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  1. v157 Re: Invoice Payment Method V 23Dec2018, Installation issue

    I need the "Invoicing" (offsite payment) facility applicable only to certain customers (not a "generally available" payment option open to anyone). SWGUY's invoice mod permits categorisation of...
  2. v156 Re: Setting up Shipping - ADVICE needed please

    Setting up shipping is quite complicated, and detailed.
    Also important, is doing setup in the correct order (or sequence).
    First... set up (select) the COUNTRIES to which you are OK to sell in....
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    Re: Payment format out of whack

    We solved this by inserting

    <br class="clearBoth" />
    in the payment module's code, just after the section that draws up the date fields.

    As I have no idea what payment module you use to...
  4. Re: prevent people from using contact us for spam

    The thread goes back many years, and the latest versions of ZC have a "hidden field" in the Contact-Us code. Bots will try to fill in this hidden field, and when they do, the code prevents form...
  5. v154 Re: keywords for product adding site keywords

    We keep keywords meta data empty. In other words, ZC code leaves this completely empty.
    <meta name="keywords" content="" />

    This meta name no longer has any relevance or value and is largely...
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    v155 Re: Contact us = spam messages

    We have around 25,000 russian IP addresses denied - using IP Deny (although we manually edited htacess to get all these loaded). Similarly, a further 20,000 odd other IP's denied from known rogue...
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    v155 Re: Image size when displaying all

    And also...

    If you use FIREFOX browser, with CHRIS PEDERICK'S WEBMASTER TOOLS, this has a HTML validator that will link to W3 and perform validations for you.
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    v155 Re: Image size when displaying all

    CORE zencart is unlikely to result in HTML validation errors. The core program will reliably deliver good HTML. However... a lot of add-ons and 3rd-party templates might not generate such clean HTML...
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    v155 Re: Image size when displaying all

    HTML validation is a 3rd-party service that examines a web page's HTML structure and looks for badly-composed HTML, or HTML elements that are redundant. If it finds problems in the HTML it reports...
  10. v155 Re: Can Pages Be Converted To Regular URL's Instead Of Generated URL's?

    For the last 14 years we have operated zencart sites that use EITHER dynamic URL's (core zencart), OR URL re-writes (rendering readable paths to web pages). For these, we use CEON URI MAPPING.

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    v155 Re: trying to edit header info ?

    In general, TEXT elements of this nature are contained in php DEFINE strings - and are almost ALWAYS in the LANGUAGE folders of the software.

    These LANGUAGES folders exist in both the ADMIN and...
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    v155 Re: trying to edit header info ?

    Ah... Does your sofware read off a NOTEPAD file?

    What you might try, is when the results of the developer tool kit are displayed onscreen, drag your cursor across them and "copy" (CTRL + c) then...
  13. v155 Re: Would like to hire someone with SEO experience.

    So-called "SEO" is today very much a case of satisfying Google's multiple website configuration policies. Many of these are programmatic issues, such as json/ld Website Microdata (conforming to...
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    v155 Re: trying to edit header info ?

    In your Zencart ADMIN PANEL, under TOOLS menu - click the "DEVELOPERS TOOLKIT" option.

    This allows you to search the FILE SYSTEM (not the database) for text strings and program strings.

    It will...
  15. v155 Re: Advice on organizing classes for a tutoring site

    Zencart is not realy suitable for what you are aiming to do. You need to look at something like MOODLE.
  16. v154 Re: Blank site after installing using Plesk control panel

    Shared hosting is never a good idea for something as important as a commercial website. What initially seems "cheap" usually turns out to become very expensive - especially in terms of downtime and...
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    Re: Feedback on my site

    UK-based ... ? But prices showing in US dollars. Is this intentional?

    Shop Logo is far too big. You may be very proud of your logo, but a planet-sized logo annoys customers who constantly have to...
  18. v151 Re: Language Packs - are they for translating after building site in English ??

    In its early days, Google Translate was clunky and inefficient. It seems to have improved over the years and now handles DYNAMIC CONTENT sites a little better, but remember... an ecommerce site is...
  19. v154 Re: Leverage browser cache: Expiration for CSS & JS


    While Google's pagespeed checker is commonly used, a far better tool is at .

    There is another that's useful:
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    v155 Re: Meta Keywords

    Most search engines now ignore what's in the meta keywords list. I don't even bother with them and either leave it empty, or allow zencart to populate it using defaults.

    MUCH more value is...
  21. Re: nesting containers for styling problem sending lal la [5.5e responsive ]

    Not sure what you mean by "border". I see several "borders"...

    Most of these issues are changed in the CSS file(s). If you use FIREFOX browser with the Developer Toolkit by Chris Pederick, you can...
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    v155 Re: Importing 1.3.9 template into 1.5.5

    What your client "likes and wants" are largely irrelevant. You need to tell them this - and be frank about it. What matters is HOW the web is now being used by online shoppers, and HOW the major...
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    Re: Product image won't load when clicked

    It looks like the behaviour of the website has been altered quite a bit. You have PRODUCT LISTINGS pages, but no PRODUCT INFO pages. Someone has altered the basic code of the website to prevent...
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    Re: Product image won't load when clicked

    The most practical way to load new (or change) images is in the product add/edit area in the Admin Panel.

    There are several RULES relating to images, and in order to have a website that LOOKS GOOD...
  25. v139h Re: Add a surcharge for people living on islands.

    In your admin panel, select Locations/Taxes

    Select Countries
    Scroll to the bottom of the list. Click "New Country" button. Edit box opens on right of screen
    First, you add a new "country". In...
  26. v139h Re: Add a surcharge for people living on islands.

    You can configure this by using zonetables shipping module. This is a mash-up of the ZONES and TABLE RATES shipping modules.

    Here in the UK we have similar issues with outlying islands needing...
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    Re: Template being stretched by products

    Using right sideboxes is now considered by many UX experts as "old fashioned". Cluttering up your pages with loads of "self adverts" or other non-critical info boxes is a distraction for customers,...
  28. v155 Re: v155e adding an attribute works but messagestack reports Warning: No file uploade

    I've just tested this. Upgraded 2 stores yesterday - 1.5.5.d to 1.5.5.e (4 March) and have (via attributes controller) added all attribute option values to a test product.

    I am not experiencing...
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    v155 Re: Free shipping with option to upgrade.

    Inaccurate postage (shipping) charges have several consequences.

    1. If "too expensive", people often abandon their shopping session and go elsewhere. This is true even if people "believe" your...
  30. Re: Looking for Template/Theme ... Is this common?

    In my experience, it's FUNCTIONALITY that matters most - not "cosmetics". And very often, what I like personally is not what suits customers.

    So, over the years, I have followed expert research...
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    Re: Admin User Name and Password

    Many years ago (in my distant youth) I had a site with "Dreamhost". A better name for them is "Nightmare Host". I found them to be worse than useless.
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    v154 Re: Catalog Download

    Working with HTML is not a zencart issue. If you want to manage your website yourself, then you must take the time and trouble to learn the basics of directory structure and HTML. It helps if you...
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    v151 Re: Structured Data plugin?

    IMO a vital plugin - Structured Data (S.D.) should be part of core going forward.

    Since implementing this (in various iterations) last November we are seeing a marked improvement in CTR, and the...
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    v155 Re: Lowercase URLs and Currencies

    About as useful as an outdoor refrigerator at the South Pole. I'd get rid of it. URL's are case insensitive.
  35. v153 Re: How to set up % of each sale to a partner website

    I have been using JROX JAM for many years. It's exceptionally good and operates as a true, fully-featured affiliates programme.

    It's configured for many OS carts, including zencart.

    Not free...
  36. v155 Re: Can I use tags in a description of a product (or how could i make this possi

    This is basic HTML path structuring - not a zencart issue - so you look like you need to familiarise yourself with the basic HTML protocols of setting absolute and relative paths to whatever resource...
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    v155 Re: Customers Also Purchased Maximum

    Not a technical comment, but a UX comment...

    We have had 3 or 4 user panels evaluate features on our sites for a number of years now, to test-drive the sites and to comment / advise on the UX. In...
  38. v155 Re: CEON Relaunch - Conor's family seeking assistance

    I too shed more than one tear on hearing of Conor's passing all those years ago. He helped me on numerous occasions. In almost every respect, Conor was unique amongst opensource coders, and his...
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    v155 Re: Express checket error invalid amount

    This is interesting... back in early 2013 I had what seems an identical issue. After setting up WPP at paypal via a series of phonecalls to them (UK) I configured ZC (then version 1.5.1) paypal...
  40. v155 Re: How Do I Stop Getting Spammed By Picaflor Emails?

    Yes.. caution here of course.

    In our case, we have (for some installations) dedicated servers (our own) and on many sites we interchange large (legitimate) graphic files (AI, EPS, TIFF) with...
  41. Re: 'add to cart' button won't switch off - Sheffield Blue Responsive template

    Maybe you don't like an "add to cart" button on the listings page... but do you know if your CUSTOMERS like it being there?

    Adding extra clicks has significant potential for site abandonment....
  42. v154 Re: New to Software/Need to Add a McAfee Javascript Code

    How much "code" needs to be added?

    If it's just a couple of lines, then you do this in:


    At the bottom of that file, you will see the...
  43. v155 Re: How Do I Stop Getting Spammed By Picaflor Emails?

    I had a similar issue with a firm we used to do some ad-hoc work for us... Sometimes 2 "newsletters" a day. Return emails to ask them to stop sending stuff were "ignored", so we took to sending them...
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    v155 Re: Pilot users from UK needed

    :jawdrop: Not competitive... But I also don't trust Amazon... the idea of bringing anything "Amazonny" to my webshops makes me feel uncomfortable. It's like eBay... I keep as far away from them as...
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    v155 Re: Cart pages won't show in a frame page

    Payment Gateways (Authorisenet, Sagepay, Paypal...) do not like frames for the reasons indicated by Dr Byte. So the use of frames is (in strict PCI terms, not compliant).

    You should try using...
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    Re: Westminster New

    Looks like the answers are all in that thread... Why are you posting your question in this thread, when you know the thread that deals with the issue? (Just curious - not criticism).
  47. v139f Re: Upgrading to 1.5 with limited hosting resources

    Your FIRST task is to download ALL folders and files to a local drive.
    Then, download a zip file of the latest ZC version; unzip into a separate folder.

    Then, using a file comparison tool (Beyond...
  48. Re: Vertical bar and underscore added to category names

    No offence taken... I like a good joke!

    I'm an ex-teachers (primary school) so I do tend towards making assumptions.
  49. v155 Re: Item Page: please visit this product's webpage not working

    If you name all your URL's correctly (re-name the page - eg: xxxxxxxx.html) you should be able to fix the problem. It will require all page names to be corrected and re-input in your product input...
  50. v155 Re: Item Page: please visit this product's webpage not working

    This URL looks a bit of a "dog's breakfast". Particularly the %2F and %23 - which suggests you have "forbidden" characters in your page HTML name.

    URL's must not have spaces....
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