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Google Product Search Feed II Google Product Search Feed II : This plugin is based on the 2012-era "Google Merchant Center Feeder" Zen Cart plugin, provided by @numinix. GPSF-2 provides an admin (and a cron) tool through which your site's products can be coll ... [more] 6 Apr 2024 93
GA-4 Analytics GA-4 Analytics : This plugin provides GA4 analytics for Zen Cart stores (1.5.6b through 2.0.0, currently), based on the EC Analytics plugin provided by RodG and webchills. 5 Apr 2024 418
One-Page Checkout  (One Page Checkout) One-Page Checkout (One Page Checkout) : This plugin reduces your store's checkout process (after account-creation) to a single shipping/payment/confirmation page. It's designed to run on Zen Cart versions 1.5.7a, 1.5.8 and 2.0.0 and has ... [more] 4 Apr 2024 10,580
Payment Fee Surcharge or Discount Payment Fee Surcharge or Discount : This module allows Zen Cart stores to add a fee or discount to an order based on the payment module selection. Since certain payment methods add fees to the seller, you can charge similar fees to t ... [more] 31 Mar 2024 957
Accessibility Stylesheet Loader Accessibility Stylesheet Loader : Allows you to optionally load a stylesheet to fix accessibility errors. 6 Mar 2024 13
VAT for EU Countries (VAT4EU) VAT for EU Countries (VAT4EU) : This plugin, a rewrite of the "VAT for European Companies" mod (https://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=15) supports Zen Cart 1.5.5a and later. The plugin has been designed to use the Zen C ... [more] 6 Mar 2024 638
Accessibility Page Accessibility Page : A place for your store's accessibility statement. Note that this feature is built-in to Zen Cart 2.0.0 and higher. 2 Mar 2024 14
Postcode auto fill Part 1 Postcode auto fill Part 1 : Postcode auto fill is a plugin that autofill state, city and if available street address fields in a form when you enter postal/zip code. An ajax request and JavaScript make this possible on the fly w ... [more] 2 Mar 2024 128
MultiSite Module MultiSite Module : Manage multiple sites from a single Zen-cart Install of Zencart. - Choose a specific template for each sites - override the configuration for specific sites - Make categories specific to one or mor ... [more] 29 Feb 2024 13,942
Product Handling Fees Product Handling Fees : This module allows administrators to create handling fee groups and then assign products to these groups. Admins have the option of limiting the handling fee to provincial, national, or international ... [more] 1 Feb 2024 322
Reset Password URL Reset Password URL : Replaces the default temporary password created by the Password Forgotten page with a clickable URL for setting a new password. This plugin improves Zen Cart usability as it decreases the chance of h ... [more] 1 Feb 2024 308
Fast and Easy Checkout for Zen Cart Fast and Easy Checkout for Zen Cart : Combines the payment and shipping checkout pages into one page for a shortened checkout process. MODERATOR NOTE: Consider using OPC-One-Page-Checkout instead, as it is largely a drop-in plugin with ... [more] 1 Feb 2024 42,005
Olark Live Chat Widget Olark Live Chat Widget : Increase your conversion rates by keeping in contact with your customers with this lightweight, feature rich live chat widget by Olark. The Olark Chat Widget works on all pages (SSL and non-SSL) an ... [more] 31 Jan 2024 873
Soundex Search Soundex Search : This plugin adds the ability to match similar sounding words when performing a Product Search from the Zen Cart header. For example, if you have a product called "Wonderfudge" but people sometimes ac ... [more] 21 Dec 2023 35
Access Blocker (a pseudo-recaptcha) Access Blocker (a pseudo-recaptcha) : This drop-in plugin provides your store with admin-level controls to block (or limit) actions provided by the contact_us, create_account and login pages. If access is blocked via admin-level configura ... [more] 13 Nov 2023 675
Language/Currency Links in Header Language/Currency Links in Header : This module allows you to display the language icons (flags) and currency symbols as links in the navigation section of your header. Header display can be turned on/off from Admin. 28 Oct 2023 7,501
ZX Slideshow ZX Slideshow : This slideshow module is based on the popular Nivo Slider which allows you to create your own slideshow on the main page. It uses jQuery and is completely controlled from the admin - this means no mor ... [more] 2 Sep 2023 8,815
Zen Cart Database Conversion Tool Zen Cart Database Conversion Tool : This tool is based on v4.1 of convert_db2utf8.php authored by Andrew Berezin and r1.2 of utf8mb4-conversion.php authored by DrByte, essentially combining those two plugins' processing (https://www.zen ... [more] 16 Aug 2023 144
Postcode Auto Fill Part 2 Postcode Auto Fill Part 2 : This is not really a new plugin but only part two of Postcode Auto Fill as plugin system has size limitation. This release only contain extra data on postal codes and cities for these countries: U ... [more] 9 Aug 2023 57
Typesense Typesense : This plugin is an add-on for the Instant Search plugin and allows to use Typesense as a search engine (in place of MySQL). - Faster searches and more accurate results than MySQL, including typo tol ... [more] 30 Jul 2023 67
Image Handler 5 (Zen Cart 1.5.7+) Image Handler 5 (Zen Cart 1.5.7+) : This version of Image Handler supports Zen Cart versions 1.5.7 and later and has been tested with PHP versions up to 8.1. The installation has changed to a more "drop-in" mode with no automatic remov ... [more] 2 Jul 2023 4,621
Keep Cart Keep Cart : Keep Cart stores a copy of the contents of the visitor's cart in a cookie. The contents of the cart is automatically reloaded when the visitor comes back to your store or if their session expires an ... [more] 27 Jun 2023 1,786
AbuseIPDB AbuseIPDB : This module is an AbuseIPDB integration for Zen Cart, designed to help protect your e-commerce website from abusive IP addresses. It checks the confidence score of a visitor's IP address using the Abu ... [more] 12 Jun 2023 111
Reviews - Updated Reviews - Updated : This plugin provides updates to the standard Zen Cart processing of reviews for your products: * Reviews can be written by guests, controlled by an admin configuration value. * For customer privacy, ... [more] 30 Apr 2023 1,889
Customer Tax Exempt Customer Tax Exempt : This is the old version for pre-1.5.6 stores. Stores using 1.5.6 or above should use Customer Tax Exempt V2: https://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=2259 This addon was created for use ... [more] 4 Apr 2023 5,115
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