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Vagrant and Zen Cart

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Vagrant is a tool (or set of tools) to manage Virtual Machines.
Virtual machines allow you to run a completely different operating system, or even the same operating system within your current operating system. For example you could run Ubuntu within your Windows machine.

Why is this useful ?

Well there are 2 main reason. Standardization and reproduciblity.

Running code on a VM means you are using a standard system that others can use as well.

Running code on a VM also means others will find it easier to reproduce any problems you may find.

Ever reported a bug and been told "Oh, well I can't reproduce that on my system". Virtual Machines can help solve that problem.

Vagrant can help with packaging a Virtual machine, distributing it, and running the Virtual machine on host computers in a standardized way.

To help developers work with the new v1.6.0 code we have packaged a vagrant box (virtual machine) that consists of an Ubuntu LAMP setup.
i.e. it has Apache/mySql/php pre configured.

You can find out more at

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