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    Linked Product, 2 seperate Sort Orders?

    So I've been looking into this and read a couple of forum posts about it, but I might have to be clever about this but my brain is going overboard.
    So I have rose products and if you want a climbing...
  2. v151 Error from our Wordpress blog on the main page.

    Hi, maybe someone can help with this?

    We have a blog featured from wordpress on our main page and now it has all disapeared and when you click the link to go to the blog this comes up:

  3. v151 Re: How to create a an product that only ships to 1 Zone.

    So therefore a weight of 0 would make a delivery cost of say 8.99.
    my third zone table for a product with weight of 0 this could look like
    Zone 3
    Zone 3 Table
    and i could keep my...
  4. v151 How to create a an product that only ships to 1 Zone.

    So I have a product that I want to create that if selected it will only be able to be delivered to UK only.
    Currently the shipping is set to Zones and per item. I think I would now need to...
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    Shipping attached to seperate attributes?

    So very new to zencart, I basically got put in charge of it and have a fully functioning website given to me.
    So I have many roses which we sell on website. Origonally we were...
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