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    Re: Could not receive Password Forgotten Email

    Any leads on this? I'm not getting my password reset emails.

    If it is a hosting config problem, could anybody tell me what to start looking at. My hosting company, so far, has been unable to...
  2. Re: Can I process orders and shipping with ZenCart?

    Old thread, I know but relevant to what I need...

    I have signed up for ShipRush Endicia...

    Any advice on integrating ShipRush Endicia to my Zen Cart account?
  3. Re: Removing product 1 of xxx and listing, next, back buttons from product detail

    If you mean those buttons labeled "prev listing next" in each listing...

    The place to turn them off is at

    Admin > Configuration > Product Info > Previous Next - Navigation Bar Position.

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    Re: list more than 10 products per page?

    Maximum Value > Max Categories product display list - this controls how many categories you want in one page.

    But for how many items on one page, this doesn't work. Instead, use:

  5. Re: Is it possible to have this shipping set up?

    Flat rate shipping based on the total price paid works well. You just have to build in the worst case shipping cost into the price of each item. For lightweight items or past a certain dollar...
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    Re: Showing Model # in Shopping Cart

    I do have the model number in the Products Model field. That bit about the Display Product Model set to 1 was new to me, mine was set to 2. I tried it and am not sure if I like the looks (scatters...
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    Showing Model # in Shopping Cart

    Some of my customers... prefer to shop online then call me, looking at the shopping cart to order the items over the phone. Or print out the shopping cart and fax or mail it to me. Yes, I have some...
  8. Re: Setting up Zen Cart on Windows XP using Xampp - a howto

    I have Apache already installed.

    But I need no help now. I figured out how to get to the stupid files. I realized that the "/" means subcategories. So I ignored the whole file name and focused...
  9. Re: Setting up Zen Cart on Windows XP using Xampp - a howto

    Hello All...

    I got the book and so far its nice. However I ran into a problem with Configuring Apache. I use the Crimson Editor and tried to open the <xampp-home>/apache/conf/httpd.conf file. ...
  10. Re: Item Out of Stock message in PayPal Express Receipt

    Ah... Now I see it. I see this....

    In Configuration, under Stock -

    "Mark product out of stock - Out of stock, please re-order."

    I will delete the comment, "Out of stock, please...
  11. Re: Item Out of Stock message in PayPal Express Receipt

    No. This is only in Express Checkout payment details... When a customer buys something using the Express method (opposed as to regular PayPal), they get an emailed receipt from PayPal with payment...
  12. Item Out of Stock message in PayPal Express Receipt

    I have an odd problem. Ever since I upgraded my PayPal checkout to PayPal Express Checkout, I am getting one new thing.... a "Out of Stock" message is there next to each item my customers has...
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    Re: Removing the Shipping Estimate Fields

    Unfortunately, that does not help me. I already know about that but... I want to only show the flat rate shipping price rates. Like for example, purchases between $ 30.00 - $99.99, the shipping...
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    Removing the Shipping Estimate Fields

    Hello, this is my first post.

    I am currently working on a new website for my company and I have a question...

    How do I remove the Shipping Estimate fields?

    What I mean is when you...
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