Divido Finance Gateway


Provides a payment method suitable to your customers
Uplift in sales & conversion - increase by 20-40%
Increase in average order value (AOV) - boost by 15%
Improve customer satisfaction - up by 60%
Widen the addressable market opportunity
Move into new markets
No risk for the merchant - get paid in full straight-away


Financing payment option at checkout
Branded Product page calculator
Limit available financing plans to price levels
Limit available financing plans to certain products
Automatically tell the bank that an order is fulfilled
Decide at what stage to create the order to suit your business
When installing the Finance payment gateway extension, the following will be added to your shop:
Backend - Settings panel with sane defaults, allowing you to configure the Finance payment method to suit your online business
Backend - Settings panel on product allowing fine tuning financing options on product level if needed
Backend - Unobtrusive Finance info on orders paid for with Finance
Frontend - Optional calculator on product page, providing the customer with a breakdown of their chosen finance plan
Frontend - Checkout payment method with form, allowing the customer to choose a financing plan and deposit to suit them
HMAC signing functionality
PCI compliant level 2


What you can offer to your customers
Deferred Payment - Your customer pays nothing until at the end of the period.
0% Finance - This is the most popular offer as it drives the most business.
Low Cost Credit - Offer a more competitive APR compared to traditional sources of finance.




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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.4, v1.5.5, v1.5.6
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