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Header Look Mod Header Look Mod : ~SAMPLE~ REAL SITE www.4saleless.com includes/your temp./common folder NOTE NO COMMON FOLDER MAKE ONE PAST IT easy guys no overwritting nothing just a mod.Fixs links in header bare with clean c ... [more] 4 Nov 2006 4,139
Designer Monthly Boxes Designer Monthly Boxes : This contrib adds a few options to Monthly New Products, Monthly Featured Products, and Monthly Specials boxes only: -- Add to cart OR more info (if options exist for that product) has been added ... [more] 2 Jan 2007 9,383
Header Dropdown Menu (CSS) Header Dropdown Menu (CSS) : This mod will add a dropdown menu in your header. 12 Feb 2007 13,745
Product Info Display (centered) Product Info Display (centered) : This contribution centers the information on the product info display page as follows: Product Name Product Image Product Description Additional Images Product Attributes Add to Cart NOTE: T ... [more] 18 Feb 2007 6,372
Alternative Header Alternative Header : This is a simple template that changes the order of the compontents in your header. Instead of the home and log in bar being at the top, where it may possibly be missed or scrolled past very quickly ... [more] 24 Dec 2007 25,323
AJAX Banner Swapper AJAX Banner Swapper : A module to make your site able to swap its banners, with full compatibility to Zen-Cart banner reporting system. I got the idea from this site: http://www.atlassian.com.au/ See it in action here: ... [more] 31 Dec 2007 4,737
UK Postcode Lookup UK Postcode Lookup : Easily Add postcode lookup to your Zen Cart, this module uses www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk, full instructions provided. Discuss this add on at http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=86455 23 Jan 2008 2,095
Manufacturers All page Manufacturers All page : Manufacturers all is a simple additional page that displays all of the manufacturers defined in your Zen Cart. It comes complete with Admin config for some of the most useful options. The display is ... [more] 13 Feb 2008 2,370
TabbedProducts-LITE TabbedProducts-LITE : What is TabbedProducts-LITE? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- TabbedProducts-LITE is a contrib that allows you to change the look of your product info screen to use a tabbed display using DHTML for a pro ... [more] 15 Feb 2008 18,600
Column Divider Pro (CDP) Column Divider Pro (CDP) : This is successor to the Column Divider "LITE" version. The contrib will make a divider line between products for ALL pages that use the tpl_columnar_display. It is quite simple to use. Just add th ... [more] 6 Mar 2008 7,326
Column Divider Lite Column Divider Lite : This is a spin-off of the divider line I used in the Designer Monthly Boxes. Instead of limiting the divider to only the monthly specials, new products, and featured products, this contrib will make a ... [more] 7 Mar 2008 5,223
Fixed Navigation Fixed Navigation : A very cool module to display a fixed navigation on your site. You can see an example on www.webextremecustomiser.com I put this very same module on the left part of the screen. Can be configured to b ... [more] 20 Apr 2008 2,495
Simple Removal of Add to Cart Quantity Box Simple Removal of Add to Cart Quantity Box : This is a very simple mod that covers up the add to cart quantities without removing any vital Zen Cart functions. Basically it removes the text, line breaks and hides the quantity box. Extremely simp ... [more] 3 Jul 2008 1,339
Main Image Replacer Main Image Replacer : Main Image Replacer is a simple override that will check your product description for an override command and will use the specified data/image to replace the main image. If there is no override, it w ... [more] 10 Jul 2008 1,698
Additional images relocated with CSS Additional images relocated with CSS : This contribution relocates additional images below the product main image using CSS, the latest version of Zen Cart files and is XHTML-compliant. Explanations make it very easy to customize the look ... [more] 11 Jul 2008 10,063
Category & EZ Pages same menu Category & EZ Pages same menu : I needed to combine the category menu with the ez pages menu and I finally got it to work so I wanted to share it with others as this would have saved me some time. First you need to comment everythin ... [more] 3 Oct 2008 1,586
A series of Black buttons, only for English versio A series of Black buttons, only for English versio : First, sorry for my poor English. I designed a series of black buttons for my company, and I want to share them to you all. This is a Pic of my buttons. http://hiphotos.baidu.com/omys/pic/item/d309 ... [more] 6 Nov 2008 2,680
Product Info (Across) Product Info (Across) : Product Info Across This contribution modifies the information on the product info display page as follows: Product Name Product Image Product Price Add to Cart Product Attributes Product D ... [more] 14 Nov 2008 2,763
Products Disclaimer Products Disclaimer : A simple contribution that adds a product disclaimer in the footer above the copyright information. This contribution does modify tpl_footer.php. If you have already edited includes/templates/YOUR ... [more] 6 Jan 2009 1,321
Manufacturers Tab bar Manufacturers Tab bar : This module adds a Manufacturer Tab bar to your page header which allows customers to quickly access all products from a particular manufacturer.It is based on the Category Tab bar which comes as sta ... [more] 30 Jun 2009 851
Product Info Display (Justified) Product Info Display (Justified) : This mod creates fixed column widths for your main product image and description. The product description is justified in the right column. The add to cart button has been moved to just below the pric ... [more] 3 Jul 2009 1,790
Three Columns Grid for New and All Products Pages Three Columns Grid for New and All Products Pages : This is my first attempt at anything like a contribution for zen cart, and while it is working great for me (three columns of items with fairly big thumbnails and no display of description) it may n ... [more] 20 Jul 2009 2,747
Multi-Template For Users Multi-Template For Users : This Addon will allow customers/users to choose templates of zencart stores. support forum : http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?p=821036 22 Dec 2009 693
Add to Cart Buttons Add to Cart Buttons : This mod will add an "add to cart" button under each product qty box on the "all products", "featured products", "new products", and "category" listings. 23 Feb 2010 3,881
External Product Images External Product Images : This module ported from an OSC script allow Zen Cart to use an external image reference for product images. 15 Mar 2010 1,306
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