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    v139h Autoresponder +

    Hi guys,
    I haven't used Autoresponder + in 2 years, I set it up today and it runs fine from the browser, however when I set it to run in a cron, the customers were sent a lot of emails which made me...
  2. v150 Re: CJ Loader?

    CJ loader is loader in site header so it gets loaded on every page per design.

    Scripts don't usually work until the whole page is loaded.

    IF you are having issues it is worth hiring a pro to...
  3. Re: Car Parts Site - Bulk Uploading - A Few Questions

    Advanced Easy Populate is the best module to use for Auto Parts reason being you might have multiple product_ids with the same part number/model number etc...

    Zen Cart can be used for Auto Parts...
  4. v139h Re: Hyperlinks within product description

    You can either assign styles to the links store wide and make sure you remove all class specific styling or you can define styles per class like steve has suggested.
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    v139h Re: Pricing Description

    Add new database field to the products table and display it next to the price where ever you want.

    I believe there are few modules that allow you to add new fields to the product but you will...
  6. v139h Integrating Cardinal and 3D Secure

    Is there any modules or information on how to integrate Cardinal and 3D Secure modules into Zen Cart?

    P.S. I need this for not PayPal
  7. Re: HTMLAREA does not show up with Zen Cart v1.5.0

    FCKeditor effect your back-end which we can't really see through the link.

    Check your installation again, usually it is due to error in installation.
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    Re: SEO - Urls for ZC 1.5

    I been using Simple SEO for years now, I have over 300,000 URLs rewritten automatically. I do use EP to import products and SSEO rewrite the URL automatically.

    I did have some modifications done...
  9. Re: Where can I find someone to help me restore my database?

    It is your database which is unique to your store, how can someone else has the same database?

    You don't really provide much information to start helping you. Database doesn't just disappear. Plus...
  10. v150 Re: Create new email contact choice

    First you setup your email accounts on the server cpanel or whatever manager you have.

    Using the email options explained above, you follow the instructions on that page to create multiple drop...
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    v150 Re: moving server

    Schoolboy is right, he is trying to help but your information or lack of it doesn't help.

    You can hire someone to do the move to you.
  12. v139h Re: Strange characters in product description, can you help?

    It is usually encoding issue, especially when copying and pasting from another program or importing in bulk.

    Is your data setup for UTF8?
  13. v138a Re: Host upgraded to php 5.3.10 - store pages blank now

    It could be server issue too.

    I have both versions on my server, some sites still run on 5.2.x and others are on 5.3.x. I only had issue with one addon but I fixed the issue manually.
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    v139h Re: Question about Images on FTP

    I love how nobody was able to answer the original question.

    FTP doesn't have 2000 file limit. It is server configuration that can be changed by your host, that is if they want to do it for you. I...
  15. Re: Is there an Easy Populate for 1.5.0?

    Easy Populate doesn't effect zen cart. I am pretty sure it works with all versions as Zen Cart database structure didn't change in 1.5.
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    Re: Database With two Sites okay?

    That doesn't provide enough information to debug a problem.

    If you created 2 different database and have 2 different sites, why would that charge the customer twice?
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    v150 Re: Testing on PHP 5.2

    If you are on a shared server they should have their server up to date, at least all the good host already provide newest version of software.

    If you are on a dedicated server and they are giving...
  18. Re: Need to add Manufacturers Stock data to site

    Very specific requirement. I highly doubt you will find someone on here to code it for free as it seems very unique to you.

    You can use to find a paid developer that could develop...
  19. v137 Re: looking for Host running PHP5.2 so I can stay on v1.3.7

    They shouldn't do that.

    I had similar issue with 5.2 and 5.3. I need on site to run on 5.3 and the others to run on 5.2. I do however have a dedicated server, i had them configure it to use...
  20. Re: Order processing - need advice - drop shipping

    Yes, it doesn't matter what payment customer use. You have to manually select the orders and send them to the dropshipper.

    I have been using it for years with no problem.
  21. Re: Best way to bulk change product model?

    EPA allow you to use the product_id as index so you can change anything else in the product field without having to change the product_id. For instance you can have 10 products with the same model...
  22. Re: Order processing - need advice - drop shipping

    You have to options of the same mod. Drop Ship Purchase Order

    Or there is a commercial version of the same module available on the developer website that has more features and is 1.39 compatible...
  23. Re: Best way to bulk change product model?

    Either in Easy Populate advanced or in myphpadmin. You can export the store model field and edit in excel then update the live server.
  24. Re: suddenly my orders fail to post in orders admin

    FYI updating will not fix your problem as I am running the latest version and having problems.
  25. Re: suddenly my orders fail to post in orders admin

    People use IPN simply because they have multiple stores and they can't just keep opening bank accounts to accept PayPal. IPN will allow you to use one PayPal account for multiple stores. I have 10+...
  26. Re: suddenly my orders fail to post in orders admin

    Honestly you will not find any solid answer here. Some people will tell you to only use PayPal Express Checkout which may fix your issue. But I don't see a reason why PayPal IPN is all bad now even...
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    Re: Lightbox issue

    No one will be able to debug a TM template. You can try to hire someone to try to fix the issue. But you probably won't find Free help for TM, at least not on this forum.
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    Re: Ftp Orders

    How do you ftp an email? File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files from one server to another such as Your Computer to Remote Server and vise versa. FTP has nothing to do with emails.

  29. Re: Mass Upload of Option Values and /or names

    Wrong approach to the whole idea, will end up having problem managing your store. M2C.
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    Re: Special Characters in DB

    You have to change the page encoding to match the database fields encoding.

    I am not familiar with that language so I don't know which encoding would work best for such case.
  31. Re: suddenly paypal transactions do not show?

    Issue been reported few times, no solution came about yet. The Zen Cart team claims it might be some other module causing the issue.

    I had the same issue and still have issues with PayPal so I...
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    Re: Google Checkout module for Zen Cart 1.3.x (beta)

    Google Checkout integrates outside the Zen Cart main frame. Besides few tweaks to core files everything else is handled outside Zen Cart so it will work with all versions of Zen Cart that weer...
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    Re: Easy populate additional images

    There are few mods in the download section that achieve the same effect for Free. Look for additional image swatch or attribute image swatch.
  34. Re: Need a module for creating feeds for The Find & Gaya shopping

    The Find accepts Google Feed, there is a module in the download for Google.

    I never heard of the other one, but I am sure it will be similar to Google, you can just duplicate the Google Feed...
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    Re: Geographic area Paypal problem

    sort order is set to zero on all.

    That shouldn't matter anyway as customer are able to get to paypal website.
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    Re: Geographic area Paypal problem


    Enable Free Shipping

    Free Shipping Cost

    Handling Fee
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    Re: Geographic area Paypal problem

    I started having issues with IPN and EC after enabling the Free shipper module.

    I do have another store that I launched last week that is almost identical to the store having the issues with Free...
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    Re: Geographic area Paypal problem

    Do you happen to have Free Shipper module activated?
  39. Re: How do I hide the column on the main page?

    If you have a template installed with override files, then any changes you do to the default template have no affect.

    Like Kobra said, leave the default template untouched.

    You are using...
  40. Re: How do I hide the column on the main page?

    It's a template monster template, normal Zen Cart rules may not apply.
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    Re: Not so much a question.....

    Actually the book does has more information for specific settings.

    I often go back to my E-Book and search for tricks and explanations on there.

    The book is better indexed and categorized...
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    Re: Header Logo will not change

    The problem is in your template not Zen Cart. This is common with Template Monster templates.

    Wait till you have to upgrade your software and see what kind of problems you will face.
  43. Re: How do I hide the column on the main page?

    Try this
  44. Re: Can someone identify this add-on?

    You can use any of the hundreds of Free Jquery banners that are available online. It doesn't have to be made for Zen Cart to be used on Zen Cart. use a generic banner rotator
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    Re: slow category structure

    It all depends on the server and how you have it setup, the database size come into play when you have a lot of queries.
  46. Re: PayPal Website Payment Standard Error

    The log was off, I will have to wait for another order with 2 items.
  47. Re: PayPal Website Payment Standard Error

    Another update.

    Express Checkout doesn't work for me so I switched back to IPN.

    I am guessing the issue has to do with Free Shipper Module. Ever since I start using this module things started...
  48. Re: Get Paypal email but no order email

    There have been issues with PayPal, No one seems to know what's going on. I am assuming your using IPN, the only advise you would get here is to switch to Express Checkout and try it.

    Of course...
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    Re: adding a button dynamically

    There is a module in the download section that add media files to the products.
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    Re: Geographic area Paypal problem

    I did apply the changes you suggested last week, but that didn't fix the problem so I switched back to IPN yesterday after having 3 more people called angry because after they were taken to PayPal...
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