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Easy Populate CSV Easy Populate CSV : This is an update to langers version since it hadn't been in a while. - added Metatag support for products. - doesn't use langer's proprietary file; now uses native php csv support. - if you're ... [more] 19 Aug 2016 58,485
Super Orders Super Orders : Super Orders is exactly what its name implies: Zen Cart order management on steroids. It's more in all the areas I always see Zen users asking for more: more navigation options, more order contro ... [more] 18 Apr 2014 42,859
CKEditor Plugin for Zen Cart CKEditor Plugin for Zen Cart : CKEditor is an HTML Editor for your admin. CKEditor is one of the more contemporary browser-based editors, and possesses a sleek look while providing a wide array of functionality including validat ... [more] 17 May 2020 38,738
Backup MYSQL Plugin Backup MYSQL Plugin : Backup your MySQL database from within Zen and easy. NOTE: uses exec() function calls to run mysqldump and mysql binaries. Sometimes exec() is restricted from use in shared-hosting env ... [more] 19 Jul 2020 35,147
Sales Report Sales Report : Generate sales reports by date range and more. Easy plugin to Admin The Sales Report is designed to offer professional-level accounting data for businesses who use Zen Cart heavily, with multiple di ... [more] 29 Jan 2021 30,941
Admin Profiles Admin Profiles : Admin Profiles is a user access control system for the Admin part of your site, allowing you to turn menus on and off and grant or disable access to specific Admin functions for each user. There is a ... [more] 28 Dec 2010 30,154
Add Customers from Admin Add Customers from Admin : Allows admin to manually add a customer to the database and optionally send them a welcome e-mail which includes their password. Bulk Upload your mailing list / customers to your Zen Cart by creating ... [more] 2 Aug 2012 26,692
Easy Populate 2009 - from langer / modhole Easy Populate 2009 - from langer / modhole : Easy Populate allows you to add/update products from a tab delimited text file, which can be edited in M$ Excel, or better still (because you will overload Excel..) OpenOffice. Up to and including v2. ... [more] 8 Sep 2009 24,787
Email Address Exporter Email Address Exporter : Export email addresses from Zen Cart customer base to HTML, CSV, TXT file format for use in external applications, such as easy importing into Constant Contact or Mailchimp etc. 29 Jul 2020 23,884
Edit Orders for Zen Cart 1.3.8 Edit Orders for Zen Cart 1.3.8 : Gives the admin the ability to modify order details. Please note that this is the old version of Edit Orders; the new version is here: 1 Aug 2008 23,122
Improved Attributes Controller Improved Attributes Controller : This module changes the way the dropdown select fields work on the Attributes Controller Page. The content of the second dropdown (option values) is now dependant upon the content of the first dropdow ... [more] 23 Feb 2009 21,798
Editor - TinyMCE Plugin Editor - TinyMCE Plugin : TinyMCE Editor Plugin for Zen Cart TinyMCE is one of the more popular web-based HTML editing tools available. Installing this plugin lets you use rich-text HTML markup when entering product descri ... [more] 5 Sep 2018 21,397
Admin login as customer Admin login as customer : This module is for logging in and placing an order as a customer. It is extremely handy if you process phone orders as well as internet orders. It allows you to login to your admin interface look up a ... [more] 10 Jul 2019 20,904
Recover Cart Sales Recover Cart Sales : Allows viewing of abandoned carts by registered customers and gives you the chance to follow up and perhaps complete the sale. 23 Jul 2017 19,872
Quickbooks Import QBI Quickbooks Import QBI : QBI lets you import your Zen Cart orders, products, and customers directly into Quickbooks. Features like product mapping, automatic recognition of shipping methods, and support for sales tax, discoun ... [more] 18 Jan 2018 18,726
Quick Updates Quick Updates : Allows rapid updating of product prices and stock levels. 24 Nov 2018 18,651
Email Archive Manager Email Archive Manager : Zen Cart has a great email archiving feature. When enabled, every email sent through your cart is stored in a database table. This is the admin utility to look up emails in this table. Until n ... [more] 20 Sep 2020 16,772
Easy Populate 2008 From osc Easy Populate 2008 From osc : Version: EP_v2_76d_ZEN_MOD2 for ZC 1.3.x Transformed from OSC-Contribution EP_v2.76d and modified by rpa-com Highlights: Custom File Builder, On-The-Fly-Downloads ------------------------------ ... [more] 9 Nov 2008 16,643
User Tracking User Tracking : This module tracks your visitors hits on your sitepages and displays pages visited and searches done by users, lists the result in admin, sorted by user-sessions. Compatible with Zen Cart v1.2.6 thru ... [more] 14 Jan 2021 16,467
Encrypted Master Password Encrypted Master Password : Encrypted Master Password allows the store's administrator to login to any account with their administrator password. NOTE: The functionality provided by this plugin is built in to Zen Cart since v ... [more] 24 Jul 2019 16,001
PDF Order Center PDF Order Center : What Is PDF Order Center? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- PDF Order Center is an alternative to the default ZC order processing setup in Admin::Customer::Orders for people who want to print PDF instead ... [more] 28 Jun 2009 14,050
SMS On Sale SMS On Sale : This mod will send a text message to your cell phone when you get an order. The message will contain the name of the person who sent the order and the amount of the order. 7 Dec 2010 13,064
Export Shipping+Order Information Export Shipping+Order Information : This module enables you to export shipping information in Excel (csv) format for orders placed. What you do with that file is up to you. Some ideas: Drop shipping fulfillment, Analysis of data in E ... [more] 30 Jul 2019 12,928
Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x Edit Orders v4.x for Zen Cart 1.5.x : Edit Orders is an admin module that allows store owners to edit a customer's order. The following edit options are available: - Change the customer, billing or shipping information on an order - Ad ... [more] 16 Jun 2021 12,666
Monthly Sales and Tax Summary Report Monthly Sales and Tax Summary Report : This report displays a summary of monthly or daily totals: gross income (order totals) subtotals of all orders in the selected period nontaxed sales subtotals taxed sales subtotals tax colle ... [more] 4 Dec 2016 12,234
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