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French Language Pack for ZC v2+ French Language Pack for ZC v2+ : This is a new French language pack for Zen Cart v2.0.1 and above. It includes languages files for catalog, admin, plugin (Display logs) and installer. There are no modification of ZC core files wh ... [more] 12 Jun 2024 11
Japanese language pack Japanese language pack : Please note this plugin is designed for array based language files (1.5.8 and above). This language pack includes not only Japanese language files but although core files and database modifications ... [more] 25 May 2024 491
Spanish Language Pack Spanish Language Pack : A complete Spanish translation. Due to the large fileset, and continual minor improvements, this plugin download is only a snapshot and is NOT updated regularly here: please use the relevant version ... [more] 7 Aug 2023 25,210
Dutch Language for 1.5.8+ Dutch Language for 1.5.8+ : 30 Jul 2023 123
Finnish Language pack Finnish Language pack : The long forgotten Finnish language pack is back! 19 Jan 2022 10,472
German Language Pack German Language Pack : admin and customerinterface == multilingual ez-pages == multilingual install == multilingual -------------------------------------------------- includes:: # ajax-driven attrib-selector # admin/ ... [more] 21 May 2021 34,672
Dutch language pack V1.57c Dutch language pack V1.57c : Some of the characters used in English cause problems with 1 to 1 translation into Dutch, therefore the version 002 7 May 2021 134
Hebrew UTF-8  Language Pack Hebrew UTF-8 Language Pack : Hebrew language UTF-8 release: storefront and admin. This version has been tested with v1.5.7b on Admin and Storefront. 8 Jan 2021 89
Indonesian Language Pack Indonesian Language Pack : Language Pack Bahasa Indonesia Lengkap Untuk Admin dan Storefront Pada Admin Panel, Pada Menu Configuration, tidak dapat di terjemahkan dengan Language Pack ini, Namun bisa dilakukan dengan To ... [more] 4 Jul 2020 257
Finnish Language pack Finnish Language pack : I check is working Finnish pack 24 Jul 2019 149
Japanese Language Pack Japanese Language Pack : A Japanese translation pack based upon v1.5.1 that has been successfully tested with v1.5.5. To enable after uploading contents, login to admin and select Localization > Languages ... [more] 21 Feb 2018 634
Norwegian Language Pack Norwegian Language Pack : Norwegian language pack (admin, catalog and buttons). This pack is maintained at, where you can find the latest packs and hopefully soon also an updat ... [more] 27 Dec 2017 11,816
Bulgarian Language Pack Bulgarian Language Pack : Bulgarian language pack 14 Mar 2017 10,349
Russian Language Pack (complete) Russian Language Pack (complete) : Included all language files for front-end, buttons, language files for back-end, email temlate, countries, zones and other. 14 May 2016 5,932
Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack : -- by -- Zen Cart Chinese community 8 Jan 2015 20,488
Hebrew UTF-8 for store admin Hebrew UTF-8 for store admin : This is the initial release for the ADMIN section supporting bidirectional languages capabilities for stores requiring both, RTL/LTR Included in this release are versions of Cascading Style Shee ... [more] 28 Dec 2014 209
Hebrew Support UTF-8 Hebrew Support UTF-8 : The purpose of this mod is to provide a defacto Hebrew Language Pack to work with Zen Cart Version 1.5.x. This version is also compatible with 1.3.9 This pack only contains the utf-8 version, and its ... [more] 26 Oct 2013 388
Portuguese UTF-8 Portuguese UTF-8 : Portuguese UTF-8 18 Oct 2013 1,514
Swedish Language Swedish Language : New Swedish translation based on Zen Cart v1.3.9h with the administration included. Nya svenska språkpaketet baserad på Zen Cart v1.3.9h med administrationen inkluderad. Support: 17 May 2013 3,117
hebrew language hebrew language : Shalom everyone, Here is an updated version of Hebrew support for Zen Cart 1.5 and Zen Cart 1.39 The default character set of this version has been set to “windows-1255”. To change the character se ... [more] 2 May 2013 281
Czech Language Pack Czech Language Pack : Czech language pack. 98% translated from English. For using with 1.3.0.x. Without database. Buttons included. Český překlad 98% obchodu vyjma databáze. Včetně tlačítek. Více ... [more] 10 Jul 2012 10,632
polish language pack polish language pack : This is the polish language pack. 23 Jun 2012 3,591
Romanian language pack - Catalog side Romanian language pack - Catalog side : It's almost complete. It just needs little adjusments. Download the file and unzip the content in includeslanguages directory! IMPORTANT NOTES: * the addon's creators felt the need to insert ... [more] 15 Apr 2012 12,268
Italian Language Pack (complete) Italian Language Pack (complete) : This language pack (for v1.3.0.2) is intended for all people who want to install italian language as an additional language for their Zen-Cart Site. Are included all language files for front-end, but ... [more] 3 Apr 2012 17,202
Google Language Selection Google Language Selection : This module can be used as a replacement for "Languages" sidebox. It offers your customers to choose from atleast 25 languages. Especially if your customers are in many countries and if you have setup ... [more] 17 Nov 2011 1,910
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