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  1. Re: Apsona ShopAdmin install does not work

    Thank you -- that completely fixed it! :D
  2. Re: Apsona ShopAdmin install does not work

    Anyone having an issue that when the new window opens for apsona the circle loading icon just continues to spin and does not load? Have tried with both IE and Chrome.
  3. Re: Is anyone using Apsona ?

    Used some more this weekend, definitely a worthy tool once you get used to it.

    Another question, but is there (apsona or any other add-on for that matter) a way to upload a batch of your...
  4. Re: Is anyone using Apsona ?

    Big thanks to them, I received an email in the middle of the night with a response and I didn't even write to them (assuming the wrote based on this post).

    For future users, you need to run...
  5. Re: Is anyone using Apsona ?

    Cool, I installed it. Only difference is when i go into ShopAdmin it says welcome with my name and company, etc. but thats it. The rest of the page is blank. Something I need to turn on?
  6. Re: Is anyone using Apsona ?

    I briefly looked at it and might be using it shortly. Does anyone know if you can put special pricing on items? I know with easy populate I'm able to load a lot of items with the retail price and...
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