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  1. How to set up so International customers call for shipping rate?

    I have set up Table Rate shipping which works very well, however, my customer only wants to ship like this to customers within Canada. She wants any International customers to call to get a rate. ...
  2. Re: Flat rate shipping per item with shipping & handling

    Thanks for replying. This is my first shopping cart implementation so I'm not keen on modifying the code. The customer is willing to consider other options at this point.

    It's a photo place,...
  3. Flat rate shipping per item with shipping & handling

    I have 2 types of products. I need to set up two kinds of flat rate shipping:

    $18 shipping + $7 handling - so that if you order one it's $18 and an extra $7 for each extra

    $12 shipping + $1.95...
  4. How to implement shipping based on attributes?

    I'm doing a site for a photography place that sells prints. They have products in categories that have different attributes set up for them, pricing is based on attributes because there are options...
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