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Product Pagination Product Pagination : This add-on replaces the previous/next display on your products' information pages and, optionally, replaces the pagination for product-related listings. Also has support for (optional) drop-down m ... [more] 24 Apr 2024 3,908
Catalog Invoice Catalog Invoice : Allows your customers to create their own invoices from past orders on their My Account page. 14 Apr 2023 846
Switch Skin Switch Skin : Allows you to dynamically switch templates in the storefront. 8 Feb 2023 709
Print Invoice Popup Print Invoice Popup : Give customers a link to a popup window where they can print an invoice for themselves after completion of checkout. 9 Jun 2022 2,845
ZCA Bootstrap Template for One-Page Checkout ZCA Bootstrap Template for One-Page Checkout : This plugin provides Bootstrap 4 styling for the One-Page Checkout plugin. You'll need to have the ZCA Bootstrap 4 template and One-Page Checkout previously installed. 28 Apr 2022 421
Define Page Anywhere Define Page Anywhere : Zen Cart Define Page Anywhere is a new plugin that allows you to show define page content on any page in your cart, including on the product info page under various conditions. 1 Jan 2022 103
Banners In Main Page Banners In Main Page : A very simple mod which moves Banner One to the header to set the header image and Banners Two through Six to the center column of the main page. See readme.txt for more information. 18 Sep 2021 426
Automatic Category Images Automatic Category Images : This plugin automatically displays a random product image from within a category and displays it as the category image if no category image is set. Note: Only works with categories that contain PRO ... [more] 4 Aug 2021 641
PDF Attachment in Product Description PDF Attachment in Product Description : This add-on allows you to add a pdf attachment to your product description. 1 May 2021 1,402
Default Attribute - Buy direct from product list Default Attribute - Buy direct from product list : This contribution makes it so that items with only single valued defaultable attributes (such as PDF-only downloads) can be added directly from the listing page, rather than from the product_info pa ... [more] 5 Jul 2020 366
Compare Multiple Products Compare Multiple Products : This contribution adds a comparison system to the product listing page. It is done through a session so that products can be compared across multiple categories. The admin has options to disable or ... [more] 9 Jan 2020 2,713
Responsive Color Changes for 155 Responsive Color Changes for 155 : Thanks to rharbour and picaflor-azul for all their work in developing the Responsive Classic template for Zen Cart 155. Consolidation of the site colors into stylesheet.colors.csss is great yet somet ... [more] 6 Jan 2020 1,398
Attribute image replaces main product image on sel Attribute image replaces main product image on sel : This module provides the functionality to get the attribute image in place of main product image when user selects the particular attribute. This functionality has a full control through admin. It ca ... [more] 16 Jun 2019 5,182
News Box Manager -- v2.x.x News Box Manager -- v2.x.x : This plugin (a restructuring of the like-named plugin originally for the Zen Cart v1.3.x series) enables you to create news articles using your Zen Cart admin that are subsequently displayed (either a ... [more] 22 Apr 2019 1,152
Fixed header MENU when scrolling Fixed header MENU when scrolling : Fixed Navigation Bars: Pros and Cons A user can easily waste hours digging through the perpetually increasing lines of content, links, thoughts, rants, ideas, and gossip. Thankfully, they donít hav ... [more] 31 Jan 2019 156
Flexible Footer Menu Multilingual Flexible Footer Menu Multilingual : This plugin is an addition to Flexible Footer Menu Features: * Includes a "1 click" Installation/Maintenance interface * Saves existing Flexible Footer Menu content * Supports Multi-Languages ... [more] 8 Jan 2019 1,250
All EZ Pages in Mobile Menu - responsive classic All EZ Pages in Mobile Menu - responsive classic : This plugin gives you the option of displaying all of your EZ Pages that are checked for display in the sidebar of your desktop website if you want the EZ Pages links that appear in the sidebar displa ... [more] 21 Dec 2018 89
Product Listing Sorter Product Listing Sorter : This plugin adds a new sorting drop-down to work with (not replace) the existing filters for the product listings, product info page prev/next navigation and the advanced search results page. 12 Sep 2018 1,943
Account Address Book Floating Boxes Account Address Book Floating Boxes : This is just a simple template edit of the account address book. Basically, I set the address, edit button, delete button, and created a primary button into boxes. The add address button is in itís ... [more] 27 Jul 2018 67
Attributes on Product Listing Attributes on Product Listing : This module allows you to add attribute options on the product listing. That way, your customers can select size/color/whatever and add to cart directly from the category page. 10 Jun 2018 1,109
Editable Home Page Centerboxes Editable Home Page Centerboxes : Editable Centerboxes is a simple module which adds three editable "centerboxes" to the home page. I got the idea because I was trying to do something similar to this: * http://osc.template-help.co ... [more] 27 Jan 2018 3,779
ColorBox for Zen Cart ColorBox for Zen Cart : This contribution adds ColorBox (http://colorpowered.com/colorbox/) support to Zen Cart. ColorBox is excellent replacement for good old LightBox. ColorBox is a light-weight, customizable lightbox p ... [more] 13 Nov 2017 3,870
File Auto-Versioning (CSS, JS, etc) for Templates File Auto-Versioning (CSS, JS, etc) for Templates : Starting with Zen Cartģ 1.5.2, additional rules have been added to your store's /includes/.htaccess instructing the customer's browser to cache images, PDFs, CSS and javascript files for certain perio ... [more] 4 Jan 2017 99
Product Attribute Grid Product Attribute Grid : The module is designed to set out attributes within a grid format, when 2 dropdown or radio options are available. For example, if an item has both colour and size. The grid is populated with quantity ... [more] 20 Dec 2016 11,152
All Products Virtual (No Shipping) ZC1.5.5+ All Products Virtual (No Shipping) ZC1.5.5+ : This plugin provides handling if your store sells only "virtual" products, so you've got no need for shipping (and don't want to see shipping-related references in your customer emails). 28 Jun 2016 148
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