admin Column : This module - file edits simply add the manufacturers name in several place in the admin to assist stores with multiple vendors in more quickly identifying the inventory locations. Optional addition ... [more] 7 Jun 2013 290
Add Photo To Profile Add Photo To Profile : This Plugin consists of 2 parts. Part 1 (Admin side): Adds a Photo option to each User (Customer) account, only visible to the Admin at the backend. Admin can go through accounts and Add/View/Updat ... [more] 4 Sep 2015 126
Add Products to Categories by Keywords Add Products to Categories by Keywords : Add multiple products to categories by selecting products using keywords found in the title and description of the product. 12 Oct 2009 3,232
Additional Images Uploader for Zen Cart Additional Images Uploader for Zen Cart : This module allows you to upload additional images from your Zen Cart admin with no core overwrites and no need to change your template files in any way. Ajax interface and product search feature. 12 Sep 2019 601
Admin Blue Styles Admin Blue Styles : This add-on changes the colours of the zencart admin console from the standard GREEN, to shades of BLUE. It achieves this simply by REPLACING the core admin CSS files, with a new set that alter the HE ... [more] 26 Jan 2011 1,799
Admin Category/Product Images Admin Category/Product Images : This tool allows you to see your category and product images in the catalog table. It is a great tool for quickly verifying that all your product images have been uploaded or upload with the correct p ... [more] 5 Dec 2008 8,080
Admin Default Language Admin Default Language : You've got a multilingual Zen Cart and you'd like the default language in your admin panel to be different than the default language used for your store. One core-file change. 17 Jul 2014 136
Admin Display Product/Catalog Thumbnails Admin Display Product/Catalog Thumbnails : This module will display category images and product images in the category/product listing. If no image exists the default no_picture.gif will display. 20 Jun 2021 3,258
Admin interface for Additional Product Images Admin interface for Additional Product Images : This Contribute will allow admin to easily upload additional images for products, rather than uploading them through ftp program. 7 Oct 2008 9,085
Admin Keepalive Timer Admin Keepalive Timer : ALERT: THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER NEEDED because a newer version of it is built-in to the latest releases of Zen Cart Original description: Since v1.5.0 was released with stronger security against u ... [more] 3 May 2013 2,625
Admin Logger Admin Logger : Admin Logger allows you to monitor IP address's accessing the Admin Panel and the Header Request being made by that Individual. Easy to install and use from the admin panel. Block unauthorized access ... [more] 4 Mar 2010 1,257
Admin login as customer Admin login as customer : This module is for logging in and placing an order as a customer. It is extremely handy if you process phone orders as well as internet orders. It allows you to login to your admin interface look up a ... [more] 10 Jul 2019 20,905
Admin Master Link Icon Admin Master Link Icon : This mod affects the admin only. It changes the yellow "linked product" icon to an orange "master linked product" icon when the linked product it refers to is in the product's master category. It oper ... [more] 19 Oct 2012 201
Admin New Customer Admin New Customer : This plugin adds the ability for administrative users to add new customers to Zen Cart from the administrative interface. The interface blends into the existing customer management page with the addit ... [more] 13 Jul 2013 1,784
Admin New Order Admin New Order : This plugin adds the ability for administrative users to add new orders to Zen Cart from the administrative interface. The interface blends into the existing customer management page with the addition ... [more] 15 Jul 2013 2,797
Admin New Order Audio Alert Admin New Order Audio Alert : This module makes it easy to listen for new orders. Once installed, a selected MP3 will play every time there is a new order. Choose one of the included MP3s or add your own. 11 May 2016 168
Admin Notes Admin Notes : Allows you to have private notes on the admin. Thanx to Dr Byte and remember to backup FIRST this doestouch core files in the admin. If you have other mods installed you will hav ... [more] 10 Aug 2007 3,284
Admin notes advanced Admin notes advanced : Features/advantages: - Create, edit and delete admin notes. - Easy installation (no need to edit files and no existing database tables are changed). - Active Notes: the Zen Cart notifier syst ... [more] 27 Jun 2017 5,281
Admin Order Weight Admin Order Weight : A simple plugin that will add a line to the admin->orders.php page with the weight of the order in lbs and ozs. There are no database modifications and only 2 files to upload plus a little snippet of ... [more] 25 Jun 2019 37
Admin Page Keys -- for developer use only Admin Page Keys -- for developer use only : With so many new mods and updated mods being added everyday without installation consistency, this will make it easy to find the information need to ADD your mods admin page via the ADMIN > ADMIN ACCE ... [more] 6 Aug 2013 513
Admin Pages Control Admin Pages Control : This plugin allows you to modify the Admin Pages and Menus. Including Name, Sort Order, and Placement. Admin pages can be easily removed without having to run SQL patches manually giving the administ ... [more] 13 Jun 2014 409
Admin Password Change Display Admin Password Change Display : This add-on displays text within your admin page's header to let the signed-on admin know when his/her password was last changed, giving them some amount of implicit warning as to the need to change t ... [more] 24 Dec 2015 765
Admin Profiles Admin Profiles : Admin Profiles is a user access control system for the Admin part of your site, allowing you to turn menus on and off and grant or disable access to specific Admin functions for each user. There is a ... [more] 28 Dec 2010 30,154
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