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    Re: PCI, verified..hacker safe?

    good points, thanks!

    I like your signature
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    Re: PCI, verified..hacker safe?


    stupid scare-marketing! :censored:

    unfortunately they (hacker-safe, etc.) have a little network-effect going for them. The more sites they get "hacker-safe" on the more the sites without...
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    Re: Template Rotator Mod

    Also Wish this mod existed so I could show clients several possible templates.

    And as I work on a template they've picked I can show them several different edits and get their feedback.
  4. Re: "confirmed address" issue - PayPal Express Checkout


    Looks like it was a problem with the way I entered my address.
    I just edited the address and now it takes me through to paypal.

    But the weird thing is that I have "confirmed address"...
  5. Re: "confirmed address" issue - PayPal Express Checkout

    Having the same problem.

    The zen cart install I'm working on is version 1.3.8a (upgraded from 1.3.7)

    Here is the URL where I put my zipped log file. ...
  6. Re: How to direct domain to > /store/ (directory)

    Thanks Magicpants and Samad64,:clap:

    Very useful info for me.

    On thing though that I will mention in case it is the same for anyone else reading...
    I found that

    rendered the URL as...
  7. Thread: PostgresSQL

    by toritaiyo

    Re: PostgresSQL

    Appointment functions... That is on a few people's wishlist
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    Re: workflow/process support & contact manager

    It seems like there is a growing interest in building ZenCart into an ERP solution.

    I would love to see something like that but I don't know if that is more complex (and time intensive) than the...
  9. uh oh.

    Just noticed.

    although the icon is not there anymore, there is still a header link "checkout" (at the top of page, next to "home" "login" "shopping cart"). that's no good...

    here is how I fixed...
  10. Got it!! (maybe)

    Okay. I am not sure if this is the way that the zen experts would recommend doing this but it SEEMS to be a solution.

    WARNING: will edit includes/languages/english/button_names.php. SAVE A COPY...
  11. Re: i want to remove 'go to checkout' and only have use paypal checkout - anyone knw

    I also want to remove this.

    does anyone know about removing it?

    I will try to look through the code, but it's easier if someone already knows and can tell us.
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    Paypal express button does not appear

    This is really strange and I could not find any similar thread.

    I successfully setup paypal express on a zen cart site (1.3.7).

    Now I am trying to setup a new zen cart and want to use express,...
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