Twitch SaleMaker & Specials for Attributes

Twitch SaleMaker & Specials for Attributes
for ZenCart v1.51 Version 13a
December 21.2013

- This module will display SaleMaker & Specials pricing for attributes on the product info page
- Displays product regular price, sale price, discount amount for each attribute
- Product price/ lowest attribute price on sale is displayed on product listing page
- Discounted attributes sale price is passed properly to shopping cart product price
- Includes improvements to admin SaleMaker & Specials calculations
- Optional - Make SaleMaker and Specials unavailable to wholesale clients

Works with:
- Twitch Wholesale + Attributes
- Twitch CORE Price
- SaleMaker 'Apply Discount Used' flag - Yes/No
- 'Include in Base Price When Priced by Attributes' flag - Yes/No
- SaleMaker condition 'Ignore Sale Condition - No Sale Applied When Special Exists'
- Product Price + Attribute Price
- Products Priced by Attribute

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Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.1
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Twitch SaleMaker & Specials for Attributes   -   Version: 13a
Zen Cart® Versions v1.5.1
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