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MAP Pricing ( m.a.p ) : Add to Cart to See Price MAP Pricing ( m.a.p ) : Add to Cart to See Price : MAP Pricing = Manufacturer's Advertised Price. It is used when you want to sell something for a price that is lower than what you are able to advertise on your website. The price will only display in ... [more] 30 May 2024 7,890
Newsletter Discount Newsletter Discount : Allows you to offer a percentage discount to all newsletter subscribers. Works with the native Zen Cart newsletter mechanism and with MailChimp if you are using them for your newsletter. 12 May 2023 5,452
Quantity Discounts Quantity Discounts : This mod allows you to set up to five quantity discounts on a per item, per category or total item basis. Discounts may be expressed in dollars or percentages. A link is provided on the checkout page ... [more] 19 Sep 2022 34,751
Twitch Base Cost Twitch Base Cost : Installs into: Admin Description: This module adds a base_cost input for each product. Very simple, a starting point for pricing. 1 Aug 2021 413
Twitch List Price Twitch List Price : Installs into: Admin, Live Site Description: This module adds a list_price input for each product in orders, invoices, product info and order history. updated zip file included - admin folder name ... [more] 19 Jul 2021 538
Dual Pricing - Wholesale Pricing Dual Pricing - Wholesale Pricing : This module replaces group pricing and adds an additional price field to the product as well as allows you to assign "Wholesale" Status to users. Users with Wholesale Status will see the wholesale pri ... [more] 12 May 2020 38,061
Shopping Cart Original Price Shopping Cart Original Price : This is a simple tweek that shows the original item price on the shopping cart page for items that have been discounted. 20 Feb 2019 4,960
Twitch Wholesale with Twitch Wholesale Attributes Twitch Wholesale with Twitch Wholesale Attributes : Twitch Wholesale with Twitch Wholesale Attributes This module will provide you with: - guest/retail/wholesale login and independent landing/index pages for each - wholesale filters for product pr ... [more] 19 Nov 2018 1,162
Group Pricing Unlimited Group Pricing Unlimited : This module is a re-write of the Group Price Per Item Module. It allows 2 distinct abilities for showing the discounted price per product. Either on the product pages (shopping cart and category listi ... [more] 4 Sep 2018 329
MSRP Display MSRP Display : This mod will show the MSRP Price (RRP or Retail Price) and the amount and percent savings on each of your items. eg, MSRP: $100.00 (with strikethrough) Our Price: $75.00 You Save: 25% ($25.00) ... [more] 2 Aug 2018 8,382
Group Pricing (per Item) Group Pricing (per Item) : This patch modifies Zen Cart so that you can specify 4 groups named "Group A", "Group B", "Group C" and "Group D". These groups, once added in Customers-_Group Pricing, will add additional price entri ... [more] 1 Aug 2017 17,682
Simple Buy One Get One Simple Buy One Get One : Get creative with your sales by offering your customers the opportunity to Buy One Get One Free! This order total module can be configured to offer many other sale types, such as: -Buy Two Get O ... [more] 19 Nov 2015 1,362
Shopping Cart-Price Broken Down Shopping Cart-Price Broken Down : When you add a product with some attributes to the shopping cart - it only shows a TOTAL price with the attributes included in it. This plugin will break that price down accordingly and will show you ... [more] 18 Aug 2015 238
Twitch TURN OFF SaleMaker & Specials & Coupons Twitch TURN OFF SaleMaker & Specials & Coupons : Twitch TURN OFF SaleMaker, Specials & Discount Coupons for Wholesale Customers for ZenCart v1.51 - Version 13a December 21.2013 This module will make the following ZenCart default modules unavail ... [more] 26 Dec 2013 165
Twitch SaleMaker & Specials for Attributes Twitch SaleMaker & Specials for Attributes : Twitch SaleMaker & Specials for Attributes for ZenCart v1.51 Version 13a December 21.2013 Description: - This module will display SaleMaker & Specials pricing for attributes on the product info ... [more] 23 Dec 2013 302
Ceon Tax Declaration Ceon Tax Declaration : The Ceon Tax Declaration module lets a store owner mark particular products as able to be exempt from tax if the customer signs a tax declaration upon checkout. It allows the store to fully comply ... [more] 13 Jun 2011 278
Super California Sales Tax Super California Sales Tax : **Includes the April 1, 2011 sales tax changes to 13 cities. The required files in this add-on apply sales tax according to the billing city and on the invoices/order details, the tax is labeled a ... [more] 8 May 2011 458
Online Group Pricing Online Group Pricing : This update is necessary if you want group pricing online instead of at the end of order process - for more information read the readme.txt 2 May 2011 8,048
Display Different Currencies Display Different Currencies : Instructions on changing some files to allow you to disply the price in different currencies all the time, based on the rates used in the exisiting currencies database. I.e. store works in GBP, but m ... [more] 14 Feb 2010 4,536
Military Discount Military Discount : Provides a discount when shipping to APO/FPO addresses. 13 Nov 2008 2,680
Print Specials Print Specials : This module dynamically generates a printable page that includes all of the specials in the Zen Cart store by Category. 15 Oct 2008 1,637
site wide, category & product mark up site wide, category & product mark up : This is a very cool mod! It allows you to have a site wide percentage or specific $ amount mark up, category mark up and product specific mark ups all at the same time!! it will be located under the c ... [more] 8 Jul 2008 4,413
Price Sensitive Discount Price Sensitive Discount : Price Sensitive Discount GERMAN/ENGLISH Based on OSC Contrib Price Sensitive Discount Tested on Zen-Cart 1.3.5 This Contrib gives your customers a variable discount based on the order SUBTOTAL. ... [more] 17 Oct 2006 4,503
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