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  1. Re: When will we see Website payments pro support?

    Great! As soon as Zen Cart supports full implementation of Website Payments Pro, that is when I will support the Zen coders with some $$$ :smile:
  2. Re: Paypal Express checkout don't show button after installing Google Checkout

    Yep, same problem. I would like PayPal Express and Google Checkout to work together, but they don't like each other. Can I pay anyone to do the merge for me or do I have to do a frustrating all...
  3. Clarifying ZC issues w/ Web Site Payments Pro: It doesn't work yet in v1.3.7

    This has been covered before in various previous threads, but
    thought I will clarify it here in one place.

    Goal: you want your web site to take Paypal Express without account creation as well as...
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    Re: getting error msg from ot_tax.php

    Had same problem. Patching with the latest paypal payment module files fixed it...
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