MSRP Display

This mod will show the MSRP Price (RRP or Retail Price) and the amount and percent savings on each of your items.

MSRP: $100.00 (with strikethrough)
Our Price: $75.00
You Save: 25% ($25.00)

Thanks to hbtrading for originally posting this in the forums. I added a short description in the first step as it seemed to throw off a lot of people. Original thread is here:

Has been tested from v1.37 onwards, unsure about earlier versions but you might as well give it a shot... remember to backup (including your database (great tool for doing that in the downloads section also)).

Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.5
Original Author fightthefourwalls
Last Updated by jeking - 2 Aug 2018
Downloads 8,367

Version History

MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.3.2
Updated files to match Zen Cart 1.5.5. If you're not using 1.5.5, this version is not for you.  
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.5
Date Added 2 Aug 2018
Author jeking
File Size 28.5 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? No
Downloads 182
MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.3.1
Bugfix in /includes/functions/functions_prices.php - prices did not display due to missing return stmt  
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.4
Date Added 17 Nov 2015
Author frank18
File Size 29.5 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Yes
Downloads 320
MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.3.0
Updated for Zen Cart v 1.5.4 to match 1.5.4 admin files  
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.4
Date Added 6 Oct 2015
Author frank18
File Size 29.4 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Yes
Downloads 77
MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.2.4
Fixed an error in includes/functions/functions_prices.php. There was a "}" missing  
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.1
Date Added 30 Jan 2015
Author Design75
File Size 29.8 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Unknown
Downloads 261
MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.2.3
Corrected issue: when set price is higher than MSRP, MSRP would be displayed stricken with a negative savings amount... which we found to be somewhat discouraging to customers. This is only the incorporation of code found in the MSRP Contrib support forum (posted by bigsy85 here -, and it NOT a new work created by me. I just incorporated the bigsy85's code modifications with a couple (minor) changes to solve a few (major) issues.

Remember: There are all sorts of helpful hints and tricks to be found in the forums. I'm by no means a PHP or MySQL whiz, but I'm getting by wonderfully and learning as I go from the plentiful posts of others. For those of you just starting out, this contrib is for you :)
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.1
Date Added 21 Jan 2014
Author KetchRescue
File Size 30.0 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Unknown
Downloads 514
MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.2.2
Updated for the Zen Cart 1.5 file set. Added instructions on how to remove the module. Removed versions for 1.3.8a and 1.3.9x.  
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.0
Date Added 25 Jun 2012
Author ray-the-otter
File Size 31.0 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? No
Downloads 1,058
MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.2.1
Updated to 1.3.9h. Added copy product function to admin. Changed language files to extra_definition files instead of editing core files.  
Zen Cart® Versions v1.3.9
Date Added 9 Sep 2011
Author delia
File Size 31.9 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Unknown
Downloads 859
MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.2
To mods, please use this updated version the version i sent earlier today had and error in it  
Zen Cart® Versions v1.3.8
Date Added 16 Mar 2009
Author hbtrading
File Size 34.1 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Unknown
Downloads 4,114
MSRP Display   -   Version: 1.1
Zen Cart® Versions
Date Added 29 Sep 2008
Author fightthefourwalls
File Size 3.6 KB
PHP 5.3 Safe? Unknown
Downloads 982

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