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Additional Customers Fields Additional Customers Fields : *** WARNING *** USE AT OWN RISK *** MANY WHO HAVE INSTALLED THIS MOD HAVE HAD COUNTLESS TROUBLES AND ODD STORE BEHAVIOR *** INSTALL ONLY ON A TEST SITE *** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED *** // Introductio ... [more] 23 Jun 2009 16,851
Jgallery Jgallery : This is real simple. Jgallery in Zen-cart. No integration whatsoever, or modification of files required. I have included a few basic instructions to make this easier for those who are not so sure on h ... [more] 25 May 2009 4,197
Thick Box Product Gallery Thick Box Product Gallery : Add Image Gallery for products, using jQuery 5 May 2009 2,181
Simple ClearBox Simple ClearBox : Simple ClearBox implementation for you shop. designed by oryginal zencart template. 27 Apr 2009 505
Reviews by Guests Reviews by Guests : Allow guests to leave reviews without having to register. Every guest can leave product reviews without logging in. Administrator will receive acknowledgment of posted reviews by mail. Reviews ... [more] 26 Apr 2009 2,604
Friendly URLs using .htaccess Friendly URLs using .htaccess : This mod will change the urls on your zen cart installation from index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=3 to product_info.php?cPath=2&products_id=3 just by editing 1 core f ... [more] 22 Apr 2009 897
Categories menu - replace with ul/li Categories menu - replace with ul/li : Works fine with v1.3.8 and I think v1.3.7 replace /includes/templates/NAME_OF_YOUR_TEMPLATE/sideboxes/tpl_categories.php 5 Apr 2009 2,938
Top Brands or Manufactures Top Brands or Manufactures : This module will display the top brands / manufacturers on the center area of the main page. The top brands / manufactures are calculated based on there products sold. This is developed using v. ... [more] 31 Mar 2009 544
Downloadable Product Licensing and Subscriptions M Downloadable Product Licensing and Subscriptions M : This module adds software product licensing via your web server. It is specifically intended for software developers that are looking for a simple method of selling, distributing and copy-protecting t ... [more] 27 Mar 2009 1,912
Quick Configuration Edit for 1.3.x Quick Configuration Edit for 1.3.x : Quick Configuration Edit. Same as original Configuration, but a little quicker. 16 Feb 2009 889
Icons for Manufacturers - replaces drop down menu Icons for Manufacturers - replaces drop down menu : Build brand name recognition, replace the manufacturer drop down box with actual icons of manufacturers. Does not effect the database, simply replace 1 file in your template directory. 15 Feb 2009 1,960
Improved SiteMap Display Improved SiteMap Display : Here's a collection of several "sitemap" fixes found throughout the forum. They include: ability to display products as well as categories ability to display EZ-Page sidebox entries The tpl_si ... [more] 14 Feb 2009 3,308
Newsletter Center Newsletter Center : Newsletter Center let you use PHPlist instead of the built-in Newsletter function in Zen Cart. I've continued the work on a mod from modyourzencart to fit my needs for newsletter handling. This ... [more] 6 Feb 2009 1,956
geo4zen geo4zen : Adds geo awareness (by country) to Zen Cart. Also adds ability to ban access by country. See the readme for details. 4 Feb 2009 1,244
Simple SEO URL Simple SEO URL : ALERT: THIS MOD IS OBSOLETE AND NO LONGER SUPPORTED. AND IS ALSO NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PHP 5.3 If human-friendly URLs are important to you, consider the CEON URI Mapping mod or the Ultimate SEO URL m ... [more] 24 Jan 2009 23,851
Koopjespakker.zip (export-tool voor winkelzoekmach Koopjespakker.zip (export-tool voor winkelzoekmach : Dit php-bestand maakt een tab-gescheiden bestand met items uit uw product catalogus voor Koopjespakker.nl. Koopjespakker.nl is een winkelzoekmachine, net als Kelkoo. Het is gebaseerd op Kelkoo.zip v ... [more] 11 Jan 2009 414
Change Storage Engine Change Storage Engine : With this contribution You can with just one click change storage engine of Your database (well, not really database, but all tables in it) from MyISAM or InnoDB to InnoDB or MyISAM. 7 Jan 2009 494
Quick Layout Box Controller for 1.3.x Quick Layout Box Controller for 1.3.x : Anything especial. Same as original Layout Box Controller, but a little quicker. 23 Dec 2008 912
Limitless Logins Limitless Logins : This addon gives you the ability to switch on and off any of the "create account" fields, make any of them required or not. Those which are by default possible to hide don't have the option to make th ... [more] 2 Dec 2008 1,074
Form Armor Module for Zen Cart v1.3.8 Form Armor Module for Zen Cart v1.3.8 : The Form Armor Module for Zen Cart adds a form processing module within Zen Cart. This allows merchants using Zen Cart to process Contact Us and Tell-a-Friend form submissions through the Form Armor a ... [more] 2 Dec 2008 962
Snow Javascript Snow Javascript : This animation javascript gives you Snow on your webpage. So now you are sure of a white christmas - at least on the web The script works perfect with theese browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3, Netscape 7 a ... [more] 2 Dec 2008 1,767
Stock by Attributes 4.7Multiadd WITH TABLE FILTER Stock by Attributes 4.7Multiadd WITH TABLE FILTER : This is the "Stock by Attributes 4.7 multi add" by Kuroi & mcinallym with the Table Filter 1.6 added to filter "products with attribute stock" results page This add-on allows a store owner to set ... [more] 30 Nov 2008 1,560
Numinix Search Numinix Search : Improve the Zen Cart search functionality by indexing your entire website, even outside of Zen Cart. This module is a variant of the Sphider Search Engine. It works by spidering the areas of your webs ... [more] 27 Nov 2008 1,300
Tax ID field in Customer account Tax ID field in Customer account : It is a very simple way to add a new field if you need it to your customers create account be it a tax id field as it does now or whatever you may need. 23 Nov 2008 1,343
Social BookMarking AddToBookmarks Social BookMarking AddToBookmarks : AddToBookmarks is a small JavaScript you can add to your blog or website which assists site visitors in adding your site to their 'Social Bookmarking' service. 22 Oct 2008 2,874
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