Responsive Cold Steel Template for v1.5.x

Responsive Cold Steel Template v1.0
Designed by Clyde Jones and modified for Zen Cart version 1.5* by dbltoe and made Responsive by me!

* Fixed width 2 column display (requires you to use the global disable function now)
* Colors: Styled in Black, White and Gray.
* Customized button set included.
* Per-page CSS stylesheets to style individual pages.
* Better Categories Sidebox installed.
* Order Steps (Tableless) installed. * Column Divider Pro installed. (hides @min-width)
* Date displayed in the header.
* Re-designed Login page included.
* Only addition to the original CSS file was to add code for the div style product listing page
* I also included the SNAF drop down sorter @min-width and hides product listing headers (COOL FEATURE IMHO)
* Do to background images not being responsive they where converted to CSS and will only change in responsive mode.

I included code to disable left & right column on the login page and right column on the shopping cart page (don't panic)! You should know where to change the code. HINT, the tpl_main_page.php file.

You do need to (RUN) the sql_patches.sql code in your admin (Tools > Install SQL Patches) to add a configuration to activate the responsive code (Doing this overrides the stock Column Width - Left/Right (Boxes) configuration).

I have also included the ADMIN layout_controller.php file (which is optional), this will allow you to hide/show side boxes at min-width from the ADMIN > TOOLS > LAYOUT BOXES CONTROLLER page.

If you choose not to use the side box min-width controller you do not need to include the ALTER TABLE query code within the sql_patches.sql file or the (2) files within the modules folder.

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Responsive Cold Steel Template for v1.5.x   -   Version: 1.0
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.1
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