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  1. Re: Multiple Manufacturers for Individual Products

    Have you tried the simple solution of creating a manufactuer name roses and orchids?

    Would that be a quick fix? Not sure of a way to combine two distinct manufacturers.

    Hope this helps!:lamo:
  2. Re: Moneybookers - Verified by VISA is killing sales

    I don't understand. I know that verified by visa can be a confusing process but was it really killing your sales?

    If there's a bug or something it would be good to know about, just incase if would...
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    Re: Editing email confirmation .

    If you have your zencart in front of you go to;

    admin > tools > email welcome

    that page will show you what your welcome email looks like and where the file is held.

    If you want to change it...
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    Re: how can i edit the weight?

    What version of zencart are you using?

    Did you change the defaults when you changed the weight from lbs to kg? :blink:
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    Re: ting reasons for slow load

    This website is very good, its a free service and it gives you a detailed breakdown of every part of your site.

    and I just noticed this one...
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    Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    Random question, but will it matter what order you install the mods in?

    for example, what if the mods work in the installation order MOD A, MOD B, MOD C, but don't work in the order MOD B, MOD C,...
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    Re: Is there a product limit

    I've been building a site which has approx. 45,000 items on it and quite a couple of thousand more products to be added!

    The website works, and zencarts framework is holding up well. I've kept...
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    Re: Attributes

    I see now that it would have been much easier for me to just have posted this link...

    remember to always check the FAQ's before posting on...
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    Re: Attributes

    Hello and welcome to the world of Zencart! I hope you're using the latest version of zencart and your attachments are all working well.

    I found attributes to be quite tricky when I first started...
  10. Re: Shipping weights gone crazy! -Royal Mail

    Hello Widow Twanky,

    You do know that you can turn off the display weight? its an option in the ADMIN / CONFIGURATION / ALL PRODUCTS folder, display product weight.

    Have you managed to get your...
  11. Re: How Do I Disable Shipping Zones

    Have you found a solution for this yet? Or are you still waiting for an answer?:huh:
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    Re: Rearrange Centerbox

    The Idea is that the numerical value you add gives 'weight' to that part of the main page, and so it'll be heavier (at the bottom of the page) or lighter (at the top).

    It can also work for minus...
  13. Re: VAT displays as 17.500000000000000%

    Thats a really interesting error. If you were on excel I'd say to go to format > cells > numbers and then choose one decimal place.

    But you're not, so I can't.

    I'm interested to find out how to...
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    Re: Froogle download currency issue

    Or if you want to continue using the easy-populate way you can.

    Download the tab-delimited text from easypopulate.

    Open it on your computer with microsoft excel.

    Change the relevant...
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    Re: Adding a UPS shipping discount

    I don't know about the shipping calculator, but would it be too complicted to set the shipping rates?

    I'm in europe so...

    1kg = 1
    2kg = 1.50
    3kg = 2

    and then just change all the amounts...
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    Re: Custom Design with Cart

    Zencart is such a great piece of software. There are so many possibilities that are open to you.

    You can put as much effort into making something original as you want, or you can just stick with...
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    Re: Slow Site

    I just did a check, it is that website thats really good. :cool:

    I hope you're able to use the results well!! :D
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    Re: Slow Site

    Images aren't too large '500px 345px (scaled to 100px 69px)' but there are a lot of them, and to resize all of them takes time. is a good...
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    Re: Pleaseee help please

    Welcome to Zencart,

    as far as I'm aware you need to do two things to get your landing page the way you want it to look.

    1. go to admin>tools>define pages editor. There go to...
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    Re: Blank index page

    Hi Robins,

    I'm quite new to the forum too. Sometimes people (like me) log onto different threads to see if they can offer a solution or find out an answer for themselves.

    I cannot help you I'm...
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    Re: Can attributes do this?

    Or if you're using an editor like frontpage you can keep a template saved, and just add in the details and delete whatever details are irrellevant.

    That could make it easy enough to do.

    Best of...
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    Re: Minor irratation

    Are you sure you can't turn it off through the admin?


    admin > tools > layout boxes controller


    admin > configuration> layout settings
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    Re: Free Shipping module

    I'm confused, has the original poster solved the issue they were dealing with?
  24. Re: Removing Errors from our site - /includes/templates/classic/css/none

    Ok, so I downloaded firebug for mozilla firefox, its a really handy suggestion. And I watched through all the html requests that the browser made when I went onto our homepage and no error came up...
  25. Re: how can I offer special pricing to certain customers?

    Could you just give them a refund?

    If you let them know that the refund will be worth 10% off any item from *this* category, then you can refund them once they've paid. Either give them a discount...
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    Re: Google Base Feeder Support Thread

    Thats true of us in the UK. On our site we show the price including and excluding VAT, but on the google feed we HAVE to show the price including VAT.

    Changing it in admin would just cause more...
  27. Re: Best way to turn off or remove large number of products?

    Hi Dudemaaan, firstly you have to have easypopulate installed.

    Then on the admin page of your website go to tools>easy populate.

    One of the first options is to download the complete catalogue...
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    Re: Google Base Feeder Support Thread

    Sorry to be a pain if this has been asked before, but how can I change google base feeder to submit my prices including VAT ? :blush:

    Google excluded our feed in January :shocking: because our...
  29. Re: Best way to turn off or remove large number of products?

    notageek, not even a problem. Glad I was able to help.

    A good feature of the admin traffic lights system is that you can run through them, clicking down the traffic lights and as long as you're...
  30. Re: Best way to turn off or remove large number of products?

    I've found the quickest way to deal with large amounts of products that you want to disappear is to switch them to 'off'.

    You can do this on the admin > catalogue > categories/products page where...
  31. Re: Removing Errors from our site - /includes/templates/classic/css/none

    Well, it seems you all have had a very busy weekend.

    I'll take some time to look at the advice given and decide on a course of action. When all these problems are fixed I'll let you know what...
  32. Re: Removing Errors from our site - /includes/templates/classic/css/none

    I just counted the errors for yesterday in the error log files, there are about 350 errors all for that file destination. Thats a lot for one day. Sometimes the same ip address requests it 4 times,...
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    Re: Editing the way Specials appear

    Hi Peter,

    I don't understand your question, do you want to change the whole look of the specials section so it looks very different on your homepage?

    One idea might be to change the images of...
  34. Re: add to cart randomly not working with ie8

    I have no idea why thats not working. It works fine in firefox. I don't think its anything to do with the security settings. Wierd! :blink:

    I hope you find a solution!
  35. Re: Adding Shadow on Left/Right of Classic Template

    What do you mean by 'shadow' ??

    Do you mean having your website as a fixed width and keeping it centred on the webpage, while having two borders either side of it?

    Sorry for such a simple...
  36. Re: Removing Errors from our site - /includes/templates/classic/css/none

    Thanks for that article MattyMatt, but I don't think there were any clues contained within. But its always good to check out problems! :blink:

    Thanks schoolboy for that search idea, I searched in...
  37. Re: Removing Errors from our site - /includes/templates/classic/css/none

    I'll check out that article and the hard coding to see what the problem might be.

    I rewrote the ip addresses to protect their privacy. They're all different ip addresses, none of them are...
  38. Re: Removing Errors from our site - /includes/templates/classic/css/none

    Thanks for your replies, great to hear your input and ideas.

    We're on a linux server so that would rule out the windows server replying "none" for "file not found"

    IP addresses are totally...
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    Re: deactivated products?

    Did you accidentally turn your products to 'off' ? The green box in the admin/catalogue/categoriesproducts section can be clicked and then it turns to red. That means that the product is switched off...
  40. Error hits = /includes/templates/classic/css/none WHY???

    I posted this first in the "other" section which was probably wrong.

    As the title says - we've been trawling through our servers error logs and we seem to get a lot of error hits for the file [our...
  41. Removing Errors from our site - /includes/templates/classic/css/none

    As the title says - we've been trawling through our servers error logs and we seem to get a lot of error hits for the file [our address]/includes/templates/classic/css/none

    There is no "none" file...
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