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FedEx Shipping REST API FedEx Shipping REST API : Replaces older Web Services API for FedEx users. 14 Jun 2024 242
UPS Shipping (RESTful w/ OAuth authentication) UPS Shipping (RESTful w/ OAuth authentication) : This shipping module implements the UPS RESTful API using OAuth authentication. This module replaces both the UPS ( and the UPS-XML(https://ww ... [more] 23 May 2024 746
Flat Rate Clone Flat Rate Clone : This is a simple clone of the "Flat Rate" shipping module which is part of the stock Zen Cart. The purpose of this shipping module is to allow you to set 2 different zones to "Flat Rate" shipping s ... [more] 10 May 2024 4,677
Big Royal Mail Big Royal Mail : This module comprises of separate shipping modules and tariffs for the shipping methods available from the post office: Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Large Letter Royal Ma ... [more] 23 Mar 2024 24,113
ZipShip ZipShip : USAGE By default, the module comes with support for 3 zip code zones. This can be easily changed by editing the line below in the zones constructor that defines $this->num_zones. Next, ... [more] 18 Mar 2024 3,247
Order Delivery Date Order Delivery Date : This contribution adds an nice fade-in popup calendar during checkout to select the date which they would like their order to be delivered. This is very helpful for stores with perishable items, su ... [more] 11 Mar 2024 7,080
USPS United States Postal Service USPS United States Postal Service : USPS - United States Postal Service module for Zen Cart (Using latest rules: Domestic RateV4 and IntlRateV2) Gives real-time rate quotes for allowing customers to choose a USPS service when select ... [more] 15 Feb 2024 27,090
Australia Post Shipping Module Australia Post Shipping Module : This module uses the Australia Post API to get valid quotes directly from the Australia Post server. To use this module, you must obtain a 36 digit API Key from the Auspost Development Centre: htt ... [more] 14 Feb 2024 4,637
Canada Post SellOnline Shipping Module Canada Post SellOnline Shipping Module : Canada Post Shipping module with dimension support Works with the SellOnline service from Canada Post. (NOTE: There are rumours that CP is retiring the SellOnline service...) 27 Jan 2024 19,359
DHL Discounted Shipping by InXpress DHL Discounted Shipping by InXpress : Display bulk discounted DHL Express rates from the 5th Largest DHL Customer. Include product dimensions. 20 Sep 2023 455
Multiboxes Multiboxes : Multiboxes is a simple modification of Shipping class to optimize boxes number and quote calculation for orders with lots of items or heavy items that can't be shipped in one box. With this modificat ... [more] 13 Mar 2023 58
Zone Rates Clone Zone Rates Clone : Zone rates shipping module clone. Adds another independent Zone Rates shipping module. 3 Mar 2023 2,243
UPS XML UPS XML : Installation instructions are contained inside the ZIP file. This module provides the eCommerce Zen Cart community with the XML version of the UPS Rates and Services gateway. It supports multiple l ... [more] 30 Jan 2023 6,898
ShipStation USPS, UPS, and FedEx Shipping Module ShipStation USPS, UPS, and FedEx Shipping Module : This module integrates your Zen Cart site with the ShipStation web-based shipping system. High-level features: * Sync and consolidate orders from dozens of e-commerce selling channels such as Am ... [more] 28 Dec 2022 3,193
UK Shipping by Postcode UK Shipping by Postcode : Parcelforce, DHL, UPS, FedEx, City Link, Hermes, HDNL, TNT, and most UK carriers charge extra for carriage of packages outside of mainland England. The UK Shipping by Postcode module enables you t ... [more] 23 Oct 2022 2,080
ozpost ozpost : *** NOTE: A MONTHLY FEE IS REQUIRED TO USE THIS MODULE *** I created this module because I found the original AustPost module had several shortcomings that I thought needed to be addressed, or coul ... [more] 28 Sep 2022 8,540
Shipping Surcharge Shipping Surcharge : Add a surcharge to the regular shipping rate when shipping to a specific zone. 12 Aug 2022 222
KiS ICONSIGNIT Multi Quote plugin (Australia) KiS ICONSIGNIT Multi Quote plugin (Australia) : I have paid a developer to create a new shipping module for an Australian based freight company. The company is called KIS Corporate Logistic Services and they provide a service called ICONSIGNIT. It ... [more] 3 Feb 2022 37
Google Distance Matrix Google Distance Matrix : Google Distance Matrix API for your Zen-Cart Shiping module web store Always perform a backup of your database and source code before installing any payment extensions. *This module works on Zen-Ca ... [more] 22 Jan 2022 43
zones2 zones2 : Often cheaper shipment without track & trace can be done until a certain weight. However if you want to offer customers a choice to have track & trace or not, then this might be a solution. Included ... [more] 9 Feb 2021 188
UPS United Parcel Service UPS United Parcel Service : UPS United Parcel Service addon shipping module PLEASE NOTE: This shipping module is no longer supported; use the UPS RESTful/OAuth shipping module instead ( ... [more] 2 Jul 2020 9,614
Geopost/Interlink SHIP@EASEIintegration Geopost/Interlink SHIP@EASEIintegration : Produces file used for the Geopost/Interlink group software SHIP@EASE software. 21 May 2020 886
Optional Shipping Insurance Module Optional Shipping Insurance Module : This is not necessarily a "shipping" module, as it gets installed under order total, but I'm putting it here, since it has to do with shipping. This will work with as far back as 1.2.7, perhaps eve ... [more] 29 Feb 2020 8,823
Zones Table Rate (for Multiple Zones) Zones Table Rate (for Multiple Zones) : If you have multiple shipping zones and you are not using this module, you cannot set table rate for more than one zone because the current built in table rate module is limited to only one zone. I ... [more] 17 Feb 2020 7,504
PO Box Ban PO Box Ban : This mod effectively bans PO Box addresses from being used on your store. It works by comparing the customer's address at sign-up with a range of words/letters often used with these addresses. Er ... [more] 13 Aug 2019 2,846
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