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  1. Re: Unknown Error

    Yes, I have. All.
  2. v155 Re: Unknown Error

    Well, I am having the same problem. I had reinstalled the entire zen cart with the classic_responsive theme working fine but when I installed and switched to the latest version of...
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    v151 Re: Add product to Cart URL ZC 1.5.1

    I figured out. I have no idea what the 'correct' way to do this might be, but I have it working just like I wanted with the following;

    <section id="section-2">

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    v151 Re: Add product to Cart URL ZC 1.5.1

    Maybe my question does not really need a thread of it's own so here goes. I have all my videos and images in the original product id name. I need to match it all in order to automatically program...
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    Re: Ajax security fix November 2015

    I downloaded and replaced my ajax.php with your file and I still get the same error. Could it be caused by the server setup? We are building a new store and just got our SSL installed an hour ago...
  6. Re: Homepage Layout with CSS3 Hover Effects - 8 Variations

    These demo links are bad. Is there an update?
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    v151 Re: Banners In Main Page - Support Thread

    Link is no good
  8. Re: Responsive Classic (built in to Zen Cart v1.5.5) [Support Thread]

    They are in another location but it is specified.


    Are you hinting that I need to put them in another directory instead?
  9. Adding slideshow javascript crashes my mobile menu

    I cannot seem to add anything to the header section without crashing my mobile menu causing it to display like a site map instead of correctly.
    I am simply trying to add the following to the...
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