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  1. v155 Re: Upgraded from v.1.5.4 to 1.5.5f and now getting AJAX errors and Admin section is

    How do I rebuild my site on the new version, instead of upgrading?

    As swguy said, Zen Cart continues to be openly supported and developed.
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    v139h Re: Update from 1.3.9h to 1.5.5e

    If the /zc_install/sql/updates/mysql_upgrade_zencart_139.sql file/directory doesn't exist, then you haven't unzipped the file properly, because it is indeed in the distribution zip file.
  3. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Your store does NOT use your "Personal Access Token", so resetting that won't fix anything for your store.

    The Oauth token referred to by the "ACCESS_TOKEN_REVOKED" message is NOT your "personal...
  4. v155 Re: Applying Numinix Extra Fields to Product - Music

    All the product type files share similarities. You can see the pattern of what Numinix changed by comparing the files against originals. Repeat the pattern in your other product type files.

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    v155 Re: Payment Module No Edit Panel

    Payment modules are accompanied by a corresponding language file. Deleting one without deleting the other may be triggering your errors, which are causing the payment processing to abort and your...
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    v155 Re: change/delete favicon logo in browser tab

    That's the favicon.ico file
  7. v154 Re: Getting error from First Data via Payeezy about SSL certificate failed

    That "60" error typically means your hosting company's server isn't properly set up for modern TLS/SSL for outbound communications (ie: via CURL)
    Get your hosting company involved.
  8. Thread: Using PhpStorm

    by DrByte

    Re: Using PhpStorm

    Great idea.

    As for naming convention, I have both my .gitignore and my FTP app set to ignore all "dev-*.php" files, so that they aren't committed to VCS nor uploaded to servers.
  9. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Yes, the actual token won't change unless Square issues an exchange for it, either because they've decided it's time to rotate it, or because it's expired. Since it hasn't expired (which doesn't...
  10. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Since you've changed $verbose to true, what happens when you visit via your browser? It should tell you the status of the token.

    I wonder if you have the wrong...
  11. v150 Re: Updated HTTP_SERVER "https://*" and thought it would redirect all pages to https

    Zen Cart simply responds to the incoming request. While setting HTTP_SERVER to an https URL is important, it's only while drawing the page contents that that takes effect.
    ie: the "clicks" the user...
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    Re: PAYPAL_CURL log Files

    Those log files only appear if the module's debugging mode is set to store logs. See the admin config for that module's settings.
    Newer ZC versions moved those files to the /logs/ directory.
  13. v155 Re: Addon installation mesages keep showing on admin

    I suspect that these plugin installers DO attempt to mark themselves as already-installed or delete the installer when done, but perhaps they're encountering insufficient filesystem permissions to do...
  14. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Hmm, I haven't seen any problem when using a Canadian Square account.

    - created the App in Square
    - obtained the oAuth stuff, and told Square the URL to the store
    - put the app credentials into...
  15. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    The "client_id" it's referring to behind the scenes is the value you're supposed to enter into the module's configuration as "Application ID". You need to supply your Application ID and oAuth...
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    v155 Re: IPN Verification Postback to HTTPS - Changes to payment module?

    The 404 means "file not found", which appears when the requested file (in the specified directory) is not present on the server.

    That's normal because you can't install "both" Standard and...
  17. Thread: 1.5.5F language

    by DrByte

    Re: 1.5.5F language

    Agreed: the wording here is vague, but eventually the problem can be figured out.

    As for the cause of the problem, I suspect that an over-aggressive cleanup of duplicated language constants has...
  18. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    When the dropdown is blank it means ZC hasn't been able to retrieve a list of Locations from Square, which means you haven't Saved valid credentials and obtained a Token.
    NOTE: It may be blank the...
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    v139h Re: database upgrade on 139h to 155f

    The prompt to "upgrade the database" will not show if it can't find an unupgraded database using the DB_XXXXXX credentials provided in your /includes/configure.php file.
    The MOST common cause of...
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    v155 Re: Hosting my site on Digital Ocean (DO)

    If your site has low-to-medium traffic, the smaller droplet size is probably adequate. Lots of Zen Cart sites will be fine on the $5 droplet. That said, you can always resize to bigger if you need...
  21. v155 Re: An unknown response null: :text/html; charset=utf-8: :Bad Request was received

    Your template is probably for an older version of Zen Cart.

    See my posts in this discussion about the file/s you need to update:...
  22. Re: Upgrade Issues with TaxCloud and

    The newer AIM module added the new MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_AIM_CURRENCY setting, but it seems your system doesn't have the updated setting added. Fastest way to fix that is to uninstall the...
  23. v154 Re: spam from contact us form, none if the fixes work.

    Your header_php.php file doesn't contain the logic to skip sending the emails that have the should_be_empty field filled in.
  24. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Remember, since you said you're upgrading from 0.90 to 0.94, there are a lot of files to replace, including the "vendor" directory. Don't skip those. :)

    But, yes, replacing all the files is...
  25. v154 Re: PayPal Express error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert han

    This is not a Zen Cart issue.
    It's an issue with your hosting server being unable to communicate securely with PayPal's servers.

    "Upgrading webservers to TLS 1.2" was last year's big "buzz". You...
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    Re: PayPal PayFlow TLS 1.2 Endpoint Upgrade

    Your report from SSL Labs indicates that "incoming" connections are TLS 1.2 capable. It doesn't test "outgoing".

    If your host is truly TLS 1.2 capable for "outgoing" communications, then ZC v1.5.4...
  27. v155 Re: PHP7 Fixes for Zen Cart which are built in to 1.5.6 already

    For v1.5.5f, yes.

    And, for clarity: Anyone using PHP 7.0 should just switch to PHP 7.1. There's no need to use 7.0 anymore, and (almost) everything that works on PHP 7.0 will work equally on PHP...
  28. v155 Re: PHP7 Fixes for Zen Cart which are built in to 1.5.6 already

    From a post I made back in January: PHP 7.2 vs v155f
  29. Thread: Error Log

    by DrByte

    v155 Re: Error Log

    Those errors don't come from Zen Cart.
    That's from something else on your server ... which their "tech support" should be familiar with.

    Yes. But if those errors keep triggering, then you need...
  30. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    It seems that the transaction id being returned from Square is longer than it was when we first started storing those responses in order for this admin refund feature to "find" the detail.
  31. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Doing a refund in the Admin:
  32. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Short answer: I don't know.
    Longer answer: They probably don't enforce it one way or the other.

    If toggling display "is not working" for you, then you're probably not targeting the right DOM...
  33. Thread: GDPR reference

    by DrByte

    Sticky: GDPR reference

    As you know, GDPR is a big topic today.

    We've assembled a few resources to help answer related questions as it pertains to operating your Zen Cart store.
    See the article posted at:...
  34. v154 Re: server changes have led to bizarre things - can't edit some products!

    Well, turning it off completely is probably not the most ideal. But do be sure to configure the defined rules in it to provide the proper balance of security protections.
  35. Thread: Cookies

    by DrByte

    v151 Re: Cookies

    Zen Cart uses only first-party cookies.
    Third-party cookies are those dropped by external services other than the website/domain that you're currently on. (ie: an embedded YouTube video might drop...
  36. v154 Re: server changes have led to bizarre things - can't edit some products!

    mod_security rules ?
  37. Re: Trying to install TinyMCE but can't get it to work right in 1.5.5

    I haven't used TinyMCE in a decade, so I don't know for sure what the problem is in your site.
    However, it wouldn't surprise me that the plugin's files are out of date since TinyMCE releases newer...
  38. v155 Re: MySQL custom fulltext search results breaking when ' or " are entered in search

    The wordpress suggestion would be pointless.

    I haven't tested this, but the following might work, and will be a lot more secure:

    $from_str = ", MATCH(pd.products_name)...
  39. v154 Re: PHP Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array

    For what it's worth, Zen Cart core code doesn't use the extract() function anywhere.
    Maybe it's coming from a plugin? This related post suggests it may be from a pinterest-plugin? Maybe it needs...
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    v155 Re: Activate User-Agent

    Um ... this sounds like you're trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist.
    That is, it shouldn't exist.

    Every browser already has its own User Agent, and every request/click/formsubmission made...
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    v155 Re: GDPR is Europe's new framework for data protection laws

    Are you saying somebody has told you that GDPR requires that you add a "please tell us your mother's maiden name" question that you force everyone to answer every time they login?
  42. v155 Re: Payeezy Module, Shared Hosting and TLS 1.2.Site does not process transact.What to

    The irony is that since the entire payment and hosting industry is moving to retire TLS 1.0 and 1.1 your hosting company should be celebrating that you want to move ahead. All their other clients...
  43. v155 Re: Spam mailers sending emails from my ZenCart but seem to bypass the actual mail fo

    There's a ReCaptcha plugin that's easy to install, which handles that.
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    Re: Sign on using another ID rather than email

    It could be done with (somewhat complex) custom coding.

    Or have them use magic aliases like: site1+fred @ (where +fred is just an extra suffix that will still put the email into the...
  45. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Excellent. Glad the curl issue is sorted. And the SSL.

    In web terms, a "500 Internal Server Error" is a general message that's generic publicly because being more specific could put your site at...
  46. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    Is it possible to upgrade to a more current version of PHP? PHP 5.4 is really old: its last update was Sept 2015.

    The normal flow is:
    - Click green button
    - it takes you to the Square site,...
  47. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    I'm guessing the whos-online tracker is still seeing that a separate session exists from a prior shopper. Or maybe it's reporting that you've got an admin session open? Usually inactive sessions get...
  48. Sticky: Re: Square Payment Module for Zen Cart [Support Thread]

    That would only appear if you put a file named square_handler.php into the /includes/modules/payment directory. The system looks for the module files, and their corresponding matching filename for...
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    v154 Re: how to retaining server resources

    Those host-names in the images appear to be hacked servers (ie: "" ... a DNS server should never be visiting other sites!).
    Use your hosting company's control panel to block rogue...
  50. v155 Re: Spam mailers sending emails from my ZenCart but seem to bypass the actual mail fo

    Sounds like either you've been hacked, or something has altered the core functionality, or added a new page (maybe like "Ask A Question" or "Request a Quote" plugins) that sends messages.

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