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  1. Thread: version php

    by DrByte

    v150 Re: version php

    Sounds like it's time to upgrade your Zen Cart versions (and addons) in order to support modern PHP versions.

    Reference: Server Requirements for Zen Cart

    PHP dropped mysql_xxxx functions in...
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    v156 Re: Paypal Express with Payflow-UK

    Elsewhere you posted:

    If replacing the 1.5.4 file with the 1.5.6 file works, then what's the goal regarding 1.5.5?

    I'm not sure I understand why you can't upgrade your PHP. I'm guessing...
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    v137 Re: Limit Maximum Post Code length ?

    In your templates, tpl_modules_address_book_details.php you'll find this code:

    (this link is from v1.5.7, but you'll recognize the similarities in yours)...
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    v156 Re: Random Duplicate Orders

    While I don't know the solution to your situation, I offer the following, in no particular priority:

    1. PayPal Payments Standard is known to occasionally create duplicates if the IPN process has...
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    v154 Re: Is v154 compatible with PHP 5.6?

    As far as I recall, we tweaked v154 for PHP 5.6. But it's very possible that there's been bugfixes in later...
  6. Re: Undefined Constant - gift certificate checkout

    You can fix it by changing those final error parameters to actually be a string, by wrapping it in quotes
    like this:
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    Re: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected HELP

    It didn't change on its own.
    Most likely you uploaded a different version of it as part of a plugin you tried to install.
    Or, perhaps your first install of the file failed due to an FTP timeout...
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    v154 Re: Why I'm Quitting Zen Cart

    This discussion has gone WAY off track.
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    v155 Re: PapPal express landing page

    Zen Cart already passes the Billing value for that parameter in SetExpressCheckout.
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    v155 Re: Braintree and Paypal Express Checkout

    It's possible there may be an incompatibility between the 3rd-party Braintree module and the built-in PayPal Express Checkout module.
    If Braintree is causing troubles, you'll need to work with...
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    v156 Re: Capturing Authorisations

    The paragraph you seem to be referring to says PayPal "suggests", not "requires" a re-authorization after the 3-day honor period.

    Zen Cart doesn't offer a feature to re-authorize the transaction.
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    v155 Re: Admin login in the front end

    Looks like you've told your browser to store passwords and past logins.

    If you open in a different browser, or in Private Browsing / Incognito mode you won't see the prior login details.

  13. Re: AuthorizeNET (AIM) Returning (SIM) Code Error 99

    Wow - Glad you finally found out the various things that were blocking it.
    It's definitely hard to find out whether a host has blocked a certain "provider" URL. Granted, as I think about it, the...
  14. Re: AuthorizeNET (AIM) Returning (SIM) Code Error 99

    It shouldn't be saying MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_AIM_CURRENCY in the logs, nor in the transmission (it should auto-translate that to the config setting you've selected). That suggests that you...
  15. Re: AuthorizeNET (AIM) Returning (SIM) Code Error 99

    Most of the time, a US-based merchant will automatically be set up for USD inside their account.
    Then, in the AIM module settings, choosing USD should naturally coincide, and not...
  16. Re: AuthorizeNET (AIM) Returning (SIM) Code Error 99

    Random thought ...
    I know you've been back and forth with Authnet tech support, but this is a shot in the dark ...

    Since error 99 is about x_fp_hash fingerprint stuff, and that stuff is related...
  17. Re: AuthorizeNET (AIM) Returning (SIM) Code Error 99

    Yes, that's very puzzling.

    But it reveals a few things:
    1. Communication is happening. Both to and from Authnet.
    2. Their interpretation of your account credentials is failing.

    I know this...
  18. Re: AuthorizeNET (AIM) Returning (SIM) Code Error 99

    On your 155 site, are you using the latest version of the AIM module, which removes the MD5 stuff?

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    v155 Re: Business Name/Company Name

    Is this truly isolated to PayPal?
    The order-confirmation email is generated in the Order class, not in PayPal.

    The paypal code is grabbing the business name...
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    Re: Canada Post module

    I've posted an updated zip.
    Again, you can simply replace the /includes/modules/shipping/canadapost.php file found in the updated plugin zip at:
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    Re: Canada Post module

    That suggests something else wrong with outdated files in your Zen Cart install. To fix you'll need to grab the zip file for your actual Zen Cart version, unzip it, and check for all missing files...
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    Re: Canada Post module

    That suggests something else wrong with outdated files in your Zen Cart install. To fix you'll need to grab the zip file for your actual Zen Cart version, unzip it, and check for all missing files...
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    v156 Re: zc154->zc156c: No zcInstall logs generated

    It uses similar code, but it's independent:

    Perhaps there's something amuck with how it's setting...
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    Re: Canada Post module

    I've updated the SellOnline module to use the HTTPS requests, and drop the old TCP requests on port 30000.

    If your site was already using SellOnline, you can simply replace the...
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    Re: ozpost shipping module

    Today I was asked where to find/post sentiments and honour the broad number of contributions RodG made to Zen Cart over the years.

    I've moved several collected sentiments over to a separate...
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    v156 Re: zc154->zc156c: No zcInstall logs generated

    I've seen cases where the ZC error-reporting stuff is being ignored, and all error reporting is going to the server's core logs (or at least the PHP default log location). Both admin/catalog and...
  27. v156 Re: $listing_sql is too long (over 1024 char and the query is not correct.

    MySQL until 5.6.5: default was 1048576 (1MB)
    From 5.6.6 until 8.0.2 default was 4194304 (4M)
    Since 8.0.3 default is 67108864 (64M)...
  28. Re: 1.5.6c

    On my mostly unaltered v156 dev site I can log in, then visit a product like You've Got Mail Linked, and click the "Yes, send me product notifications" button in the sidebox, and the page refreshes...
  29. Re: 1.5.6c

    Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet and it should be obvious to me, but ... what's BISN?
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    v156 Re: No TEXT_OPTION_DIVIDER in email

    I'd drop the EMAIL_ prefix from the constant, since the same definition is used in other places for the same purpose, so consistency is beneficial.
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    v156 Re: No TEXT_OPTION_DIVIDER in email

    I'd suggest that the language define be put into checkout_process.php instead of email_extras.php, to prevent warnings about duplicate defines.
  32. Thread: init_canonical

    by DrByte

    v156 Re: init_canonical

    I agree.
    I usually comment-out those 3 lines, now that most sites run as https.
  33. v154 Re: Edit orders and now cart checkout 500 error

    1. All those PHP Warnings would not trigger a 500 Error. Something else is causing the Fatal error which triggers the 500 response.

    2. All those are related to incompatibility with PHP 7.2 ......
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    v154 Re: Zencart Admin Version info IP question

    More specifically, Zen Cart is reporting the IP address of the server according to how PHP is being told what the servername is, which comes from Apache/Nginx.
  35. Re: PHP 7.4: Nesting ternary operators without explicit parentheses is deprecated

    Zen Cart core code has already addressed that.

    But of course, plugins and other code-snippets posted around the forum may not have.
  36. v155 Re: I want to understand the specific role of the two judgments below.

    @jiji2018, in my experience when people start posting code-interpretation questions without explaining "why", usually they're starting to get too deep into the code without clearly articulating the...
  37. Re: Adding Redis object cache to ZC for improved performance

    Again, is it 240K products in just one category? What's the arrangement between prods/cats? Is the "product category listing" slowdown just in drawing the list? Is it the list of categories? or the...
  38. v155 Re: How to automatically switch languages and currencies

    Yes. The other setting you quoted above offers "Browser" as another setting, where it will determine the visitor's language from their browser settings.
    Not all browsers supply the right...
  39. v154 Re: Relay Response Security Update 8/15/2019

  40. v156 Re: Upgrade from 1.56a to 1.56c - zc_install/index.php step not required?

    Evidently you've already been having this discussion elsewhere:

    So the short answer is: no,...
  41. v155 Re: How to automatically switch languages and currencies

    Consider this scenario:

    Your store is in England, so your default language is English, and your default currency is GBP.

    You also sell to customers in France, so you add the French language to...
  42. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]


    Yes, I need to find some time to review what's needed for that. My schedule for August is pretty full, so unlikely to explore until next month. PM me if you need to talk about accelerating...
  43. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    That sort of message usually means you've generated an app token for one store but are using it on another. But that wouldn't happen on already-running stores like yours unless someone is in your...
  44. v156 Re: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare check_page()

    /admin/includes/functions/admin_profiles.php isn't part of original Zen Cart files.
  45. v155 Re: How to automatically switch languages and currencies

    If your store has languages defined that match the customer's browser, then you can configure that language with a default currency to be chosen.

  46. Re: debug log from sidebox more_information.php: change use of sizeof() to !empty()

    Thanks for posting.

    However, in this case, due to the unset() call and lack of then initializing that variable before using it, I think a better fix is just to set the variable to an empty array,...
  47. Thread: Custom Fields

    by DrByte

    v156 Re: Custom Fields

    Sounds like whatever steps you took to do your upgrade skipped setting the DB_PREFIX to correctly match the tables in your new database.
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    Sticky: Re: Zen Cart v1.5.6c released!

    v1.5.6c has been released

    Download available here:

    v1.5.6c contains the following fixes/changes:

    Security Patch to prevent malicious SQL...
  49. v154 Re: Forgotten password emails not received by customer

    You could try:
    - remove the CAN-SPAM text from the language file, as some "filters" cheat and use this as a generic catch-all
    - for HTML emails remove the SPAM_DISCLAIMER from the email template...
  50. v156 Re: 156B Coupon "not valid for products on sales" issue

    This will be included in the v156c update.
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