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    Re: Simple SEO URL [support thread]

    Thanks yellow,
    I did the quick fix by changing file names, will definitely contact my host about changing version. I would have thought they'd be on php5 by now... christ knows why they're not.
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    Re: Simple SEO URL [support thread]

    Upgrading to 2.9.6 from 2.9.5 didn't work, got this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in...
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    Re: Simple SEO URL [support thread]

    Since installing simple SEO url (which works great for it's purpose!), no one can perform searchs on my store anymore. Be it the normal sidebox search, or an advance search.

  4. Paypal issues - error emails (6) & operation time out on two diff stores.

    Hi guys,

    One store I've work on using paypal express as the only payment method has been suffering from
    - (6) Couldn't resolve host ''

    errors over the past few days. This...
  5. Re: Paypal payment making customers go through steps twice

    still having no luck with this, when the customer has selected paypal as payment method (well, it's the only payment method so it's not really selecting) they're taken to the confirm page, on...
  6. Re: Sending customer login details with Welcome email

    tbh I don't see a need for it, and think the client has come around to my point o of view also. Interesting to note though!
  7. Re: Paypal payment making customers go through steps twice

    This can't be the way it's supposed to work, because it just... doesn't.
    What customer wants to go through the steps again thinking they're going to get charged again? It's obv a bug. :frusty:
  8. Re: paypal express takes SIX pages in order to checkout!

    also having this problem when someone signs up for an account during the checkout process.
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    Re: Newsletter-Only Subscriptions for v1.3x

    no choice of html/text-only in my sidebox - what did I do wrong? people are subscribing ok, but only in text only format even though I have html set as default and there's no check box to change this...
  10. Re: Sending customer login details with Welcome email

    well yes, I understand that - this is for a client.

    Basically the wording in the (edited text version) of the welcome email now eludes to the 'login details' being includes, as there would be if...
  11. Sending customer login details with Welcome email

    Is there a way to include the customer's login details with the welcome email?
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    Re: New Royal Mail Modules

    I think the updates have already been made!
  13. Re: Does the Paypal Express checkout support Products with attributes?

    there's no reason that it shouldn't, I have mine set up and it's fine with attributes... do you have your attributes set up correctly??
  14. Re: Paypal express not working- only get so far!

    seem to have resolved my own problem.
    Through reading about similar problems with the paypal express module showing different payment types such as showing COD or cheque even though it was paid...
  15. Re: Paypal express not working- only get so far!

    Further investigation.

    I've compared (using beyond compare) the ipn_main_handler, paypalwpp.php, paypal.php, and all other paypal orientated files in the paypal area of modules & payment. No...
  16. Re: Paypal express not working- only get so far!

    curl test and IPN test both have been done, and say everything's ok.
  17. Paypal express stopped working- only get so far!

    Ok so I had paypal express working a few days ago, and now... it's not.
    here's a run down of what happens:

    1. Buyer clicks on paypal button on shopping cart page (as opposed to 'checkout'...
  18. Easy integration to a ready built website?

    Looking for information on embedding a zencart store into a ready built wordpress website. Links are tabbed, and would ideally like to just link to another page with zencart running through there....
  19. Re: 'New Products' / 'Still Fresh' problem

    I'm running 1.3.5 right now, I was going to upgrade but basically... can't, because my server only allows 1 mysql database and I just got totally confused lol.
  20. 'New Products' / 'Still Fresh' problem

    Every product from my store appears under the 'new products' page (by my template, named 'still fresh'). I've changed the stuff in maximum values, have tried 7 days, 14 days, 1 month and still...
  21. Adding an Image for PAYPAL payment option?

    Is there a way of adding a paypal logo to the payment option area of the checkout process? It just looks a little bare right now, and ideally I'd like to have a logo that shows the cards that can be...
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    Re: Paypal Module help needed!

    Will definitely take a look at the :)
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    Paypal Module help needed!

    I have the paypal module set up.
    I've set the IPN address to the one it states on the module, and the auto-return.

    I just had someone do a test sale for me, I recieved an email stating I'd...
  24. Re: Turn off Shipping to GB (1 x 0.5lbs)?

    I'm using the zones shipping method
  25. Turn off Shipping to GB (1 x 0.5lbs)?

    I'd like to turn off the part of the checkout process that makes the shipping say 'Shipping to GB (1 x 0.5lbs)' in step one, and Shipping (Shipping to GB (1 x 0.5lbs)) in step 2 and 3

    How do I do...
  26. Re: turn off "Total Items: 1 Weight: 0lbs Amount: $38.95"? and postcode

    I'm having the same problem, as far as I know all my files are up to date...
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    A few minor issues! HELP!


    Ok, so I'm setting up my store, most of the layout is complete but I have a few minor issues that I'd like to resolves, mainly reffering to the checkout and shopping cart...

    1) When I view...
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