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    Sticky: Re: Zen Cart v1.5.6c released!

    v1.5.6c has been released

    Download available here:

    v1.5.6c contains the following fixes/changes:

    Security Patch to prevent malicious SQL...
  2. v154 Re: Forgotten password emails not received by customer

    You could try:
    - remove the CAN-SPAM text from the language file, as some "filters" cheat and use this as a generic catch-all
    - for HTML emails remove the SPAM_DISCLAIMER from the email template...
  3. v156 Re: 156B Coupon "not valid for products on sales" issue

    This will be included in the v156c update.
  4. Re: PHP Fatal error: 1064:You have an error in your SQL syntax

    Almost certainly comes from an addon/template you've installed which alters/overrides related core files. How exactly is your site different from original Zen Cart code? And what version?
  5. v154 Re: SIM new module is not working.

    I gather it won't let you do a clean uninstall (since you said it's not showing any other payment modules, likely due to the PHP error),
    so I wonder if doing a complete removal directly in the...
  6. v154 Re: SIM new module is not working.

    I can't recreate the problem.
    Granted, I also don't have a v1.5.4 installation to test it on anymore.

    This is without any non-default payment modules added, and no "backup copies of old modules"...
  7. v156 Re: European online payment directive Sept 14th 2019

    Each payment module would need to support it individually. Which module are you using?
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    v156 Re: PayPal Credit Integration

    PayPal has recently updated a bunch of things, and integration is a large task.

    I'd like to integrate it, but I need a compelling reason to spend time on it ... ;)
  9. v156 Re: Responsive Admin doesn't show Vital information on Ipad

    @Zen4All, did you wanna do a PR with those adjustments, and link it to the 1979 GH issue?
  10. v156 Re: Missing ZenCart Order

    Yes, you should only have Express OR Standard installed. Not both. In fact, for several years ZC has prevented you from installing both if one is already installed.
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    v156 Re: PayPal Credit Integration

    There isn't an integration built for this yet.
  12. v154 Re: SIM new module is not working.

    "not working" is kinda vague.
    I can't tell if you mean "was working, but suddenly stopped", or "I tried to install it new for the first time, but it won't install, and instead shows a big red box...
  13. v154 Re: Tutorial/how-to for latest version of Paypal Express Checkout

    You can get your API keys inside the "NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)" section.
  14. Thread: 3D Secure

    by DrByte

    v156 Re: 3D Secure

    The default PayPal modules in v1.5.6 and older are NOT enabled for the new 2019 changes to 3D Secure.
    However, they do currently work with the older 3D Secure that is currently required by UK...
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    v156 Re: Download from AWS S3

    Brief description here:
  16. v156 Re: Free item cannot checkout (white screen)

    Looks like your database had configured a USPS module to be used, but your server is missing the module files for that addon.

    You can update the admin config by visiting the admin Shipping Modules...
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    v155 Re: Switching db-tables from MyISAM to InnoDB

    Shouldn't be much of a problem. Granted, some (rarely changed, non-transactional data) tables would yield no benefit by the conversion, and would increase overhead.
    Note that switching to InnoDB...
  18. v156 Re: Unknown response null :text/html: in Responsive Sheffield Blue template
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    v154 Re: Year Range for Coupons

    ... um ... in the /(name of your admin directory)/includes/functions/general.php folder on your web server.
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    v156 Re: HTML code showing in Discount Coupon

    To allow HTML to render as you entered it in your Admin, you'll need to edit /includes/modules/pages/discount_coupon/header_php.php on line 33 and remove:

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    v155 Re: non-CAPTCHA and Honey-pots

    Here's a simple patch to ignore http URLs in customer names:

    It does similar to what Delia posted, just in a different way to catch https as well.
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    v155 Re: non-CAPTCHA and Honey-pots

    Strictly speaking, that's not HTML. It's text containing a URL. The HTML version of it would be something like:
    <a href="">otherstuff</a>trapping for both of those cases is entirely...
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    v155 Re: non-CAPTCHA and Honey-pots

    davewest's latest v0.4 update to the zenNonCaptcha mod has been reviewed and approved.
    NOTE: I made a bunch of tweaks to it myself, including making it affect fewer files than previous. Watch for...
  24. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    I don't recall having any trouble with fractional quantities. Hmmmm...
  25. v156 Re: [1.5.6b] /includes/extra_configures/not_for_release.php not included

    That is a dev-only file that is never in the distribution.

    Should not have been listed.
  26. v156 Re: 1.5.6b] /includes/languages/english/ot_coupon.php does not exist

    Yes, you can ignore the typo.
  27. v155 Re: Best way to change domain name and redirect existing one to it?

    As far as the "Zen Cart" configuration part, you just need to update your admin and non-admin configure.php files. Then all auto-generated URLs/links will use the new URL.

    And, if you've put URLs...
  28. Re: Sorry! There seems to be a problem connecting to our database

    The message means what it says: "There (is) a problem connecting to (your) database".

    Perhaps your hosting company is doing some maintenance on the database server? Maybe someone else's account...
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    Sticky: Re: Zen Cart v1.5.6b released!

    Note: A new May 27 zip for v1.5.6b was posted, which contains a fix to a mis-located ot_coupon language define.
    This updates the following files:
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    v156 Re: Associate template with a language

    The Delete button will remove the association.
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    Sticky: v156 Re: Salemaker - name deleted when editing in v156/v156a

    v1.5.6b contains several fixes, many of which are listed here:!#post1357911
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    Sticky: Re: Zen Cart v1.5.6b released!

    v1.5.6b has been released

    Download available here:

    v1.5.6b contains the following fixes/changes:

    zc_install: FIXED BUG: Now updates...
  33. Re: Serious performance issue - over 100K queries

    Is the problem with how the categories sidebox builds things? Navigate to that category (so you have the page URL in your browser), and then in your Admin turn that sidebox off, and then refresh the...
  34. v154 Re: Server IP address recorded instead of customers IP address

    Again, to be clear, that's because they're proxying the customer's traffic through multiple servers, and not serving the customer directly. They'll need to fix their proxy configuration for the IP...
  35. v154 Re: Server IP address recorded instead of customers IP address

    It's amazing how the hosting company blames the software that hasn't been altered.

    Most likely the hosting company changed the PHP configuration, or introduced a firewall/proxy and/or the way the...
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    v156 Re: USE_PCONNECT warning

    You can apply the fix shown here:
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    v156 Re: Possible bug during coupon creation

    The fix is shown here:
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    v156 Re: Orders not displaying in admin

    Nick, you said you're getting no error logs ... but I'm wondering if this same situation is what's happening for you:...
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    v156 Re: duplicate $cheapest in notify

  40. v151 Re: Pointing developers tool kit to another folder

    Agreed. Your configure.php settings are driving that.
  41. v155 Re: using utf8mb4_unicode_ci for database character set and collation

    I haven't had any issues with utf8mb4 when using v156.
  42. Re: Front end>admin edit--Possibly IP address spoofing concern, but man I like this..

    That's not a built-in feature, no. I mentioned some reasons in my posts above.
  43. v155 Re: Upgrading from 155 to 156: Support for ".htaccess" files is not enabled.

    Maybe. It's not intended to be perfect. It's limited in what it can do, since it's simulating a visit, but coming from the same server as the site it's testing ... which may influence the results in...
  44. v155 Re: Upgrading from 155 to 156: Support for ".htaccess" files is not enabled.

    That message appears when zc_install does a test to see if .htaccess rules are properly blocking access to files that nobody has any business accessing from a browser.

    You can simulate the very...
  45. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Agreed. But let's collaborate to find a solution.

    A subdomain technically shouldn't be a problem, as long as the complete URL is set in your Square OAuth settings.
    How EXACTLY are you getting...
  46. Thread: Apache4?

    by DrByte

    v155 Re: Apache4?

    The .htaccess files in the various subdirectories of Zen Cart v1.5.6 should work fine on both Apache 2.4 and older. (Actually I think we did those changes for v1.5.5, but that's moot since you're...
  47. Re: Tax display off by a penny for some tax rates

    While in the US it is typically done one way, some other countries do treat it other ways. The answer would need to start with determining whether tax is initially charged at the per-item level vs...
  48. Thread: Cookies

    by DrByte

    Re: Cookies

    Good point.
    It's ironic that their wording and related RFC docs all talk about the 'secure' flag, when their complaint is really about the 'httponly' flag (er, well PHP calls it httponly; it's...
  49. Thread: PHBB Error

    by DrByte

    v155 Re: PHBB Error

    Yes, it was replaced with hooks so that a plugin could be used to invoke it for those sites which need it.
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    v150 Re: PCI Compliance/code injection

    Discussed at: Cookies
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